How to start losing weight? How to lose weight?

How to start losing weight? First of all decide to take in their hands the power over their own weight and then move to the target.

How to start losing weight? How to lose weight?

Where to start?

It is necessary to understand how to lose weight to get started in the first place. Naturally, the right weight loss means no harm. The best option is to gradually get rid of excess kilos. Not a secret that you can lose weight only when energy costs will exceed its revenues. Other options simply do not exist. Accordingly, prior to take his own hand and start to lose weight, should organize such excess. Reach it in two main ways:

  • The increase in physical activity.
  • Reducing the number of calories that enter the body with food.
How to start losing weight? How to lose weight?

Increased energy expenditure

One of the main causes of excess body fat is a sedentary lifestyle. Special exercises will help to accelerate the burning of excess fat stores.

How to start losing weight? Of course, with exercises. They are an essential part of the natural process of losing weight. Competent organization of training, compared to any other means, will gradually get rid of body fat. And most importantly, that the active movements are fun, increase vitality and improve health as a result.

How to start losing weight? How to lose weight?

Try as much as possible to make walking possible, give up the lift aid, buy a subscription to the swimming pool. All these measures will increase energy costs.

Reducing energy intake

Another answer to the question, where to start to lose weight - it is necessary to reduce the flow of energy coming from food, as too high-calorie foods lead to weight gain. In most cases, it's not the amount of food consumed, as various dishes from different calorie. If you want to get rid of the extra kilos - reduce the average daily calorie menu, try to eliminate high-calorie foods. Proper balanced nutrition will bring obvious benefits. Also of note is that the amount of food consumed should remain the same, changing only the total caloric content of dishes. There are a variety of options for conservation by reducing the amount of energy consumption.

How to start losing weight? How to lose weight?

It is advisable to periodically arrange fasting days. The slimming period they have the required purification effect.

To achieve the desired body weight will help sharing of approaches: increasing physical activity and reducing caloric intake. Low-fat diet to prevent the accumulation of new fat, and exercise increases the calories. You do not know how to lose weight, how to start - fight against excess weight naturally.

A sample diet

To achieve a reduction in body weight in the first place should be resolved caloric intake and the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as to create the most optimal supply multiplicity.

  • Breakfast - cheese, eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, cereal.
  • Lunch - dietary meat (beef or chicken), seafood, vegetables, beans, buckwheat, rice.
  • Dinner - vegetable salad, low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt.

from the diet is recommended to completely eliminate sweets, pastry, mayonnaise, sugar, salt, butter and sausages. Consumption of bread also should be limited.

How to start losing weight? How to lose weight?

mode and you want to change the quality of food in such a way as to best meet the definition of "balanced diet." It's not easy, but quite real.

Benefits of good nutrition

Food, taking into account all the individual needs of the body, has a number of positive aspects:

  • Limit the intake of fats and carbohydrates, but at the same time regulates the intake of minerals, vitamins and amino acids.
  • gives the body the nutrients needed for its normal functioning, as well as support its energy.
  • Eliminates nervousness, hunger and fatigue, maintains performance, vigor and a sense of satiety.
  • Makes the human body to use its own reserves, while maintaining lean body mass (bones, muscles, heart).

Nutrition Tips

How to start losing weight, or dietary advice:

  • Before the meal, drink a glass of water. This will help reduce the appetite and fullness of the stomach. And most importantly - your stomach will start to work before the arrival of food in it, respectively, the digestion process will go much faster.
  • In the evening, eat a few prunes and drink it with warm water. It is a natural laxative, promotes the normalization of the stomach by changing the diet.
  • In one meal, one portion should visually fit into the palm of your hand. The total volume of the palms of the day corresponds to the volume of the stomach.
  • Take a course of multivitamins, as the body does not feel that his limit.
  • From counting calories is simple: start to consume no more than 1500 kcal per day. If you feel comfortable and keep within these limits, gradually lower the bar to 1300 kcal. For these purposes, purchase of kitchen scales.
  • Try to drink more water, resulting in skin tighten, reduce cellulite and extra weight will inevitably begin to fade.
  • Once a week, allow yourself a little junk, a favorite delicacy. Needless to within reasonable limits. For example, a small portion of ice cream.
How to start losing weight? How to lose weight?


This is a rather complex and controversial issue that will be solved only by a qualified technician. In this case, the following types of drugs should be avoided:

  • overwhelming feeling of hunger. These funds will literally "take down" the brains and shatter the psyche.
  • Drugs that promise weight loss in just a few days. This dewatering and laxatives. They are, at best, you will not come out of the closet, and at worst - run the risk of losing teeth, nails and hair.

The correct choice would be drugs that act exclusively on the production of certain enzymes in the stomach. They fall into the stomach, and are in it to the point as you do not go to the toilet. These funds are derived from the body completely, leaving no trace of it.

When to start losing weight on the lunar calendar?

Flipping through the calendar, you can choose the most suitable days for weight loss, based on the position of the moon in the zodiac.

So, if you go on a diet when the Moon is in a water sign (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer), then endure to the end will be quite difficult, as these signs tell us fickle, emotion, desire for comfort and different moods.

Not the best would be to start a diet when the moon which is in fire signs (Sagittarius, Leo, Aries). Fire element does not love constancy, and after building a beautiful body requires perseverance and patience.

How to start losing weight? How to lose weight?

When to start losing weight on the lunar calendar? The most suitable moment in this case will stay at moon earth signs (Capricorn, Maiden, Taurus). And it is preferable to Capricorn, since this sign does not need frills. And most importantly - the result of diet, which was launched at the Moon in Capricorn, is reliable: the lost weight does not come back.

It is also an opportune time to start losing weight are the days of the passage of the Moon by the Air signs (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini). Air signs accelerate metabolism, make it easier to relate to the difficulties created by the mood light, turn their attention to the spiritual joy. The most favorable balance are familiar air. It is a sign of harmony, which is controlled by the planet strict forms - Saturn and beauty of the planet - Venus. They will form a harmonious body and hone figure.


If you are still undecided on what day to start losing weight or insufficiently resolute in their desire to get rid of the extra kilos, for you to take this decision to anyone is simply impossible.

If you do not have a rigid attitude and strong motivation, you will constantly make mistakes, which will not allow you to achieve quick results. Constant breakdowns not only hinder the weight loss process, but also set back for 48-72 hours. In other words, every tidbit increases the period of getting rid of the extra kilos for another 2-3 days.

To move the weight to decrease, it is necessary to deal with it in the complex should start with the normalization of metabolism. When the body is aware of an exaggeration fat mass, then he will start to burn it. Therefore, the question of how many you start to lose weight, it is impossible to answer accurately. If you follow all of the recommendations, the result will not take long.