Turban. How to tie a beautiful woman's turban?

In the East is very popular headdress turban. How to tie it, everyone knows a Muslim, because it is part of its mandatory attire. Today, such a headdress worn around the world as a fashion accessory.

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At its core, a turban - is a big stretch fabric, which is wound in a special way on his head. If wrong to do so, a hat will not keep or create a lot of discomfort.

First figured out how to tie a turban, man. To escape from the hot sun in the desert, they have used pieces of cloth at hand. As it turned out, this is a very effective way.

Turban. How to tie a beautiful woman's turban?

Then headdress liked and women who according to the canons of religion need to hide their hair from view. But this does not mean that they can not be beautiful. Therefore, women have invented several new ways.

In the process of globalization, the traditions of the East gradually spread around the world. Today, in any country can meet a woman who prefers this hat as a stylish and fashion accessories. Therefore it is very important to be able to tie it correctly.

The traditional way to tie a turban

There is no one way of how to tie a turban on his head. Let's start from the most common. To begin, take a long piece of fabric or a scarf and put it exactly in the middle on his head. Then, on the forehead over tighten both ends and make one revolution. Trying to keep one end in tension, the second head wrap. Free edge is inserted under the portion, which has just been turned around.

Turban. How to tie a beautiful woman's turban?

The remaining dressed with the long end in the same manner wrapped around her head. If done correctly, then the design will be kept securely throughout the day.

The most important thing in this process - to find the right balance between the tension at both ends. If it did not do enough, collapse structure. If we win, it will be constant discomfort from the pressure of the head.

But in general, the problem is solved after some training. So do not be afraid, and constantly try and train if something does not work.

Turban meet behind

They are not all in the manner described above turban. How to tie his second method, shown on the submitted photos.

To begin, put on a head scarf, from which will form a headdress. Putting his back and twisting the ends once. This will help to fix the base to the head.

Turban. How to tie a beautiful woman's turban?

Then one free end of the wrap around the head. The second followed in this time, that it does not unwind. When the first edge turned back again, fix his arm, and the second free end of the wrap as well.

To design firmly held, both ends are interconnected as shown. How to tie a turban nice unit, should not be an issue for this fashionista. Here, any method may be used. The main thing is to have enough loose ends for that node. And one moment. Very rear surround unit can interfere with daily life. So first of all be guided not on beauty, but on your own comfort.

turban with long ends

Women often prefer to create a more beautiful turban. How to tie it to stay beautiful long edge, shown in the photo.

In this embodiment, the girl uses two decorative pins that securely fix the entire structure.

Turban. How to tie a beautiful woman's turban?

traditionally begin with what we put on the head exactly in the middle of a light scarf. It is fixed under the chin of the first pin. One free end of the lift on the head and get down to the ear. Second Do the same maneuver, and in the same direction. Thus, it turns out that we missed it at first under the chin.

The lower end of the lift up and turns his back on his neck. After that it lay in the crease under the chin. The end that was previously on top, now it turns clenched lower end. Straighten it. Take one of the corners and lifts him above the ear, passing under the chin again.

To corner did not fall, fix it on the hat using pins or a decorative brooch.

Gourmet turban

All previous methods based on the fact that half the sum that the fabric used to make a turban. How to tie it, if the ends are of different lengths, demonstrates this technique.

Turban. How to tie a beautiful woman's turban?

A shorter edge wrap around the head from the back and fix the free end of one of the formed folds. Long piece wrapped around the head several times in the opposite direction. End too, hiding in the folds, but to add structural strength, additionally fix it with pins.

Now we know how to tie a turban. But there is one little trick. Each time wearing a new headdress of the same scarf can not only vary the ways of tying, but also use a variety of decorations. The course will not only brooches, necklaces but also small, which will refresh the look, add zest.