Fashionable women's costumes - from sports to business

Nothing really new for the season autumn-winter designers do not offer. As for pants and suits with skirts will be present in our wardrobe. Presents all fashionable women's suits: office, casual and dressed for the festive gala days.

Fashionable women's costumes - from sports to business


Single-breasted suits of the male type have straight silhouette and long, narrow trousers. Jackets such suits must be elongated and have a deep cut in a "V" letter. Particularly bold girl as an evening option can wear the jacket directly to the skin. Those who prefer skirts, are not in the shade. Fashionable women's costumes - it's fitted jacket and straight skirt or a pencil skirt. But with the possible short jacket and long skirt.

Fashionable women's costumes - from sports to business


Juicy shades of deep red, yellow, blue, green, and less catchy, classic pastel will coexist with vertical stripes, "crow's feet", cell, floral prints. For office suits are welcome not only pastels, but also the whole range of gray, from the lightest to the deepest shades. All women's fashion suits accentuate chosen for their color.

For corpulent women

These costumes have never sewn in tight, sit freely, but not baggy. Fabric with a small figure allows you to divert attention from the shortcomings of the figure, and the lady feels elegant. Fashionable women's suits at full figure can be romantic, and for walks and, of course, to work in the office.

The stylish tracksuits for women

Qualitatively beautiful tracksuit, you can feel is appropriate not only in the gym, but walking and even hiking in the hypermarket. It pleases everyone who loves a healthy lifestyle. Color schemes, styles and materials diversify to infinity tracksuits. Women's fashion options are made up of several components:

  • seasonality;
  • for use at home;
  • presence of decoration.

Season greatly affects when used tracksuits. Women's fashion winter costumes are particularly popular with prints and rich, saturated colors. Such an insulated suit will allow for a long time to be in the air and feel comfortable in it. In the summer of relevant light white fabric, free flowing of air.

Fashionable women's costumes - from sports to business

Velor - a modern trend. It is good and in the gym and at home. The fabric may be applied and embroideries, and prints. These outfits are well supplemented with a stylish handbag and scarf.

Elegant suits add blotches rhinestones. Sparkling Costume great pleasure of its owner and will cause the surrounding sighs: "Oh, how lovely!".

How to choose a suit with a skirt

What are the basic things in a woman's wardrobe? Fashionable women's business suits. What are their requirements? They sit well, prestigious, but between their quality and price are not necessarily equality sign.

Fashionable women's costumes - from sports to business
  • An elegant jacket and skirt - dress for the office. From knitwear better abandoned as insufficiently formal. The best models are made of a thin or thick coat, so they keep their shape. These models are suitable for winter and spring and autumn, the off-season. For summer selected silk mixed with flax or cotton. In a stuffy and hot room will be very convenient.
  • The length of the skirt is desirable to strictly covering the kneecap. If the long skirt is chosen, it is necessary to see to it that she did not make her possessor larger.
  • The length of the jacket is chosen depending on the complexion of the girl. Single-breasted and elongated - it is for high and slender. Petite girls better choose a costume in Chanel style. A corpulent ladies can choose a free, classic model, with or without doors.

Finally, in fashion - layering.

Trouser suit

World's catwalks along with the extravagance of getting closer to the casual. Designers actively addicted to search length. Pants suits lengthened by 5-10 cm. The combination of "+ pants + vest jacket" will never descend from the catwalks.

Fashionable women's costumes - from sports to business

Pants in classic suits will never have a low waist - only the high seating position. And necessarily narrowed down, cover up the high heel to the middle. High heels just obligatory for the business woman.

Fashionable women's pantsuits have strict graceful lines. Primary colors - black, blue, red and all shades of gray and brown.

Fashionable women's costumes - from sports to business

And, of course, out of fashion never goes out discreet narrow vertical strip. Plain blouse will could not be more suitable for such a suit. Details in striped suit may possess it in different directions. The cut at the same time to be the most conservative.

If the suit is used as outerwear, then apply thick wool, woolen cloth, tweed. It is suitable for early fall and coming spring. Such a suit is well put together with the wide-brimmed hat.

Suit, pick the right fully express preferences and style holders.