What to wear with black jeans. Accessories and shoes under the black jeans

Black jeans - a universal component of the wardrobe of any girl. This simple basic thing, combined with other elements that will help to create a variety of styles, in addition to the evening. A particular advantage is that the black jeans conceal imperfections and give harmony to any woman, even with the extra volumes. The main thing is to know what to wear black jeans.

What to wear with black jeans. Accessories and shoes under the black jeans

Attire for every day

Practical and comfortable black jeans are the perfect option for every day. Slightly changing garment, you can dramatically change the entire way. White or gray knitted sweater perfectly warm in cold weather and will look perfect with high boots without a heel. Blue-black trousers will be a contrast to the bright red top that gets attention. And in tandem with a striped sweater or turtleneck will create the image of the sea, over which so often miss the autumn.

Shirt with ornaments or national colors included black jeans flare will give charm and immerse in ethno-style, which is always at the peak of popularity. It helps supplement the ensemble of a small bag of natural brown tones corresponding to jewelry and shoes on the platform.

Black jeans - Assistant Office

A beautiful ensemble for business women will be the outfit of classic trousers, a close fitting jacket and shoe-boats. Dress code for office implies the absence of bright and flashy colors, so it is better to choose a jacket pale shades such as beige, black, gray, or marsh. If you opt for a black jacket, then under it, you can pick up a more vivid and contrasting blouse or a batch file. Wear this outfit every day is not necessary, but on a Friday or on a night out black jeans are appropriate and create a discreet and practical way.

What to wear with black jeans. Accessories and shoes under the black jeans

The festive variant of

Black jeans should not be worn on the magnificent and solemn event or formal reception, but this thing at a party is acceptable. Adding a nice bright shirt of shiny fabrics and high-heeled shoes, you can create a playful and reckless image without hinting at excessive pomp.

For club party suit outfit of tight-fitting trousers and jackets, decorated with rhinestones, embroidery or other elements of decor - you can not stop your imagination. Small bag, properly done makeup and beautiful sandals heels give you more confidence and become an excellent alternative to a black dress.

From what to wear ripped jeans?

The principle of selection items under torn black jeans (photo shown below) is a top conciseness. A great option would be fitting shirt or T-shirt in the style of militarism in black, gray or dark green. Shoes can be selected more massive, decorated with rivets, buckles or straps. Knitted sweater or jacket soft tones will look great in cold weather, in a warm time, you can choose a bright color blouse, without any additional elements of the decor.

What to wear with black jeans. Accessories and shoes under the black jeans

Leather world with jeans

An excellent embodiment that carry black jeans becomes top, prints made under the skin of wild animals, such as leopard or jaguar. Such a tandem is always relevant, and is decorated with a collection of many famous designers. It is important not to forget to add "animal" print can be only one item, such as a blouse, handbag, shoes or scarf. The rest of the things need to be kept in neutral colors, otherwise there is a risk seem vulgar and tasteless. Shoes for this outfit is better to choose a heel. It looks great in a pair of jeans with a black leather jacket, black leather jackets. You can choose any bright color, from canary to lilac, this option does not overload the whole way, but give it a romantic and lightness. The kit with a black jacket need add bright spots, such as a colorful blouse, handbag or scarf to avoid a hint of mourning.

It looks great with black jeans fur vest. Footwear and accessories for such an ensemble must be natural not flashy colors, so as not to detract from the beauty of fur.

What to wear with black jeans. Accessories and shoes under the black jeans

From what to wear stylish black jeans?

Wardrobe modern girl is not limited to the classical form of jeans. Black jeans, made in different styles, require an individual approach, and important enough to pick up and accessories for them.

skinny jeans slim fit low girls. Together with a high heel such an ensemble will provide growth and make the legs longer.

Model Capri, look great on slender legs in tandem with shoes on heels.

Full of girls these jeans will help to hide the extra volume at the hips, just wear these pants need a form-fitting top, do not close themselves jeans.

They look great with short jeans and shirt blouses, straight cut in a cowboy or a casual-style. Baggy jeans are gaining popularity in recent years. This option is best worn with a loose sweater or T-shirt and tight-fitting tops. Footwear for them to choose the best sport style.