How to do the exercise, "the hammer"?

Inflate large and strong hands willing to almost every man and teenager. But often can be seen in the gym, the Cubs are not entirely correct develop the necessary muscles.

Whereas before, most likely, it could be attributed to a lack of information about the exercises on his hands, but now with the advent of the Internet in the life of every human being has this to say. But how can one explain the fact that there is a lot of information, training videos, real-world techniques, and at the same time there are still awkward attempt to increase their own hands?

To a large extent this is due to human selfishness and unwillingness to listen to the advice of experienced athletes.

To avoid injuries and sprains, it is first necessary to observe the correct exercise technique. In this article we will look at exercise "the hammer" and certain of its technique.

Which muscles are working?

If you do not take into account the forearm, which are involved in the movements indirectly, the maximum stress falls on the brachialis and biceps. Due to the fact that the work is included brachialis, hands increase in size.

Due to the fact that this muscle is located below the biceps, brachialis at growth creates the visual effect of increasing the biceps. So if you want to get your hands were broad, the exercise "the hammer" can be your guide to success.

How to do the exercise,

What to perform?

Consider the technique of proper execution. This exercise involves working with additional weights in the form of a dumbbell. In principle, the rod can be done, but then it will be necessary to work at once with both hands, and his elbows leaning against the wall. This option probably will give you more trouble than quality will train your biceps.

It is recommended to "hammer" with dumbbells due to the low trauma and high efficiency. Dumbbells take light, as the hammer is not as important a lot of weight, as a loyal machinery arm movements.

So, we proceed to the description of how to perform the exercise "Hammer" with dumbbells.

Do not take too much weight

Take one dumbbell in each hand. If you are a beginner, start with a light weight, such as 5-7 kg. Dip your hands down, relax your shoulders. Feet set shoulder width apart and slightly bend the knees.

Expand the hands so that the two weights were in a position parallel to each other. Inhale air and exhale begin to lift the right dumbbell upward, bending the arm at the elbow.

How to do the exercise,

Exercise "hammer" refers to an isolated muscle performance, so that the elbow should be tightly pressed against the edges and do not move in any direction. As soon as you raise the dumbbell up to shoulder level, stay in this position for a moment and start to slowly lower the arm to the starting position. When dip dumbbell down, you need to breathe again. After the right hand dropped down without a hitch it is worth repeating the movement, but with his left hand. Perform 10-12 reps so.

Approaches can do as much as you want, but the most effective amount is in the range of 2-4.

Common Mistakes

During the exercise "hammer" in the same way as the others, people tend to make similar mistakes. To you they were not allowed, read the rules:

  • elbow should not be pressed to the body - the load is transferred to the biceps and brachialis;
  • can not go up on his toes, as it picks up the load on the arms and is fraught with loss of balance;
  • should not be rocking the body forward back, which has the same negative effect as the previous paragraph;
  • Do not lift heavy loads to which you are not prepared, it will reduce the effectiveness of the exercises to 0. How to do the exercise,

Do the exercise "hammer" on the biceps in accordance with the above recommendations, follow the correct execution of a technique, avoid errors, and can significantly increase the volume of your hands.