"L'Oreal" (shampoo). Properties, price and consumer opinion

Shampoo - a basic product for hair care, without which we can not imagine his life.

How to choose a shampoo?

In stores you will notice a huge variety of shampoos, conditioners and serums, so you should know about how not to get confused and choose a really good product that will make your hair soft and shiny. "L'Oreal" - shampoo middle price range. That he favored the majority of girls and women.

In order to choose a quality product, follow these tips:

  1. Pay attention to the composition. It should not be heavy sulfates and parabens. In the first place must be oil, glycerol and exclusively natural components and their extracts.
  2. "L'Oreal" - shampoo, which helps to cope with overly oily hair. Also, there are products that are targeted to combat dry hair type and scalp. Choose shampoos that are designed for your hair type, so you get the maximum good effect after a week of using the product.
  3. If your hair is colored, choose funds with low acidity. "L'Oreal" Company includes in its line a lot of similar products.
  4. "L'Oreal" - shampoo that treats dandruff and hair loss problem quickly and efficiently. This product is perfect for owners of a dry or problematic scalp.

"L'Oreal": a professional shampoo. Features and price

This company is a leading cosmetics group mass market. "L'Oreal" - shampoo, which has an exceptionally high quality. Due to its special formula, such shampoos have not persushivayut structure of the hair follicle and the hair as a whole. Due to the sparing composition, hair remain smooth and silky.

Agree polednie research in the field of cosmetology, it was proved that "L'Oreal" line of products for hair care products have a high level of protection of the environment and the negative impact of the sun.

The products are used in many beauty salons, its preferred global models and stars of show business. Properly selected product soglaen your type of hair or skin, provide you with an unrivaled appearance.

On the shelves of almost all supermarkets and cosmetic shops can be found Shampoo "L'Oreal". Reviews of such products say that they fulfill all the promised features.

The price of shampoo ranges from three hundred to five hundred Russian rubles.

The qualitative composition of

The company's products favorably affects all types of hair:

  1. Hydrates dry ends, it does not weigh down your roots and hair structure.
  2. It nourishes the hair extremely useful and essential trace elements.
  3. Gives hair volume and smoothness.
  4. Do not tangle hair.
  5. Makes colored hairstyles shining.
  6. has vosttanavlivayuschim effect which heals your hair and restores their normal structure and appearance.
  7. the scalp becomes smooth, soft and pleasant to the touch. This indicates the action schyadyaschih components in the shampoo.

The use of hair products from "Loreal" company along with argan, coconut oil or castor locks accelerate growth and make hair is much more elaborate.

The effect after several applications

Already after the third washing your hair you will notice that visited the tip was a quarter less. Further application only contribute to their complete destruction. The hair becomes much more obedient and does not need constant combing, because the comb glides on smoothly and strands from the first time. "L'Oreal" - hair shampoo that will not disappoint you.