Sports Palace "Luzhniki": a description of how to get

Many sports facilities are often used for events and concerts. The center successfully held sports tournaments and competitions. Sports Palace "Luzhniki" is regularly visited by thousands of people. Here you can hear not only local artists, but also overseas.

Sports Palace


Sports Palace "Luzhniki" is included in the Olympic complex. On its territory opened many sports facilities, which are actively used. The building of the Palace was built in 1956. Every year since the opening in it were major events in the sports world. Near the center is a monument AI Sinilkinoy, which has long been its director. For its size it is the next after the stadium. At the Sports Palace regularly hosts concerts and various shows. It has all the necessary sound equipment. For visitors prepared 11,500 places. Knowing the seating plan, a lot easier to pick up for a more suitable place.

Driving Sports Palace "Luzhniki".

Sports Palace

Each sector has its own entrance. For the convenience of visitors in certain sectors open wardrobe, not to create a big crowd and all. In the cold season, guests can not take the clothes, if they cool. The foyer opened food outlets, so during intermission, you can choose for yourself something tasty. During the holidays for children offers interesting entertainment. They can jump on the trampoline, participate in contests or make akvagrim. In addition to concerts, visitors often come to the Palace of Sports to the rink. Here poured artificial ice, and on holidays put a Christmas tree. Also on the site regularly hosts competitions. Among the topical sports stands out, boxing, tennis, fencing, ballroom dancing, gymnastics, mini-football.


Sports Palace "Luzhniki" is well known to many citizens. Most of the already visited the complex, but the exact address not know everything. The sports complex is located on the Luzhniki Street 24, building №2. Find it quite easy, since it is located within the Olympic complex. Nearby is the promenade near the Moskva River.

Sports Palace

How to get to

Getting to the "Luzhniki" Sport Palace in several ways. If you go on your car, it is available to park the car on a dedicated parking space. In addition, there are close enough to the metro station "Luzhniki". From it is available within walking distance. It is also possible to drive on a special bus, which travels around the campus. Then you do not have to go. Prior to description of a sports complex drive to stop "Luzniki station" on the bus number m3, C12, 64, 216, 255, 806.

More information

Sports Palace "Luzhniki" successfully combines many actual units. In addition to its core tasks, it offers visitors and other popular services. Since the building is very large halls, there are often held different exhibitions and fairs. Sufficient space allows you to comfortably present all exhibits. Visitors can join the gym in the complex. There are classes for tennis and badminton. For children Registration for figure skating, tennis and hockey. In addition, the open pool small and sauna. The sports center has a press center for journalists.

Sports Palace

near the Sports Palace is a small complex. There are tennis courts. There is also a sauna and changing rooms for visitors. Many guests love to walk around the entire Olympic complex. There are a lot of beautiful places, so guests do commemorative photos. The stadium is the biggest attraction. He took the World Cup in 2018. Before that it was carried out renovation.