How to make perfect legs? Instructions for girls

Make perfect legs dream of every girl. Make them appetizing forms and a good relief is possible by means of training. The modern pace of life a few of them allows you to find time for sports, visiting the gym.

How to make perfect legs? Instructions for girls

Therefore, today there is a high popularity of special training programs that are written for home training. Below is the reduced set of exercises that will help you quickly bring your legs in order and make them really sexy.

An exercise program "ideal foot in 8 minutes"

Consider an effective training program, which is both simple and complex.

If you want to have perfect legs, then get ready for hard work. Only with great zeal and perseverance, you can achieve the desired results.

How to make perfect legs? Instructions for girls

All exercises complex, which is shown below, it is necessary to perform in the "Tabata" mode. This means that there is a number of not counting the number of repetitions and the time within which to do the exercises.

Thus, the program "ideal foot in 8 minutes" as follows.

  1. jumping.
  2. Mahi kicking up their squat.
  3. Jumping squatting.
  4. Mahi in hand.
  5. Mahi ago.

Let us consider the correct technique of each exercise


A great exercise to make perfect feet. Sit down on his haunches, his fingers lay on the floor - it's starting position. Jump out upward so as to completely break away from the floor. In this case, the hand must be lifted up, as if you want to reach the ceiling.

When due to the force of gravity in touch with the floor, then return to starting position and jump out again upwards.

Mahi feet up from the squat

Heavy exercise, but it will bring tangible results in the fight for your perfect feet.

Starting position such as when jumping out. Without jumping to his feet and stand up at the same time try to maximize raise the top of the right leg by a maha. After a move is made, and both feet flat on the floor, squat.

Repeat the same with the other leg. Perform thus all the allotted 40 seconds. It is necessary to carry out this exercise carefully, as there is a possibility of the knee injury. Not worth much to take the time necessary to concentrate well. In addition, if you are engaged in socks and grip the floor is weak - you can slip.

To avoid this, follow the movement on rough surfaces without socks.

Jumping squatting

The ideal form of legs - this is not a dream but a goal that can be achieved by performing these exercises. Squat, as in the previous exercises. Begin to make short bouncing, without straightening the legs. It will be difficult to do 40 seconds. If you are tired, you can jump 10 seconds, 10 seconds squat. And just 40 seconds.

Mahi in hand

This is a great exercise that helps to make perfect feet. Become exactly straightened legs. Put your hands on the belt. Waving your right foot to the right, without bending it 5 times. Then the left foot in the opposite direction the same number of times.

How to make perfect legs? Instructions for girls

Do thus swings throughout the allotted time. Try to make a range of motion as much as possible - this will not only help improve the muscles in the legs, but also adds elasticity ligaments.

Mahi ago

Starting position is the same as in the previous exercise. Swing your feet need in a similar way, but not in the side and back. Try to start as high as possible up.

If it is too easy to do this exercise, you can perform the following maha back foot movement forward and upward, that is strong enough to increase the load. But first impressions can be deceiving, and on the first lap you can hardly begin to consider it for themselves heavy.

How to train for this program?

Each of the exercises, which will provide the perfect legs, you need to do exactly 30 seconds. The program is executed in a cycle, that is, considering the final amount of time, you will have:

  • jumping - 2 minutes;
  • jumping from squat legs with moves upward, jumping squat, swings sideways, mahi ago - 1, 5 minutes on each.

Rest between exercises should not be - everything is done in one go.

Balance your diet

Improper diet leads to the fact that disturbed metabolism, ie metabolism. In such circumstances, the body loves to store extra material in the fatty tissue, and the body more prone to the appearance of cellulite.

How to make perfect legs? Instructions for girls

Therefore, you need to take responsibility for not only their training but also to nutrition. Consume less fat and various farinaceous products. From sweet at all should be abandoned. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, to deliver the body a variety of vitamins and minerals.

If you follow all of these recommendations, you can achieve visible results in the coming days.