Shopping in Cyprus. Shops, shopping malls, boutiques and markets

As a major Mediterranean commercial center of Cyprus has been known since ancient times, as merchants from the Greek colonies and other states often prefer to sell their products to local dealers than themselves take them to Athens, Rome and other cities of the ancient world. During this period there was a tradition, as it were today told to carry out shopping in Cyprus, as many wealthy Europeans began to visit local markets to shop for a home. And among the popular products they were treated as slaves, many of whom were captured.

Shopping in Cyprus. Shops, shopping malls, boutiques and markets

Today, the island is not considered to be a place where you can buy products of famous brands at affordable prices. However, this does not mean that shopping in Cyprus can not be organized, and to do it with the maximum benefit will help the information provided below.


To shopping in Cyprus proved to be successful, it is necessary to know when the island (referring to the Greek part) pass sales. Under the current legislation governing the trade sector is allowed to cut prices twice a year: winter and summer, as well as on the eve of the big church holidays. Officially, the winter sales start on the first Monday of February, and the summer - 15 July. In both cases, their duration is 45 days. Buy branded items at discounted prices, you can also on the eve of Christmas (from December 20-22 to end the first week of the following year) and before Easter.

Shopping in Cyprus. Shops, shopping malls, boutiques and markets

Overstock may only be shops selling clothes, household appliances, shoes and household goods. Typically discounts size is from 50 to 70%. Moreover, as evidenced by reviews of tourists in Cyprus is not practiced partial sell-off, ie. E. If the window of the store put up a sign with "Sales" sign, there is no doubt that there are sold at a discount all the things that are on the shelves.

Shopping in Limassol

Almost all towns and renowned Cypriot resorts have shopping malls, which sells products of European brands, as well as souvenirs and traditional gifts. For example, many tourists prefer to bring the island confectionery, lace, silver jewelry, and virgin olive oil produced by local farmers. Experienced travelers say that in Limassol is best to go to the city market for them. It is housed in a historic building in the British style, located at the address: Palea Agora, and where you can buy traditional delicacies that will impress even the most demanding gourmet.

Shopping in Cyprus. Shops, shopping malls, boutiques and markets

The city and its vicinity there are also several shopping centers. Seasoned travelers are advised to arrange shopping in Limassol, Makarios Avenue, where the most expensive boutiques, or Aneksartisias street, is the focal point of such stores as Zara, Stradivarius, GAP, Topman and Bershka.

Paphos (Cyprus): shopping centers and shops

This city is known as the birthplace of Aphrodite and Cicero. There are numerous monuments of the ancient period, so the rest in Paphos attracts not only fans of beach activities, but also to make interesting excursions lovers. In addition, during his stay in Cyprus, you can go shopping, for example, in an area known as the "Golden Triangle".

Shopping in Cyprus. Shops, shopping malls, boutiques and markets

Among the outlets, which are advised to visit in their reviews, appear Gallery Pink Woman, which sells youth clothing, shopping center Paphos Aquarium, and the Outlets. They offer customers products from Max Mara, Zara, Louis Vuitton, Calzedonia and other brands. During a trip to Paphos (Cyprus) is also worth a walk on a small kiosk and benches surrounding the building Aquarium. They can buy jewelry of silver in the ethnic style and a variety of authentic souvenirs.

Where to organize shopping in Ayia Napa

This resort can not boast an abundance of branded stores. That is why, going to a city like Ayia Napa (Cyprus), shopping is better to postpone until the return to Paphos or Larnaca. If, however, there is a need - Travel Tips - shopping is better to go to the mall Incredible Universe, which is located at Nissi Avenue: there you can buy clothes of local brands as well as essential goods and food. As for gifts, the reviews show that it is better to buy during the tour. For example, magnificent pottery in Paralimni are 2 times cheaper than in the shops of the resort areas.

What has to offer in terms of shopping Larnaca

More often than not as a gift from the city of Cyprus carry such authentic souvenirs like colorful bells, pottery and lace, which are best to buy in the shops located in the area of ​​Finikoudes Boulevard.

Shopping in Cyprus. Shops, shopping malls, boutiques and markets

Also, you should visit the local market, where traditional sweets and food products are sold: halloumi, suzhukos, candy and a special delight.

If your goal - to get brand little things, go to the street Zinonos Kitieos. Some Russians have repeatedly vacationing in Cyprus claim that the island best shopping - in Larnaca. For example, in this city you can buy clothes from the latest collections of D & G or Hugo Boss. However, the local price is hardly democratic - is likely to cost you liked the toilet will exactly the same as in your home town.

Paralimni Shops

On the territory of this community, judging by reviews of tourists is best to buy souvenirs, which are offered in numerous shops located in the famous resort town of Protaras. In addition, it offers Paralimini 2-storey Marks & Spencer shopping center. It is next to a supermarket "Lidl", where they sell the most delicious pastries in the traditional Cypriot Paralimini. The range of TC Marks & Spencer products is unlikely to please those who prefer to produce the best-known brands, but where you can buy everything you need on holiday.

What and where you can buy in Nicosia

Discussing shopping in Cyprus, not to mention the shopping malls and stores, located in the capital of the island. I must say that the locals prefer to shop there, because more democratic prices. At the same time in Nicosia collections are usually updated every two weeks in the fashion boutiques, so for those who want to stay on the island for a long time, it makes sense to look at a favorite store several times.

Shopping in Cyprus. Shops, shopping malls, boutiques and markets

In Nicosia, the most famous brand outlets located in Mall of Cyprus and at Ledra Street. Also worth a visit is one of the shopping centers and the oldest known Timinis network, for example, located on the street Gr. Xenopoulou & Bouboulinas. Many boutiques await tourists on the main street - Stasikratous. There they will visit the Louis Vuitton, Max Mara, Fendi Chopard and Marina Rinaldi.

Now you have enough information for the famous shops and shopping centers located in Nicosia, Larnaca, Ayia Napa and Paphos. Hopefully, if you go to Cyprus, shopping (see reviews. Above) will give you a lot of fun.