Green cocktail: a recipe. Fat burning cocktail: reviews

Probably everyone knows that herbs contain many vitamins and are very useful for the human body. Beneath it is meant not so much green vegetables as diverse herb salad, dill, parsley, celery, nettles. In general, all that can be consumed as food. Most of it is used for decoration of dishes, but there was a simple and uncomplicated idea - to make a cocktail of greens. This greatly simplifies the task: Now instead of violently shoving a leaf, you can cook them a delicious green smoothie. the recipe does not require any special skills, and to prepare a drink under the force of each owner.

The good green smoothies

Feedback from those who entered into your diet cocktail of greens, is always positive. The drink is very rich, so less harmful products used in food. As indicated above, cocktails can afford to use a large amount of green in the raw state, without spices and oil. But good drinks have a pleasant taste, you can drink instead of snacking throughout the day.

Green cocktail: a recipe. Fat burning cocktail: reviews

Green cocktail recipe is very simple, does not require much time for preparation and subsequent cleaning. All ingredients can be found in any store at a low price.

Among other things, cocktails can help in the fight against excess weight and improve some health problems. And thousands of combinations of ingredients to help even the most demanding gourmets find a drink to your taste. The advantage in the fact that their use generates the right habits. People who are addicted to raw food diet or watching their figure and health, have long appreciated the green smoothies. Feedback from those who drank them regularly, they say that if you wanted a snack before chocolate or fast food, now - to eat an apple, pear, orange or other fruit.

What can be used for the preparation of

Composition green cocktails can be completely arbitrary. In addition to green added fruit, citrus fruits, broccoli, vegetables, all kinds of cabbage and any berries. You can also add the dandelion leaves, all kinds of currants, strawberries, strawberry. Yes, any grass or leaves that are edible or used for making teas.

Green cocktail: a recipe. Fat burning cocktail: reviews

Of course, fruits and vegetables are better to take a fresh and make sure that they were not rot, hit, dents and other defects.

Foliage, which has a specific and harsh flavor, cilantro or celery e.g., in cocktails used in small quantities and on the fan.

As a basis we can take water, juice, dairy products. Only fresh juice is better to take, rather than purchase.

How to make a green smoothie

The recipe is simple any cocktail. Need to mix any fruit or vegetables and any edible greens, then chop everything in a blender until smooth and pour into glasses. Number of fruit and vegetables is chosen depending on your taste. The only rule - green should be a little more. The composition may start from two ingredients to infinity, as fancy enough.

Water may be added if it would be desirable to achieve a more fluid consistency. Or if the fruit juice is enough, the cocktail can not be diluted. You get something like a pudding, which can be eaten with a spoon. Or you can add yogurt instead of water. It turns out very tasty.

If you have a sweet tooth, then the mixture can be put a little honey or dates. But in any case, no sugar! The benefits of green cocktail with sugar is very doubtful. Also, do not add to the cocktail nuts, oils and seeds. And do not mix in the same cocktail of fruits and vegetables will taste strange.

Cocktails slimming

Consuming large amounts of green, the body is cleared of slag enriched with oxygen, normal metabolism.

Green smoothie for weight loss, as noted in a review, - a good remedy to get rid of excess weight. Fiber, which is found in abundance in the leaves, has the useful property of swelling in the stomach. Therefore, the feeling of fullness lasts much longer. Plus low-calorie cocktails.

Green cocktail: a recipe. Fat burning cocktail: reviews

Drinking green smoothie diet in the morning every day for a week, you can get rid of three extra kilos. The main thing with this - do not abuse the harmful products during the day.

Shakes for weight loss is best to prepare a mineral water or green tea. But fruits and berries, which contain a lot of sugar, should not be abused.

Also for cocktails it is better not to use store bought juices. No benefit from them, real fruit in them you will not find, no matter what the manufacturer promises or beautiful inscription on the box. If you want to still add the juice in the drink, it is better to do it yourself.

Cocktail for weight loss should not use canned fruit. They contain a lot of sugar. If you can not buy fresh (ie, not the season), in the extreme case, you can buy frozen.

How to make a green smoothie for weight loss

A few tips that you need to read before you start to cook wonder drug:

  • If the beverage is added to water, it is better to use ice. In this form it acts more effectively on the body.
  • It is not necessary to prepare for the future. Drinking is best immediately after cooking.
  • For cocktails, choose dairy products with low fat or fat-free.
  • fat burning does not drink cocktails in addition to a snack, and instead of it. It is not necessary to combine the meal and it is a treat.
  • Before or after a cocktail consumption is also not recommended to eat.
  • fat burning green smoothie is not a panacea for the extra kilos.


As the additive can be put various spices. Even if they are not specified in the recipe, you still will not be superfluous.

Cinnamon helps convert glucose into energy. Thus, it is not stored as body fat.

Pepper and cardamom activate metabolism more active and burn calories faster. The review notes that these spices are ideal for vegetable cocktail.

Ginger speeds up metabolism, improves immunity, helps cleanse the body of toxins and promotes the breakdown of fat.

Cocktail diet with lemon, kiwi and green

Green cocktail: a recipe. Fat burning cocktail: reviews

The most popular of fat burning green smoothies. Not necessarily strictly follow the recipe, you can change the number of ingredients to your taste, and knowing the caloric content of a product, to develop their own recipe.


  • Kiwi - 1 piece.
  • Two slices of lemon.
  • Parsley, about 8-9 sprigs, without stalks.
  • Mint - 7 leaflets.
  • Ice water - 100 ml.

Preparation: Kiwi clean the skin, can be cut into cubes for convenience. Lemon is also cut (by the way, do not need to clean it), pull the leaves of mint and parsley. Pour the water and put the ingredients in a blender. All mix until smooth.

Banana cocktail

The number of products can, of course, change, and the more you put a banana, the drink will be sweeter. But do not forget that calories will be more.

Green cocktail: a recipe. Fat burning cocktail: reviews


  • One banana.
  • Two apples.
  • A few leaves of sorrel (can substitute lemon).
  • A few leaves of lettuce and Chinese cabbage.
  • Water - 200 ml.

All products clean from skin, cut and put together with water in a blender. Mix until smooth. Cocktail ready.

If you want a sweet taste, it is possible to eliminate the sorrel (or lemon). It lends sourness, without a cocktail will be more sweet.

Vegetable green cocktail

The recipe is simple, both in terms of preparation, and in terms of products. Green cocktail of vegetables is perfect for those who just started their acquaintance with this kind of beverage.

Green cocktail: a recipe. Fat burning cocktail: reviews


  • One cucumber.
  • One tomato.
  • A few sprigs of dill.
  • One clove of garlic.
  • Cold water - 100 ml.

Preparation: all ingredients are thoroughly wash and peel. Further, for the convenience of grinding products cut into several pieces. Put everything in a blender and add water. Crush. You can add salt, but it is better not to do so.

Green cocktail with pear


  • Two pears.
  • A few mint leaves.
  • A few lettuce leaves.
  • Water - 200 ml.

Preparation: all ingredients are thoroughly wash, clean the bulb from the skins and pips. Cut into pieces and put into a blender along with fresh herbs, add water.

Cocktail with carrot and orange

At the exit cocktail it turns out not quite green, but that does not negate its benefits.

Green cocktail: a recipe. Fat burning cocktail: reviews


  • One orange.
  • Two carrots (if large fruit, it is possible to take one).
  • Ginger root.
  • A few lettuce leaves.
  • Water - 200 ml.

Preparation: clean the orange peel and divide into segments. Carrots Wash and cut into several pieces. Ginger root also wash and cut. Put all ingredients in a blender and mix thoroughly.