Polina Gagarina diet for a week

Just two months it took the well-known singer Polina Gagarina to radically change their appearance - she was very thin and dyed hair. And absolutely no secret of the secrets of their stunning result. Polina Gagarina how thin? Diet is, or maybe the magic? Of course, miracles do not happen, and the extra weight he just will not go away, it's all happened thanks to the hard work of women. Since she was able to get rid of the hated kilograms and centimeters? Let's look at what the diet was sitting Polina Gagarina.

Polina Gagarina diet for a week

What weight was Pauline?

The singer could not boast a wasp waist in early childhood. Her peers were much slimmer her, Pauline were always chubby cheeks and rounded shapes. It's not frustrating for a Woman, weight held steady at number 56, and with the growth of 164 cm all looked very good.

But after the birth of her son, as is often the case with women, her weight began to grow rapidly, and now has reached the level of 86 kg, ie the increase was exactly 30 kg. Here we have the singer could not put up with this state of affairs and decided to take himself in hand. Since thin Polina Gagarina? Diet is quite simple, but very effective as you might have and see for yourself the photos of the singer.

Polina Gagarina diet for a week


The main thing that Pauline says, that's the goal, unwavering willpower and strength of character. No need to feel sorry for themselves, but persistence and work are able to assist you in this difficult struggle with excess weight. Polina Gagarina diet is based on the following criteria:

  • to sleep only to be free on the stomach. Forget about eating after six or seven in the evening, it is now simply does not exist for you.
  • are required to observe a fractional power, follow the right combination of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
  • hot - a categorical no, gentle processing of products - Cooking and steam cooking.
  • On the flour, sweet, fat should impose strict taboo, at least until the full stabilization of weight.
  • Exercise should be regular. If you for some reason can not afford a gym, buy a rope and 20 minutes each day engaged in a vigorous music or your favorite TV series.

What products are included in the singer's diet?

Pauline tried many different diets, and now can confidently say that the time limits are not able to bring the desired results. As soon as the person will return to his normal diet, hateful kilos back, taking with him a couple of "friends". Therefore, a diet rich in Polina Gagarina only such products that benefit the body.

The singer's menu includes fresh fruits and vegetables. Paulina prefers foods saturated, bright colors, because they contain a substance that can slow aging - phytonutrients. As well as fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber, - the products derive all the harmful substances from the body.

All that becomes a singer for human consumption, high quality, free of harmful substances such as pesticides and nitrates.

Polina Gagarina diet for a week

As the star prepares dishes?

Polina Gagarina diet involves cooking only for a couple or a method such as cooking. Through this keeps useful properties of the products. The singer has decided to exclude from your diet all fried foods. Two reasons - it is too fat, and further fried food may comprise a plurality of hazardous substances to the body, including free radicals, various toxins, carcinogens. In addition, food cooked in this way, does not keep himself in any useful properties.

Various broths, soups occupy first place in the singer's menu because the dishes dull long enough hunger, saturating the body. As such food process stabilizes the intestine and nutrients from the warm liquid food are digested much faster.

Polina Gagarina diet for a week

Diet Polina Gagarina, the menu for the week

Singer has developed its own diet. Its menu includes three main reception and a small snack. Polina Gagarina diet differs little from the recommendations of experts. estimated the singer's menu should be considered.

Here, given the approximate daily ration newfangled diet technique called "Diet Polina Gagarina." Menu for the week is not much different from the daily diet, but it can vary, using different types of meat, poultry, fish, a variety of fruits and vegetables, changing the way of preparation.


  • Oatmeal on the water with the addition of fruits, berries, nuts.
  • Any fresh vegetables without adding salt and butter.
  • Fresh, smoothies, or any other drink from skim dairy products, freshly squeezed juice, vegetables and fruits. The singer loves tomato juice.


  • The fish, meat or poultry, steamed.
  • Any steamed vegetables with herbs, you can make mixed meals.
  • Apple.


  • Fresh fruit in unlimited quantities, be careful with grapes and bananas. The very same Paulina gives preference to apples, they eat it quite a lot.
  • The juice from fresh fruit, berry herbal decoction or tea.


  • Boiled chicken, turkey.
  • Salad with fresh vegetables and herbs.
  • A glass or two of yogurt.

The singer did not knowingly completes his day such a product as yogurt. It not only promotes weight loss, but also soothes and relaxes. Such a diet is able to comply with any girl, it is quite satisfying and does not require any special effort.

Polina Gagarina diet for a week

What results achieved Pauline?

The power supply system formed by Pauline, was very effective. Just two months she lost 30 kg, and even after 2 broke even with 10 kg. Today the singer with an increase in 164 cm weighs 47 kg. It looks at the same time healthy and incredibly beautiful.

As today is powered singer?

Now Pauline no longer can afford some liberties in comparison with the period of intensive weight loss. She still does not lean on fried foods and baked goods, but it can eat a little sweet and starchy foods up to 12 hours of the day.

Dining at it and now chetyrehrazovoe evening singer tries not to eat anything. Of course, this diet is pretty strict, but by achieving results, you can slightly move away from the most severe rules. The golden rule of Pauline, which was fixed in the singer's life: it is better to eat less than more.

Polina Gagarina diet for a week

Polina Gagarina: diet. Reviews of the procedure

Today, the star weight loss methods is pretty much the main difference between the diet of Pauline that the specialists it does not cause any doubts. Nutritionists believe that such a regime can help many suffering from overweight.

Diet singer versatile and balanced, there is no hunger, come almost all the necessary body minerals. Diet can accompany the intake of vitamin complexes. This is a great way to restore the figure after childbirth.

Note, however, this method is contraindicated for breastfeeding women, since it is not able to give the growing baby all the necessary nutrients in the right quantities for normal development. The very same Paulina transferred his son to the mixture already within months of age. Therefore unable to fully follow the diet developed.

But the diet may not be as effective if the weight of the discharge must be under strict supervision of specialists - refers complicated cases of obesity, a serious disease of the internal organs.