Topsaydery women: what to wear with them?

Now it's incredibly easy to get lost in the shoe, because there was so many varieties that confusion in the names of the models are not uncommon. The interesting thing is that the lion's share of convenient, loved by many types was devised initially with a narrow specialization, but in the end won the world's catwalks. Today we will speak about the comfortable and trendy topsaydery. We answer the question about what it is and what to wear such shoes.

Shoes - topsaydery. What is it and how do they look?

Topsaydery women: what to wear with them?

The second of their name - the boat shoe, and they are intended for use on the decks of ships. Initially, the shoes were exclusively male, but later successfully taken root in the women's locker room. Topsaydery very similar to moccasins, however, have a number of distinctive features. First, a white sole - is to not trample on the deck. Secondly, the sole has a grooved surface which prevents slipping on the wet floor. It is in this way made of tight leather and laced around the tailpiece back in 1935 first appeared topsaydery Sperry (they are called so by the name of its founder). The peak of popularity they have reached 80 years of the last century, and then at some time left in the shade. Now it is once again a popular footwear, and Sperry - known brand, the average price for a pair of shoes from which is about $ 100. Topsaydery originally created exclusively for yachts, and therefore a place where there is the sea. But over time, a very comfortable and original pair of shoes, so to speak, "disembarked", and now they go absolutely everything.

Topsaydery women: what to wear?

According to stylists, topsaydery universal. Although, of course, evening dress and gorgeous dress to the floor they were not a couple. Casual, sports, marine style - this is what you need. If the office dress code is too strict, they are allowed and there. Convenience - that's what choosing topsaydery. The main rule - wear them on bare feet, no socks, no tights, and no exceptions. If this option is absolutely unacceptable to you from personal hygiene reasons, try to find a very tiny socks, which will be completely invisible.

Topsaydery women: what to wear with them?

Taking into account that now range topsayderov added heat-insulated version, designed for late autumn or spring, it makes sense to mention outerwear. Of course, the classic double-breasted coat is out of place. But topsaydery look great with a trench coat, leather jacket, parks, and it is to them, and should opt for.

Option №1: with jeans

Topsaydery women: what to wear with them?

This is the case when the solution lies on the surface. Easier to list what, what jeans do not fit. Putting topsaydery (female or male) with denim, you get a stylish urban look. In this form, you can go for a walk, a date, shopping, except that a work so desirable to come. Especially good looks combination with shorter models skinny, bojfrendami classic straight or jeans. On the beach and hot summer suit shorts, sun dresses and mini-skirts.

Option №2: marine-style

White pants (or shorts, skirt, dress) and the strip - a perfect combination. In this case, better to choose clothes with blue stripes. This - the image of vacation, summer in the city, he will look willfully and not quite natural. Reserving it for the sea and the beach, sand and sun.

Topsaydery women: what to wear with them?

But the image drawn with only a hint of the sea "origin" of shoes will be more than appropriate, including in the office. Note to photo: unobtrusive gray trousers and jacket freshens the top in traditional strip and complete the image of white topsaydery. The second option - for social events, light dress harmonizes well with the brown leather shoes and bags to match.

Variant №3: the dress

The first thing that comes to mind in such a combination - a typical dress in marine style in white and blue stripes. But it turns out topsaydery women are perfectly combined with the models in romantic style (especially popular with small floral print). For a more relaxed atmosphere we recommend to pay attention to dress in sporty style, combined with this shoe. Free cutting and soft jersey blend in well with leather topsayderami. With their help, you can make a bright accent. If, for example, a whole set of discreet color (gray, blue, black), the bright shoes give the image of a highlight.

Topsaydery women: what to wear with them?

variant №4: topsaydery and multi-layer

Dress up like a cabbage, as one would say our mothers and grandmothers, really fashionable and stylish. So say stylists. Stratification in fashion, but with this trend it is necessary to be careful and respect the basic rules. Note to photo: classic topsaydery (female) bright yellow combined with a variety of fashions. Blouse, skirt, jacket and a light jacket on top - a set of perfect and with all its geometric complexity looks with ease.

Summarizing all the above conclusion, we can say with certainty that topsaydery just have to be in the wardrobe of every modern girl. They conquer its simplicity, versatility and incredible convenience, let alone how many fashionable and vivid images on every day to create fashionable with their help!