"Chromium Picolinate" slimming: reviews. Instructions for use, price

Any diet can be spoiled by the fact that you will begin to pull irresistibly on candy. This is normal, because we are accustomed to respond in a similar way to stress to quickly cope with it, we want something that brings pleasure. And, of course, the body quickly includes the familiar scheme - requires ice cream or chocolate, which allows you to develop a certain amount of pleasure hormone. Then his action is over, the displeasure of his own figure is only growing, and again you want to eat candy. It is to break this cycle, and uses "Chromium Picolinate" for weight loss. Reviews suggest that the drug is able to completely neutralize the need for sweets and give the ability to quickly and painlessly reduce weight.

Let's talk about the most important

First of all we have, of course, are interested in that part of the magic pill. It is an ordinary chrome, complete with accessory ingredients. Available drug in capsules or as a spray. Does "Chromium Picolinate" for weight loss? Reviews can be read up to infinity, and each shows only a personal attitude of its author, but many suggest that really are much slimmer. What is it all about? "Chromium picolinate" - a complex compound of chromium and picolinic acid. It is thanks to this combination of chromium may be absorbed by the body without any problem.

The active ingredient is

This chrome. It was his property and make it such a useful dietary supplement that has a positive effect on insulin stereoformu. It promotes not only the formation of a normal level of blood sugar control, but also reduce blood cholesterol. Numerous medical studies have been carried out, by which a drug is officially recognized as a drug. metabolism normalization - his main task. Precisely because of this, and its effect is achieved. In addition, it is "chromium picolinate" (capsule or spray) greatly affects the condition of the nervous system, breaking the vicious circle which leads to obesity. It is familiar to all - voltage generates cravings for sweets, and the extra weight exacerbate stress and tension. Just so it reduces the risk of developing depression or insomnia. Chromium improves the functioning of the digestive system.

Due to what the drug helps to lose weight?

Indeed, why today so actively advertise it "Chromium Picolinate" for weight loss? Reviews can judge that the drug itself does not relieve you of body fat, it is only possible to regulate eating habits, due to which there is a gradual decline of weight. It is, Chrome is not artificial and alien to our body element, it does not have effects on the central nervous system, but gently reduces the synthesis of fats in the body. It increases the glycogen stores in the liver and reduces the feeling of hunger.

The pharmacological properties of the drug

Our task now is to trace how the "chromium picolinate" for weight loss. Reviews warned us: no diet will be no result. So it's only a tool that can keep yourself in the hands and the result gives exactly restriction in food. Preparation compensates deficiency of chromium in the body, normalizes lipid metabolism, thus able to reduce blood glucose. It is perfectly digestible and is a valuable source of trace element. This dietary supplement is regularly used by hundreds of people in order to reduce feelings of hunger and appetite regulation. This is especially true of those people who, due to circumstances or health conditions do not work and are at home all day. Free time and constant presence in the field of product visibility create a favorable environment for constant snacking and overeating.


Do not forget that it is a drug, then he should be appointed by the attending physician. Self-treatment is unacceptable and you need to know about it. Applied agent in chromium deficiency, but that's not all. Any hormonal disorders occur due to the lack of certain elements, and preparation can help immensely. The same is observed in diabetes, nervous system disorders, obesity and anorexia, and under stressful conditions and hormonal failure. Furthermore, it may recommend to physicians for headaches and muscle aches, insomnia, for the prevention of atherosclerosis and heart failure. In this case, the drug "Chromium Picolinate" absolutely safe, so you can not worry about the effects of therapy.

Instructions for receiving the drug

It should be noted that the original product is available in the US and is not cheap. One pack will cost about 1100 rubles. It contains 100 capsules, but still the cost of the drug is quite high. Means "Chromium picolinate" assigned to 2 capsules twice a day. At the same time a day you should not receive more than 200 micrograms of chromium. Duration of typically less than 10-25 days. However, many women report that weight loss continues after the end of treatment, and the craving for sweets is not returned for a long time. The drug is tested and approved for use, even professional athletes. In pharmacies, there are cheaper counterpart from "Evalar" company. The cost of this drug is 250 rubles, but the packaging at the same time contains 30 capsules. To get the same amount of the drug, you will still have to pay the same amount, but the quality of the product certified by the American research.


No matter how good the preparation was "Chromium Picolinate", there are certain contraindications that must be considered. The dosage should be reduced to those patients who are suffering from diseases of the central nervous system and brain. Furthermore, it can be an individual intolerance, and in this case, you must know what you want to cancel "Chromium Picolinate". Use can lead to allergic reactions, kidney and liver failure. Today you can read a lot about the toxicity of the drug. Indeed, excess chromium can cause intoxication, but this dosage should be ten times higher. By following a doctor's recommendation, you will not hurt yourself. However, if you find a pharmacy cheap analog, the warranty of quality to quite difficult. Is no one registered generic, so the means may well be fake.

Side Effects

They occur infrequently, especially if you are taking medication from "Solgar" company. "Chromium Picolinate" - is a terrific tool that does not cause complications. Very rarely it can develop nausea or bloating, but it's an individual response, which is difficult to calculate. However, it is important to follow the recommendations, which are presented in the manual. Long course of reception or large doses can provoke allergic reactions. At best, this can be hives, or itching. In the worst - bronchospasm or angioedema. But before taking this medication, it never hurts to consult a doctor.


As already mentioned, the reviews are very different from each other. There are people who have not noticed any effect of the drug, since continued to feed on the previous scheme. On the next say almost anything. Even if Chrome has reduced or completely removed the craving for sweets, we still have an effort of will to the supermarket does not add to the basket a couple of packs of cakes just out of habit. Therefore, only those who really understands the responsibility, achieve excellent results using chromium. To summarize, it must be said that this is only an aid, and do all the work for weight loss you will have to yourself.