Workout Arnold Schwarzenegger (the program)

"Iron Arnie" - the so-called Arnold Schwarzenegger today. He has earned a nickname thanks to perfect muscle development, which at the peak of the champion's career looked like a faceted pieces of metal.

His achievements in the world of bodybuilding hit. Arnie - multiple Mr. Olympia than only a few can boast of today.

How did he achieve such a result?

Schwarzenegger has always openly said that he and all the athletes of his time used the steroids. Then they were lawful, and no one knew about their health warnings.

Workout Arnold Schwarzenegger (the program)

As all the athletes consumed today banned substances for active muscle growth, how many times he was able to get around them all? Of course, due to its well-known training programs. For example, now popular practice of Arnold Schwarzenegger's hand, due to which he made them just huge.

Over the years, Arnold changed his approach to employment

In those days, bodybuilding was just gaining its popularity. At that time, it has not been made that the mass of scientific research, the results of which have to date. Therefore, athletes often just beginning to experiment and choose or develop your training method, which seemed to them to be the best.

At that time, when the champion did only the first steps on the way to a big developed body workout Arnold Schwarzenegger were to working through all the muscles in one session. Thus we swung at that time almost all of the athletes, as it is considered the best way to increase muscle mass and volume.

Workout Arnold Schwarzenegger (the program)

Such training is held every day. Imagine that you need to be engaged for hours in the gym every day. Perhaps not popular at the time of anabolic steroids in a similar way to train would not have happened.

Arnold Schwarzenegger. Body-building. Champion workout

Arnie is often called an error of modern bodybuilders what they have ceased to perform basic exercises. Athletes of his time is not performed the same exercises as powerlifters.

Due to the large number of basic exercises, Arnold Schwarzenegger workout is very effective. Error or not is hard to say. Modern athletes do more emphasis on the chemical additives that allow you to increase muscle volume and without the deadlift, squat. After all, do these exercises quite dangerous - it can remain a cripple for life with stripped back.

Workout Arnold Schwarzenegger (the program)

To date, not kept records that would talk about what was training Arnold Schwarzenegger that period. Therefore, immediately move on to the next stage of development of the sports champion - training split.

A new stage of

Since the transition to training Arnie Split experts say good progress and the increase in weight. It is not surprising, because the muscles have more time to relax, while the number of hours spent in the room, halved.

What is the difference from the previous trainings Schwarzenegger? If at first he trained every day, working through absolutely all muscles of the body, then split workout Arnold Schwarzenegger meant the body divided into two parts that need to pump in different days.

Arnie training program was as follows:

Day One - to develop the muscles of the back, chest and legs.

  1. The first step is to engage in a classic loved zhimom prone to use the pectoral muscles.
  2. Then perform the same bench, but on an incline bench.
  3. Pullover barbell helped him to stretch the breast on which he was fanatically obsessed.
  4. Pull-ups (wide grip). Pate plant in the horizontal bar.
  5. After that, shaking the latissimus dorsi due to the implementation of the thrust rod in the slope.
  6. Then perform the deadlift.
  7. Further, more difficult - squat with a barbell on your shoulders.
  8. Lunges with a barbell he worked through the quads and glutes.
  9. bending your simulator, it reached the maximum effect of pumping the quadriceps.
  10. Calves shaking standing.
  11. The last exercise was horizontal lift legs.

The famous "Terminator" doing all the exercises in 5 sets. Reps tried to keep within the limits of 8-12 times. Only deadlift preferred to do on the three approaches with fewer repetitions.

Workout Arnold Schwarzenegger (the program)

The second day - exercises on the delta, triceps and biceps. Arnold Schwarzenegger training program was as follows:

  1. begins with the army lift.
  2. then worked through the side of the delta wiring with dumbbells.
  3. Bench in the car Smitty.
  4. Next, stretch the muscles pull the dead.
  5. Then perform a prone slopes.
  6. The biceps started to work out with the classic climbs of the bar.
  7. Next alternately performed curls sitting.
  8. Then he went on to triceps and squeezed barbell lying narrow grip.
  9. then pumped hands French zhimom standing.
  10. The final exercise was shaking his arm. They were twisting brushes over the bar.

Arnold Schwarzenegger on the second day as well as in the first, doing all the exercises for 5 sets and try to do 8-12 reps.

Gradually, he began to refine your set of exercises and training began to break in half, doing every day for two times.

Giving fitness room all his spare time ...

Arnold Schwarzenegger training program was as follows:

  • during the morning training, he shook his chest and back, in the evening - the legs, the calf muscles and the press;
  • The next morning Arnie came in the room and coached shoulders with hands muscles, and in the evening again worked through the calf and the press;
  • One day a week he was taking a break and resting.

in the US Moving

After the invitation of Joe Weider athlete went to train him to America. This moment in his life was marked by the transition to a triple-split, that is, the body has been visually divided into three parts, which are trained on different days.

Workout Arnold Schwarzenegger (the program)

on the weight training program, Arnold Schwarzenegger was:

  1. On the first day, he shook his pectoral muscles, back and abs. Perform each exercise have not changed.
  2. On the second day worked through the shoulders, arms, abs. Exercise done those before, but added thrust rod to the chin (on the rear delts) that perform the 5th approaches.
  3. Legs with press done on the third day of training. Exercise, as in the previous cases were old, but he was replaced by horizontal lift legs. Instead, he carried out the ups feet hanging on the crossbar.

Such a body divided into three groups helped Arnie to make a clear leap in the development of their muscles. Because of this, he began to win the titles and go to the top of the world of bodybuilding.

Champions Program are not always suitable for ordinary people

Workout Arnold Schwarzenegger on the weight and other details of the complexes known champions who have outstanding achievements in the world of bodybuilding, does not fit the common man, who came into the room and can not squeeze and a 50-pound barbell.

Workout Arnold Schwarzenegger (the program)

In order to properly carry those loads that they use in their training, they develop themselves over the years. In addition, each athlete, including Arnie perform training program specifically created for themselves. This means that if an athlete underdeveloped legs, it will be specially accentuate their attention on this part of the body pumping.

Consequently, the system of Arnold Schwarzenegger training can not be the only correct for muscle training. You may have to choose any exercises that you enjoy and do without this complex.

No pain no progress

In order to develop this program, it is necessary to listen to the principles mentioned above. In his interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger said that every exercise you need to do a hell of feeling pain in the muscles. The farther the athlete can go, keeping such feelings, the more he will be able to achieve results.

Workout Arnold Schwarzenegger (the program)

From this it follows that we should not stop doing approach, if you feel that you can do much more. Perform each approach to complete muscular failure, shock your body, and it is then it will grow in size and become stronger.

Observe mode and proper nutrition

And, of course, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, do not drink alcohol, do not smoke, adhere to the correct and balanced diet. Without it, the whole exercise will not bring any desired results.

Do not poison your body, develop your body and be happy!