L-Glutamine: what it is, what is needed, how to make? How to take L-glutamine powder? L-Glutamine: reviews

To date, sports nutrition market is crowded with a large number of products, the names of which are unknown to a potential buyer. This is primarily the L-glutamine, which is just a few years gained a lot of popularity. This article will help the reader to learn more about this sport nutrition, its effect on the human body, useful properties and methods of application.

L-Glutamine: what it is, what is needed, how to make? How to take L-glutamine powder? L-Glutamine: reviews

What are we talking about?

Many speculated, meeting sports nutrition on the shelves under the name L-Glutamine. What it is? In fact, it is an essential amino acid, which is a part of the protein. It accumulates in all human muscles and blood, so when in need access to the L-glutamine is instant. Outside the body, this amino acid is ingested with food, which is very high in protein. Among them, beef and chicken meat, fish, dairy products and eggs. In addition, L-glutamine are rich in certain vegetables: spinach, parsley, beets and cabbage. Also, this amino acid in large amounts found in legumes.

The value of L-glutamine in a person's life

The growth of cells and fuel for the immune system - that's why there is a L-glutamine in the human body in the first place. There is a body of evidence that at times of stress, nervous or caused by intensive training, the level of L-glutamine in the blood falls significantly, resulting in a weakened immune system. Also, strength training lead to depletion of essential acid in muscle, causing the body to destroy protein structure cells.

There is another body of evidence, based on research of sports nutrition manufacturers, but has no official confirmation from the world's leading scientists in the field of biology and physiology. Here the L-glutamine is attributed to participate in vital processes: the production of growth hormone, improve brain function, body cleansing, improvement of synthesis and metabolic products output.

L-Glutamine: what it is, what is needed, how to make? How to take L-glutamine powder? L-Glutamine: reviews

The theoretical benefit in the sport

Receiving L-glutamine primarily suggestions to athletes for speed dialing muscle binding reception with 5-8 grams of active substance immediately after training. Manufacturers guarantee instant cell growth and a corresponding set of muscle mass. Let irreplaceable acid and tends to accumulate in the muscles and blood, but there is always a limit that triggers the output of superfluous products naturally. As a result, many athletes have questions about dosage, which has nothing to do either with age or with weight.

Credited irreplaceable acid suppression of cortisol, however, no scientific research institute of this fact is not proved. But there are many scientific studies that confirm the process stop catabolism of muscle tissue in the presence of L-glutamine. Based on this, it can be concluded that the essential amino acid will be of interest for sportsmen dried when it is necessary to expel excess fat from the body and withdraw water without loss of muscle tissue.

L-Glutamine: what it is, what is needed, how to make? How to take L-glutamine powder? L-Glutamine: reviews

Myths and Legends of the media

There are reviews of the athletes, who raise doubts among many professionals. For example, some athletes complain that after the termination of reception of L-glutamine, they began to feel very tired after a workout and get sick often, of course, linking the amino acid to the immune system. In fact infect athlete infection is thousands of times more complex than distant from the sports person.

Reduced productivity often occurs due to a burning sensation in the muscles. This is due to lactic acid production as the one of the metabolic derivative. Normalize the acid balance in the muscles may be L-glutamine. Reviews in the media on this issue is quite controversial. Indeed, some manufacturers have indicated to this feature of the essential amino acid, and other manufacturing plants such property left unattended.

Standard output circuit

Another point which should be awarded the attention of L-Glutamine: how to make correctly and safely. The daily rate of essential amino acids that must be ingested, is limited by all producers in different ways and is no more than 8 grams. Given the fact that all manufacturers recommend receiving L-glutamine twice a day - after exercise and at night, the daily dose should be divided into two equal portions.

Athletes take additional sports nutrition, it will be interesting to its compatibility with the essential amino acid. First, the amino acid can not be taken with protein digestibility due at the latest, the amino acid will be a very long time to get to their destination. But with other amino acids and creatine reception will be only benefit. If you want to take a protein, it can be done only after 10-15 minutes after ingestion of L-glutamine.

L-Glutamine: what it is, what is needed, how to make? How to take L-glutamine powder? L-Glutamine: reviews

Product positioning in the market

Very interesting is positioned state L-glutamine. The pharmacy it serves as a biologically active additive (BAA), lying on the same shelf with ginseng root and Riga balm. Recommendations pharmacists for receiving the drug are quite interesting:

  • stimulates the metabolism, increasing it to 20-30%;
  • protects the immune system against external factors and is recommended as a proactive means of a cold, you want to take in the season the spread of infectious diseases;
  • maintains power with fatigue.

Pharmacy supplements recommended to use twice a day for 5 grams with food for breakfast and dinner. Confused only the price, which is almost twice higher than the cost of the most expensive product from a very famous brand.

professional sports nutrition market

Judging by the numerous reviews, the L-glutamine is produced by all manufacturers at the same technology and the difference between the goods of competitors - only a part of which has a significant impact on the price of the product. The priority of the percentage of pure substances which varies 90-99%. Other components are the flavors that give sports nutrition taste. An important factor is the presence in the mixture of fructose, which plays the role of transport, supplying L-glutamine directly into the blood. Fructose without the athlete will have to sweeten the water while taking amino acids or buy the sweet juice.

L-Glutamine: what it is, what is needed, how to make? How to take L-glutamine powder? L-Glutamine: reviews

On the sports nutrition market of L-glutamine is represented by many manufacturers. Professionals recommend to pay attention to products from BSN, Dymatize, Scirtec Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition, Universal, MHP and MRM. List of decent brands can continue, however, many serious manufacturers have indicated on the label to the product dosage in teaspoons, which is unacceptable to the Russian market.

Product form - which is better?

you can find L-glutamine as a powder, tablet and capsule on the sports nutrition market. Of course, the choice is the customer, what product to prefer, but there are points on which few people pay attention to the acquisition. It is very convenient to put in your mouth tablet or capsule and then drink the water without thinking where to get the container under the powder and the solution is designed to prevent. However, many overlook the digestibility of the product, which should be virtually instantaneous after the workout. Only powder form can handle the job.

Many athletes are wondering how to take L-glutamine powder. There are already as you like. Some prefer to create a solution, mixing an amino acid with 100-150 ml of water. Other measuring spoon powder is applied directly to the mouth, washed down with water. The taste of L-Glutamine a little sour, but it is not enough anyone interferes, as compared to other sports nutrition it more acceptable.

Unanswered Questions?

And I need a really athlete L-Glutamine? Its use because you can replace meat and dairy products. In fact, the statement is true, but from one meal in the body receives less than one gram of essential amino acid. Accordingly, the body needs eight grams of the athlete will spend eight complex meals with a high content of L-glutamine. It is clear that such a pleasure will cost several times more expensive acquisition of Banks of sports nutrition.

It makes no sense to use the essential amino acids and athletes who use in its power complex protein and meal replacement. If For a complete list of components in the mixture, it is possible to detect the dosage of L-glutamine, which on average per serving is 2 grams. Professional athletes are recommended to take a closer look and the inscriptions on the protein bar, which is also rich in essential amino acids.

The Passion of overdose

In the media, a lot of reviews about the side effects, which is L-glutamine in overdose. To date, there is no scientific evidence about the dangers of an essential amino acid in excess of the norm. But there are many opinions of research institutes of the dosage of the drug consumption. Thus, it is established that the daily rate for a healthy person weighing 80 kg should not exceed 15 grams in total. In the case of non-compliance with the recommendations and the use of higher dosages of the human body will reject the excess and display it in a natural way.

In fact, such a scheme applies to all amino acids and creatine, which are used by professional athletes to achieve their goals. Accordingly, beginners should not trust anonymous reviews in the media, and in case of doubt it is recommended to give preference to scientific work known doctors (though they are all in English).

L-Glutamine: what it is, what is needed, how to make? How to take L-glutamine powder? L-Glutamine: reviews


As it turned out, L-glutamine in the market is more than one decade. And if the original amino acid positioned pharmacies as a dietary supplement, at the moment, thanks to the manufacturers of sports nutrition, it is most popular in the top, sharing the shelf with BTSAA and creatine.

Many questions arise from buyers to producers of sports nutrition that are unharmonized and describe their own products as they like, attributing it magical properties that do not have scientific evidence. Such action sellers doubt on the usefulness of L-glutamine in the sport.