Espadrilles for men: what to wear and how to look?

Recently, among the men and women's shoes have become very popular soft rag slippers wedges. Espadrilles for men - what is it? This you will learn from the presented articles. You can also find features such shoes as men's espadrilles. From what to wear them, and how to properly care for this article of clothing? All of this will be described below.

Espadrilles for men: what to wear and how to look?

Espadrilles men: general description of the

This shoe is made of high quality fabric. In this case, the product material can be different. Very popular denim espadrilles for men. They are suitable to almost any outfit.

Espadrilles - the so-called slipper. Outwardly, they are very similar to sneakers. Also, there is a slight similarity with moccasins. Outsole rubberized footwear. Also it can be made of natural materials or nubuck leather.

Espadrilles for men: what to wear and how to look?

The upper part of the shoe has a small promontory that looks toward the feet. Since it is connected to the side parts by means of an elastic material. Often it uses gum.

From what to wear shoes?

Where can wear espadrilles for men? This shoe is quite versatile. Much depends on the design of the product. Most men prefer to wear espadrilles with everyday wardrobe. Often this is jeans and T-shirts.

Shoes also can be shod with shorts in warm weather. For many people, the question arises: Is it possible to wear espadrilles for men (photo shows you the shoe) with socks? In fact, everything is very individual. It is perfectly possible to wear shoes with high socks, if you are on top of jeans or trousers. When it comes to shorts, the hosiery is to choose the minimum height. It is also not prohibited completely abandon them, however, and overall style should be appropriate.

How to care for shoes?

Espadrilles for men, as you know, made of fabric. That is why you should not shoe them in rainy and cold weather. They can not be washed in an automatic car. For maintenance, use a soft, clean brush with a long nap. Scraped from tissue culture tissue shoe its dust and dirt. If necessary, wipe the soles of her hem and a damp cloth.

Espadrilles for men: what to wear and how to look?

If the shoe is strongly soiled, it must be washed. Men need to be cleaned espadrilles under warm water with mild detergent. Thoroughly rinse the soap solution. Otherwise, shoes covered with stains after drying. Dry it must be in the sun or fresh air. Place crumpled newspaper inside a few. This will reduce the drying time.

it is not necessary to put on espadrilles no preparations before going out. The exception are only those products that are made of natural materials. So, espadrilles made of leather and suede need to sprinkle a special water-repellent spray.

Instead of a conclusion

You now know what a man's espadrilles. Shoes cost is directly dependent on the material from which it is made. This product is very popular this season. Designers are creating new ideas for the design of comfortable slippers. Wear espadrilles with pleasure and be beautiful!