Thrash haircut for short and long hair

If you are bright and eccentric personality, then obviously you want something fundamentally changed in their appearance: make it extraordinary, unusual, bright and noticeable. Each representative of the fair sex, are in search of new sensations, chooses a different way to achieve this goal. Someone decides to causing outfits, but some prefer to dwell on the most incredible hairstyles and haircuts, which are not seen well, is very difficult. Mowing trash - a great example of the extravagant hairstyles, which often choose the most representative of the various subcultures, since the flow of emo and ending with the Goths.

Lover of bright and unusual hairstyle like this, and the fact there are special reasons. What is special about a haircut? What are the benefits and who should make such a choice?

Mowing trash

Lovers of classical music, severity, most likely, this option will not like, but the teenager who wants to try everything in life, this haircut is perfect. Naturally, he thrash style involves not only such extravagant hairstyle on the head, but also very bright makeup, causing the clothes, the presence of tattoos and body piercing. As for the oval of the face and the fact, as it will look hairstyle trash, there is no special requirements. This hairstyle suits and chubby girls, and the owners of long face. The only caveat to be taken into account, this hair color.

Thrash haircut for short and long hair

Dark blonde hair are not suitable as the only bright welcome combination - main - blond and small colored strands or base color is black hair, and somewhere in the side there are a couple of strands of blue or pink.


Like any other hairstyle, a hairstyle trash has its own characteristics and features. Representatives of subcultures are well versed in "their" hairstyles, because special requirements to the form of bangs, hair color, length and general appearance.

  1. Bang - the most important element of such a haircut, because its presence is mandatory. The form itself can be any, except for the line. A girl can choose a ragged, graduated, a forward, to the side, but the main thing that it was not straight and smooth.
  2. The form itself hairstyle is based on a cascade, although the individual strands susceptible thinning, whereby an effect of ragged strands.
  3. Hair Color should be as contrasting as in relation to clothing, as well as between the individual strands of hair. You can choose the best color for the hair, and even pattern (panther, tiger, lynx). The main rule - a bright, unusual and challenging.
Thrash haircut for short and long hair

Features haircuts for long-haired girls

Thrash haircut on long hair are most often used, and for the creation of such hairstyles barbers often used "ladder" or "cascade". These options allow the cuts to save the maximum length of the strands, but to give your hair the very shape. The only time - the length of the contrast. At the top are cut strand so that when laying the hair could ruffle, make a "hedgehog." Hair near the face should always be part of the bangs. It should be remembered that this type of hairstyles look better on a slightly wavy hair.

Thrash haircut for short and long hair

On the curly gets lost, and direct ragged strands simply will not be visible.

Trash on the medium-length hair,

Since most of the girls have medium length hair, a similar haircut to these strands has its own characteristics. Since the main feature of the hairstyle is the maximum volume to the hair ends, the haircut trash on medium hair is done according to the "cascade". The main rule - do tips of the longest strands as possible "ragged". Requirements there and bang - it should be long and wavy. With regard to color and contrast, there is no exception - the brighter, the better.

Thrash haircut for short and long hair

Plus this hairstyle is that it is set on medium hair is much easier and faster than doing a large amount on the long strands (he simply will not last long due to its own weight).

The short hair - not a reason to abandon the experiments

Thrash haircut for short hair is done in the same way as in long strands, although there are a few basic features of such a hairstyle. All the locks on the nape cuts out, but the front and on top of the hair remains as long as possible and straighten forward. Bangs should be part of the long strands, which are aimed at the forehead or simply be laid to one side. This is a very extravagant option, but a universal, if we talk about the types of male and female hairstyles. Among adolescents short thrash haircut popular among boys.

Thrash haircut for short and long hair

Original combination of thrash-cutting and other techniques

Sometimes girls even such an experiment is not enough, because many choose to combine the already causing hair with some brighter haircuts. A very popular option - a shaven temple and trash. Brighter than you can imagine! Though this hairstyle is very provocative, but it can be changed at any time in the classical form. To do this, you just need to pass the hair symmetrically to the other side and turns most standard trash haircut. Photos of many girls who have already decided on these experiments clearly demonstrate an extraordinary approach to life, to others and to herself.

Thrash haircut for short and long hair

And if she feels that she now wants to be in that style, image, you should know one more important point: how to style this hairstyle.

How beautifully put hair?

Since thrash haircut is very specific - has a very large volume, then to create beautiful styling you need to follow small instructions:

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo for more volume.
  2. Dry with a hair dryer to be, his head bowed down. During drying, you can use mousse and gels that hairstyle "was".
  3. Then, using a comb-ticker, it is necessary to make bouffant at the roots (at the upper strands) and bouffant hair to 3/4 in long tresses.
  4. Hairstyle profusely fixed with hairspray.

The very thrash haircut popular among the younger generation, but if the very shape of the hairstyle really like, then why not use it, just not making it colorful? It turns out very quiet and even sexy appearance.

It is important to remember that the style your hair in such a way - a difficult and long, as well as damaging to the hair. Because it is not necessary to do the bulk bouffant more often than once a week, otherwise the hair will be severely damaged.

Choosing a bright and youth haircut, special attention should be paid to a bright and challenging form, such as trash. Popular among young women of different subcultures hairstyle is very diverse and can even come up quite modest girl. Will be decided on such a step, not every girl, and even more so the winner of the long hair, but it is worth remembering that the trash haircut biodiversity and can be laid using curling irons, kosopleteniya and so on.