Holy Land: reviews. Israeli cosmetics

Scientists around the world will not cease to discover the healing properties of various plants. It was natural ingredients today is especially appreciated in the manufacture of cosmetics. Recognized as a leader for a long time is Israel, because beauty-products with a high content of salt, algae and mud from the Dead Sea even work miracles.

We will tell you about the most popular means of famous brand Holy Land. Reviews real buyers and advice on the application, read our review.

A bit of history

It is hardly an unknown pharmacist and beauticians Zvi Dekel could have imagined that after thirty years of his modest laboratory will become a leader in the global beauty industry. History Holy Land began in 1984 - when the fair sex for the first time tried the products for high-grade skin care products.

Holy Land: reviews. Israeli cosmetics

Today, the quality of Israeli brands have heard almost all the girls and women. Cosmetics Holy Land - is more than 200 different products, which are able to give health and youthfulness of your skin. The main secret of brand products - natural composition without chemical ingredients and preservatives.

Luxury Collection

Employees cosmetic laboratories are working continuously on new formulas, therefore a collection Holy Land (Israel) is constantly updated. At the moment are more than ten series, designed to solve different problems.

  • Alpha-Beta with Retinol - drugs for noninvasive skin renewal, suitable for any type. Retinol bleaches, improves skin texture and stimulates the natural process of cell renewal.
  • Bio Repair - a special series to repair damaged and mature skin.
  • C the success - products with high content of vitamin C.
  • Double action - caring for seborrheic and oily skin.
  • Age control - products enriched with phytoestrogens for aging skin. The active components stimulate the synthesis of elastin and collagen, regulate the level of hydration.
  • A-NOX - for problematic skin. Effective treatment of acne and acne. Agents have anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect, significantly reduce the pores.
  • Renew formula - line for normal to dry skin with the content of lipoic acid.
  • Professional peels - line peels.
  • Sunbrella - sun series.

BIO Repair Day Care

Delicate cream of the series BIO Repair has a light texture. The manufacturer promises hydration of the skin, narrowing dilated capillaries and color alignment. Like many cream Holy Land, this product protects against aggressive environmental factors and ultraviolet light.

Holy Land: reviews. Israeli cosmetics


  • REPAIR COMPLEX - extracts and essential oils. Reinforce vessel walls, regulate the process of sweating, narrow pores and reduced tissue and epidermal cells.
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen - restores firmness and elasticity of the skin, smoothes fine wrinkles and reduces large, it accelerates regeneration.
  • Vitamin E - smoothes the skin, gives elasticity and firmness.
  • bifidofermentov lysate - increases the immunity of the skin.
  • Elastin - improves the structure, moisturizes and softens the skin.
  • Guazulen - anti-inflammatory, regenerating, anti-allergy and soothing agent.

The ideal make-up foundation is precisely this cream Holy Land. Reviews say the instantaneous absorption (non-stickiness and sensation "film") and excellent wetting. Small matting effect and unobtrusive flavor of this tool came to taste many of the fair sex. The manufacturer recommends a cream for sensitive skin, rosacea and post-traumatic procedures.

Double Action Mask

Oily skin type, as a rule, gives a lot of inconvenience. This is due primarily to the fact that the surface is a magnet dust, bacteria and other harmful substances. Most often clogged pores, and the entire contents continues to "live" inside. The result is an unhealthy gray complexion and a host of other problems.

Holy Land: reviews. Israeli cosmetics

The only way out - it's cleansing, but usual washing is not enough. Good effect gives chemical peels, but it is often impossible to carry out this procedure. Then come to the aid of Holy Land cosmetics. Face mask of a series of Double Action has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. When used regularly occurs:

  • deep cleansing, absorption of excess sebum;
  • reduction of pores;
  • drying inflammations;
  • the accelerated healing of injuries.

Active components:

  • kaolin or white clay. It absorbs dirt, pores, exfoliates and reduces irritation.
  • The colloidal sulfur. Cleans pores, dries inflammation and regulates the sebaceous glands.
  • Chamomile extract. It accelerates wound healing, stimulating cell regeneration, softens and reduces inflammation.
  • Allantoin. It stops bacterial growth, has a slight anesthetic effect and combats peeling.
  • Calamine. The substance of mineral origin, soothes the skin and tightens pores.

Girls and women who tried the mask Double Action, note the cleaning and removal of greasy. After application, a slight feeling of tightness, so do not forget about a good moisturizer.

Another piece of advice concerns aggravation of acne the first time the use of funds. It seems that the mask is only worsens the skin condition, but it is precisely the proof of the effectiveness.

Face Lotion

Holy Land lotion Series Double Action is able to solve many problems of the skin. Tool removes redness and dries, cleanses and tones. The only drawback, which is mentioned women customers - is a specific flavor, reminiscent of a mixture of cloves and eucalyptus.

Holy Land: reviews. Israeli cosmetics

The Israeli cosmetics, as a rule, can boast of a really good staff. Among the ingredients Face Lotion Double Action can be seen alcohol - he provides a drying effect, so using the lotion to be careful.

The strength of the C vitamin

Unique C the Success line is designed for the prevention of aging. Vitamin C in high concentrations tones the skin, helps to maintain the beauty and health. Despite the high price, the Israeli cosmetics really work. Most reviews about this mark is written on C the Success cream. As part of the complex of active ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic acid - most important structural elements of the skin. It regulates the water-lipid balance and forms a protective film.
  • Ascorbic acid - reduces the amount of melanin and prevents fading and aging of the skin.
  • chamomile extracts and borage - eliminates dryness and peeling, stimulate cell regeneration.
  • Ceramide - prevent the evaporation of moisture, prevent sagging skin.
  • Carrot oil - a source of vitamins and oleic acid. Indispensable in the care of damaged skin, smooths wrinkles and gives elasticity and smoothness.
  • extract of maritime pine bark - strengthens blood vessels, improves circulation and accelerates the production of collagen.

At constant application of this product increases the tone, bleached spots, the skin is smoothed and gets the necessary nutrition. Shoppers say that the cream is especially manifests itself in the winter season. Rich thick consistency lies fairly close to the face, so before applying makeup, you should wait a while.

Facial cleansing

Holy Land - cosmetics, which can be used both in the salon and home care. Expensive procedures are available not for everyone, but with the help of peeling White Peel solves this problem quite easily.

Holy Land: reviews. Israeli cosmetics

The surface-peeling cream gently exfoliates, removes blackheads open, improves texture and renews the epidermis, softens and moisturizes.

The composition of the product and special whey extract obtained from the fermentation of cheese. White Peel - effective peeling designed for all skin types Holy Land experts.

Reviews talk about getting rid of blackheads and pore cleansing. Beauticians recommend to apply by means of the face cover film and hot towel - in this way the best effect is achieved.

Holy Land Masks

No less popular is the series of masks and "favorite" of the fair sex - Special Mask. Tool provides treatment for oily, porous and seborrheic skin prone to the appearance of acne.

After application of the mask the skin becomes soft and smooth improbable, inflammation are dried, and pores shrink appreciably. Special Mask calming surface epidermis is therefore particularly important to use it after peeling or cleaning.

Dermatologists and cosmetologists recommend this tool for home care. Active ingredients:

  • White clay - unclogs pores and dries the fatty areas of the face.
  • Sulfur - accelerates the emergence of new cells is indispensable in the treatment of skin diseases.
  • Zinc oxide - anti-inflammatory effect, protects against the impact of external factors.
  • Camphor - accelerates blood circulation.


Summer is over, but that does not mean that our skin is no longer in need of protection from UV rays. Of particular interest is a series of sun Holy Land. Reviews note Sunbrella SPF 36 DEMI Make-Up Positive quality cosmetics.

Holy Land: reviews. Israeli cosmetics

The cream provides a small tonal effect, easy to apply and quickly absorbed. The strength of the active ingredients designed to protect against UV rays, so women customers do not complain of helplessness in dealing with redness and pigmentation spots.

The price and quality of the

As we have said, in the Holy Land collection presents a huge amount of money to care for different skin types. Find negative comments about Israeli cosmetics is almost impossible. Thanks to its special formulation and unique ingredients of beauty-products that are based on algae, mud and Dead Sea salts can help even in the most hopeless cases.

Holy Land: reviews. Israeli cosmetics

The only drawback Holy Land - is the price. Buy a complete line of care products are not all of the fair sex, because only one or peeling cream is from 2 to 3 thousand rubles. Despite this, girls and women have repeatedly noted the effectiveness of the Israeli cosmetics.

Yes, in the mass-market meet quality products, but they are only appropriate for the skin, which does not have problems. The tendency to inflammation and acne, excessive sensitivity and enlarged pores require special care. Natural composition and feedback on the effectiveness of shoppers are forced to believe in the power of Holy Land.