Alexander Shlemenko: biography, personal life, achievements, photos

Mixed martial arts came to Russia from overseas. Nevertheless, in our days in overseas promotions leading position very often do just the fighters from Russia. One such well-known athletes is Alexander Shlemenko - former heavyweight champion the world's second largest company, the founder's own sports club and an ardent supporter of a healthy lifestyle. This was an interesting man, we set out the material.

Alexander Shlemenko: biography, personal life, achievements, photos


Future edinoborets was born on May 20, 1984 in the Siberian city of Omsk. From 1991 to 2001 he studied at the secondary school N 99. From the age of six, Sasha began to actively engage in sports. Its first section was the wushu hall. And in 7 years the boy moved in kickboxing, where just a year was able to achieve a certain result: in the city championship won second place. In parallel with this sport Shlemenko found time for cross-country skiing, the Greco-Roman wrestling and judo.

The Junior achieve

At age 15, Alexander Shlemenko goes into Thai boxing section based Youth N 30 of the city of Omsk. Somewhat later, here the young man began to train under the rules of the army of martial arts under the guidance of coaches and Ivannikova Chigoryaeva. In this duel, Sasha was able to become a master of sports of international class. He won three times in the open cup of the Armed Forces and one day at the Memorial tournament named after General Margelov.

Alexander Shlemenko: biography, personal life, achievements, photos

Go pro

Having an amateur significant results, Alexander Shlemenko decides to go pro. His choice is largely influenced by the example of Fedor Emelianenko, who with his bright performances could prove the viability of Russian MMA fighters in the world. The first club was the native of Omsk "Saturn - Pros". After the death of the head coach of the institution Vladimir Zborowski Sasha goes under the care of one of the pioneers of mixed fights in the Russian Caucasus Sultanmagomedov. Somewhat later he became a member of Shlemenko RusFigters team, where he becomes manager Alex Zhernakov.

For the first time as a pro Sasha struggled in the beginning of 2004 at home under the Russian Cup in pankration. In the early evening, he defeated two opponents. A month Shlemenko already reached the final of the Asian Cup, where Beslan Isaev lost only by submission at hand. In June of the same year he became the champion of the country Omich pankration in the category up to 85 kg, and six months later won the Cup of Russia, during the tournament, taking revenge on her abuser Venus Galiev.

In total, during the first year of his professional career, Alexander has spent 14 fights.

Alexander Shlemenko: biography, personal life, achievements, photos

Continued career

In 2005, Alexander became an active member of many international tournaments. A series of victories was diluted with the humiliating defeat of the Brazilian in the framework of overseas promotion. Losing was closed triumph at the World Championship in pankration in Astana, where in the final Shlemenko took revenge Beslan Isaev.

In 2010, the Russians signed a contract with Bellator. Already in his first fight in America, he defeated Matt Major's, and in the following fight was knocked out by Jared Hess. In the final Grand Prix Shlemenko struck 15 unanswered punches on Brian Baker, causing the referee to stop the fight, and Alexander received $ 100 000 in prize money, which he later bought an apartment at home.

In the autumn of 2010, thanks to the victory in the Grand Prix, the Russians got the right to fight for the title with the then current champ Hector Lombard organization. The bout went the distance, but Shlemenko is not successful, and he lost the Cuban judges' decision. In spring 2011, an athlete wins by knockout at the next tournament, which took place in Finland. This was followed by success in the fight with Brett Cooper under the Bellator. In the summer, Sasha also clearly struggling at the festival of martial arts "Russia against Brazil." Shlemenko was able to achieve a TKO in their favor in a duel with Marcus Santana.

Grand Prix Season 5 ( "Bellator", quarter-finals) brought the Russians with an expert in Taekwondo Zelgom Galeshevichem. Many experts expect from opposition fighters in the rack, but Shlemenko surprised after spending strangulation "guillotine". In the semifinals, Alexander made friends with Bret Rogers. The first round of the match was entirely under American dictation, but for the second five-minute Shlemenko was able to stabilize the situation and eventually zabombit blows opponent. In the final, Alexander fought with the Brazilian Vitor Viannom and beat him on points.

In February 2013, Alexander received the right to contest the vacant belt "Bellator". His opponent was Michael Falcao. And if the first round was more or less equal, the second segment of the match Shlemenko brutally knocked out Brazilian and thus became the champion of the American promotion.

Alexander Shlemenko: biography, personal life, achievements, photos

The battle with descriptions

In May 2014 Shlemenko converged in the Octagon with this titanium MMA Tito Ortiz. The bout took place in light heavyweight. Sasha decided to try his hand at a new division for themselves. Experts preferred the Russian citizen before the battle, but in the end the victory was celebrated American. Alexander initially relied on striking techniques, and tried to keep the opponent at a distance. However, Tito managed to squeeze Shlemenko to the grid, to the ground and tighten the choke hold, which resulted in the Russian lost consciousness.

Alexander Shlemenko: biography, personal life, achievements, photos


In February 2015, Alexander "Storm" Shlemenko "put out the light" in the eyes of Melvin Manhoef. However, some time after this fight, a banned substance, and he received a three-year disqualification was found in the doping sample Russians.

Eventually Sasha returned to you Russia, where he began to perform in the M-1 promotion. His first opponent was Vyacheslav Vasilevsky, who Shlemenko won on points. This was followed by a series of victories, which at the moment is over. Alexander Shlemenko last fight was with Anatoly currents and Sasha lost its judges' decision.

Relationship Status

Russian fighter married since 2012. His wife name is Alena. The couple has two daughters and one son. By the way, Alex is a staunch supporter of a healthy lifestyle and self-funds opened several sports grounds in Omsk. Shlemenko Alexander, whose last fight held in Russia, has repeatedly stated the need for a prohibition in the country.