"Basket" (hair): types, how to weave, someone will approach

"Basket" - hair style, which is a classical styling hair for girls. She is always in fashion.

In addition to this wonderful little princesses composition of the hair can also be found in older women. With proper selection of accessories for your hair braided in this way can significantly transform your appearance for a party or just going out with friends.

weaving process takes only 15 minutes. "Basket" - hair style, which is a kind of French braid. It is woven around the head. A little bit of training, and you can see the result - a charming and laid-back appearance.

What is needed for weaving

Prepare the following

  • combs;
  • lacquer or mousse for stacking (you can without it, if the hair is long enough);
  • gum for hair color (to hide the remaining strands);
  • invisible and studs;
  • decorative hair clips or jewelery.

A few tips

  • "Basket" - a hairstyle that most successfully obtained on straight hair. If the strands are twisted slightly, it is better to straighten using the ironing.
  • before braiding hair must be well comb. In the future, it will not let them go awry.
  • If the strands are too thin and sparse, it is recommended to make a light fleece at the roots. So the end result will look more voluminous.
  • Hairstyle "Spit-basket" must end behind the temple. Spin it should start anti-clockwise on the left side. This is the most convenient option for the right-hander. Left-handers also have to do the opposite.
  • According to his principle of "Basket" - hair style, which is based on a French braid. The only difference is that the strands are added with one (outer) side.

What You Should Know

  • Hair length can be moderate or greater, and density - any.
  • Texture hairstyles can get different.
  • It is desirable that the hair at the time of execution hairstyles were slightly vlazhnovatoy. So it will be easier to weave.

Who is suitable?

Form hairstyles may vary depending on the age of the fair sex. If the braiding need to do a little beauty, it is necessary to pull the strands tightly, taking in her hair all the hair.

Older girls can safely experiment with the form, create both a tight braid, and more air.

A middle-aged ladies recommended voluminous locks and flowing lines that emphasize the dignity of the image.

Selected hairstyle will suit only those who have a small head shape and pretty face that when weaving will be more open. If the features of the rough and slightly stricter by stacking such should be abandoned, and choose the one that will soften the image.

How to weave?

There are a number of rules that do hair "Basket". As a braid weave, discussed below.

  • Initially, you need to comb your hair over the entire length.
  • In the left temple should separate a large lock and divide it into three flat pieces. Subsequently, the effect is supposed to be the rim. Each curl is desirable to apply styling mousse.
  • Start braiding should be as follows: the side strands are laid on top of the medium, and added to at a small portion of loose hair. Recommended to lay all together over the middle strand.
  • When it came to the back of the head, it is necessary at the time to fix the braid using the "crab", and for further convenience weaving throw your hands to the other side. Then you need to braid a braid around her head. Bangs can leave or to enter into the general mass of hair (at its discretion).
  • ends with netting above the left ear. The remaining tail doplesti recommended to the end, to fix rezinochkoy hair and hide it with the help of pins.
  • The main plait better decorate, to completely hide its end.
  • If during the strands had escaped, they can be curled in ringlets.
  • , you need to try as much as possible when hair is a child, the girl has not experienced discomfort. We should always be interested in her feelings.

Hairstyle can leave already in this form, but if you want to give it more volume, even at the stage of weaving must be pulling her hair and do not too tight.

It should be noted that the "Baskets" are of four kinds. Everyone is different, depending on the weaving method. Above was submitted classic version. There are others.

Private option (on the top is a circular parted hair tied in a ponytail and added to the braid from it).

Those who do not have time for her hair, braid begin to spin in the French manner, then it dopletaetsya usual way and wrapped around the head.

Premium option: first strands are braided more widely and pompously, then gradually narrowed.

Matched hairstyles as defined above, is a symbol of elegance. They are chosen, even the stars. It may be worth a little practice to then look at the proper level.

The technique described here will quickly learn how to make this great hairstyle.