How to name the team? How can you call a football team?

Creating a football club definitely need to learn the ropes in such a matter as to name the team. Football, and any-any sports club - it is akin to man. As is known, the name carries a certain mark on his life. And the name of the team affects the fate of the club, its ups and downs on the sports hierarchy.

How can you call command: the basic principles of

In theory, there are several basic principles of the names of sports clubs:

  • based on the city;
  • the title sponsor;
  • Geographical Names of rivers, regions and so on. Etc .;
  • by industry employee (for amateur clubs) or industry sponsor activity (for professional clubs);
  • principle of sonority and brightness-word titles;
  • regional and branch principle.
How to name the team? How can you call a football team?

What do you call a team to participate in amateur competition?

In any country, amateur clubs far more than professional. Let us remember the Soviet times, when the football played in almost every yard! At the time, major clubs in small towns may have a maximum of one or two, but in the big - not much more.

Call the team that initially does not expect a lot of popularity, much easier. It can be a word or symbol, which like most of the players of the club.

How to name the team? How can you call a football team?

What do you call a football team from the village? In principle, there is also not difficult to take a decision. Firstly, it can be the name of an agricultural enterprise located in this village. And by and large rural team name does not matter, because all football fans still gather to watch the game, which brings together their relatives and friends.

Let's look at the map!

You think what to call the team? If there is the creation of long-term project, the name should be selected carefully. Many clubs be called after the city their home. Let's go to European countries, to understand the importance of the principle of naming a sports club. Looking at the Italian series "A", we find such names as the "Milan", "Verona", "Roma", "Torino". In England a few years the leading roles there is a club, "Manchester City". The most popular club in the world in the number of fans on all continents - the Spanish "Barcelona". Of the French clubs just remember the "Marseilles" and "Montpelier", "Lance" and "Nantes". In Germany, as many of these clubs (such as "Cologne", "Munich 1860"). In Ukraine, between the Premier League and the First League is constantly moving PFC "Alexandria". If you look at the list of participants in different leagues of the Russian championship, it is also possible to meet a lot of clubs titles on home town - "Rostov" Nizhny Novgorod "," Krasnodar "," Khimki "The creators of the new club, of course, know whether there is in their city. a team with a name identical to the name of the village. If not, the name can be taken safely!

How to name the team? How can you call a football team?

The sponsor determines the club's name

The leadership of some of the clubs in the registration of the legal entity is not worth the trouble to call sports team, because the name must match the name of the sponsor. The Russian and Ukrainian championships can dig out a few striking examples. a car factory "KAMAZ" is located in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, where the club is based, played in his time in the premier league of the Russian championship - "KAMAZ". In Ukraine, there was a team "UkrAgroCom" for about 10 years. She has gone from Kirovograd region before the first league championship of Ukraine. It was based in the village of Priyutovka Alexandria area, and was a major sponsor of the agricultural enterprise "UkrAgroCom".

sonority principle in the command

You do not know what to call the team and come up with the motto of the football club? In choosing the name of the club you can use big words, characters that have a serious meaning. In this aspect worth examining of the most common name of the country clubs. For example, in Russia there are six teams "Dynamo" and three "Zenith". Accordingly, the appearance of another band with the same name really no one would notice. We need to think how to name the team. You can take note of words such as "Star", "Victory", "Leader", "Granite" ... No wonder they say: "How to ship call, so it will float." Sonorous name creates around the team winner of the aura. By the way, does anybody know the name of the oldest football club in Ukraine? That's right, "Star" (Kirovograd). Of course, initially there were other names, but it is the team with the same name well known at the federal level. This suggests that they knew in Kirovograd to call the football team.

How to name the team? How can you call a football team?

Professional principle

How can you call the command, if all previous versions are not suitable? Clubs often funded enterprises and effectively represent them in the competition. In such cases, the logical names of professions and industries. For example, steel mills are groups called "Metallurg" or "Steel". Such clubs enough in Russia and in Ukraine (in Lipetsk, Vyksa, Novokuznetsk, Zaporozhye). Coal mining industry reprezentuet "Shakhtar" (Donetsk) and "Schalke 04" (Gelsenkirchen). It was enough for a lot of teams with the title "Chemist". These clubs were the chemical or pharmaceutical industry. Undoubtedly, there are still clubs that, at least in Soviet times acted on behalf of the sports associations (eg, the "Dynamo").

How to name the team? How can you call a football team?

The names of regions and rivers - also good options

Analyzing the names of many clubs, you will notice that often bear the names of the clubs hydronyms (ie rivers that flow through the city). In Russia, three teams are called "Volga". It teams from Nizhny Novgorod, Tver and Ulyanovsk. Also let's not forget about the "Dnepr" (Dnepropetrovsk, Smolensk), "Irtysh" (Omsk), "Terek" (Grozny), "Vorskla" (Poltava), "Kuban" (Krasnodar), "Yenisei" (Krasnoyarsk).

How to name the team? How can you call a football team?

In many countries there are clubs, referred to as the historical name of the region. In Russia, there was a team of "Karelia" (Petrozavodsk). In addition, remember the "Ural", "Mordovia", "Yakutia", "Sakhalin", "Siberia", "Bucovina" (Chernivtsi, Ukraine), "Polesie" (Zhytomyr, Ukraine).

The motto of the football club

We discussed how to call the command. And the football team motto also stands to come up. Depending on the home club and the name of the region, he can carry a different meaning. But this slogan, in any case, it is important to display the patriotic attitude of the club, its importance for the region, for the city, for the fans. In any slogan must feel the desire to win in every game over any opponent.

In the world there are many football clubs, a lot of names. Creating a new club, it is important to consider how you can call a command that it has won the hearts of local football fans. Only then will the home matches will be held for at least partially filled the stands at the stadium.