Propeller for outboard: selecting features

Using a standard propeller for the boat motor, the owner of the boat over time begins to think about the possibilities of improving the speed of the ship. Defined here are a few highlights: the weight of the boat, engine power and, in fact, the efficiency of the propeller. And if you look to the first two qualities is not difficult, then increase the speed of movement, without having to buy a new motor, it allows a competent selection of a new screw.

How important is it to choose the right propeller for the boat motor?

Propeller for outboard: selecting features

Outboard motor reducer due to the peculiarities of the structure does not allow to change gears. Accordingly, the gear ratio is kept constant. Therefore, make the most of the available engine maximum power allows only properly selected propeller for the boat motor.

Choosing a good screw can improve the planing, to increase the maximum capacity of its boats or speed, accelerate the engine. Among other things, the right choice promotes economy of fuel combusted, reduce noise when moving.

Propellers for outboard motors: species

A variety of individual brands of outboard motors contributes to the use of a wide range of propellers. Different propellers for outboard motors according to the following parameters:

  1. Pitch - the distance that goes swimming facilities in the commission of one complete revolution of the product, without taking into account the sliding.
  2. diameter - circle, which describes the outermost point of the blade.
  3. Number of blades - often set screws with 3 blades, at least - with 2 or 4.
  4. manufacture of materials - stainless and carbon become, plastic, aluminum.


Propeller for outboard: selecting features

The defining characteristic when selecting the part in question in favor of its diameter. Typically, choosing the propeller for the boat motor cargo vessel, preference is given to products with the largest outer diameter. For boats, where the emphasis is on the speed of movement, the screws are selected, the blades of which describe a circle of smaller diameter.


Propeller for outboard: selecting features

is another important quality, which should be paid special attention when choosing a boat propeller. As previously mentioned, a step called the distance traveled through one complete revolution of the part. For example, a product diameter of 13 inches (35 cm) has a pitch of not more than 50 cm. Understand with the selection of the desired parameter can be directly selecting a propeller for outboard "Suzuki" or other model of the engine is already in place.

Disposed blades

Another important characteristic is the angle between the perpendicular axis of the hub and the trailing edge of the blades. Picking propellers for outboard motors "Yamaha" and other engines, attention should be given to products with a higher rake, which provides a better job with considerable resistance to the water surface. The increase of slip on quick and easy means swimming movement contributes to maintaining stability, the optimum position of the boat and as a result, - reduction of the hydraulic resistance during movement.

Number of blades

Select single propeller for the boat motor "Suzuki" and other popular models of engines should be the case if a large vibration when moving is not annoy factor. If you want to achieve the best balance between performance and vibration, the preference is to pay a two-blade version.

Propeller for outboard: selecting features

How many blades have propellers for outboard motors "Yamaha", the smoother their work, but less effective. Perhaps for this reason, most of the models have three blades, which contributes to the achievement of the ideal ratio in terms of vibration, productivity, cost and size.

How do I choose the screw?

As noted above, a propeller for the boat motor "Tohatsu", as well as other models of engines, it may be advantageous in one area, but much to lose in the other. Therefore, the final decision should be taken on the basis of characteristics that appear most weighty in the current situation.

Propeller for outboard: selecting features

key when selecting screw for outboard motor is the value of the number of engine revolutions. If the maximum is reached quickly at full throttle and low loading boats - the screw is matched correctly. If under these conditions the engine does not give the highest speed, perhaps, you should install a smaller propeller. When you need a big thrust to move a significant amount of goods or, if necessary, towing other water resources, should take a larger diameter screws. If this requires a specific speed, should give preference options, smaller in diameter, but with a larger step. This creates the required speed.

In general, the pitch parameters and the screw diameter of the outboard motor should be provided in the form of bowls weights that require balancing. If necessary, to achieve the maximum possible speed of the boat engine can be reduced diameter increasing step in a different situation - to do the opposite. Much depends on the type characteristics swimming means, the characteristics of the engine and its mode of operation.