"Bows" - a tattoo for girls

"Bows" - a tattoo, which is popular among girls. "Why?" - you ask. Of course, thanks to the grace and beauty. Of course, men do not decorate their bodies with such tattoos.

As a rule, such a pattern is done in bright colors. Typically, there are various application techniques. Very often, such an image was packed shoulder, hip, lower back, or upper arm.

Many girls are applied to your body like figure, in order to emphasize their individuality and elegance of the shape.

Even a small image of a bow has a certain meaning and, of course, raises the girl's self-esteem.

Why popular "Bows"?

With tattoo pattern is a symbol of the simplicity and the beauty. Besides bows people are always associated with something original and unusual. And that means that the girl who inflicted on the body of a figure, is fraught with something interesting.

"Bows" (tattoo): the value and description of the

If we talk about how important such a pattern, it is worth noting that there is no deep philosophical meaning is not here. But there is little emotional color. Girls who adorn their bodies "bows" (or more), they want to show their grace, tenderness, femininity and freshness of the image. Another meaning of this figure - a willingness to love and romantic adventures. It is also believed that "Bows" - a tattoo, which emphasizes the feminine tenderness and infantilism. A similar pattern will add to the overall image of a woman zest. This tattoo is still a symbol of latent sexuality and glamor.

Apply to the body, this figure should advise careful and conservative natures. Tattoo perfectly fit into any woman's image. Another advantage of "Bantikov" that any negative connotations they carry. Therefore, they can be safely placed on any part of his body.

While some believe that the "Bow" on the hip looks vulgar. Is it so? Here, everything now depends on the specific people, their views on life. But in reality, it is clear that the tattoo "Bow" on the thigh woman looking very sexy.


A similar pattern can be either very tiny or large. Many girls prefer to make a tattoo on his neck (under the line of growth curls), on the wrist, ankle, or stomach.

Figures bows, which was packed to the body, can be festive and flowery. Sometimes these tattoos made with strips of memory and grief. It is clear that this pattern has quite a different meaning. He is the symbol of the memory of the dead person.

In recent years, very popular as a tattoo in the form of a ring, and "Bow" - ideal for decorating elegant handle women. Sometimes, if desired, some girls do paired tattoos, filling in both arms or legs lovely drawings with ribbons or flowers.

A small conclusion,

Now you know what is a tattoo "Bow". Photos of interesting sketches for clarity presented in the article. Before you make yourself like a tattoo, you need to think carefully about the sketch to pattern fulfills your wishes.