The world's most expensive bicycle: the top 6

machine owners always look with envy at cyclists who easily go around traffic jams. But today we will talk not about the classical models, but the premium versions. Their prices may even exceed the value of sports supercars. Surprisingly, there are investors ready to invest in the brand two-wheeled vehicles. In this article you will be presented the rating called "the world's most expensive bike".

1. "Beverly Hills Edishn"

The cost of this model just rolls - $ 1 million. Surely, many will surprise this figure, since for the same price, you can easily buy a brand-new, "McLaren" or "Porsche". The thing is that the company "House Of Solid Gold", which is released this model focuses exclusively on products from precious stones and metals. Specifically, "Beverly Hills" diamond encrusted six hundred (black), five hundred and sapphire coated with a 24 carat gold. A water bottle, pens and seat decorated with crocodile skin. On the whole, this "tuning" jewelers took about 700 hours of operation. A total of 13 of these bikes were issued.

The world's most expensive bicycle: the top 6

2. "Butterfly Track Medon"

Located on the second place in the rankings, "the world's most expensive bike". The cost of this unique model is $ 500 thousand. Artist Damien Hirst has decided to implement a new design project, based on the already existing "Trek Medon" model. This bike was made in honor of the legendary cyclist Lance Armstrong beat cancer and returned to the sport. He is one of the most famous athletes in history.

The world's most expensive bicycle: the top 6

And this triumphant bike Hurst turned to the web for the realization of his plan. He decorated the entire surface of the model with hundreds of butterflies. Defenders of the fauna and flora negatively reacted to this application and stated that it is not art, and animal abuse. However, this does not affect the value of the bike and its place in our ranking.

3. Track Yoshitomo Nara "Speed ​​Concept"

This bike, the price is equal to 210 thousand dollars, confidently took the third place ranking. An original idea brought to life by a Japanese artist Yoshimoto Nara. He took carboxylic model and placed on her body portraits of evil children, as well as the inscriptions "Layvstrong" and "Bontreyzher".

The world's most expensive bicycle: the top 6

It should be noted that the creation of this masterpiece has inspired Naru Armstrong mentioned above. The bike appeared in 2009, and the price of 210 thousand was obtained by an auction ( "Sotheby's"). Thanks to the organizers of the auction managed to raise over a million dollars. Money has been sent to Armstrong fund engaged struggle against cancer.

4. "Cowes Track Medon"

Fourth place in the ranking "The most expensive bike in the world" was chosen this model is worth $ 160,000. You may ask how such a price? For the money, this two-wheeled vehicle was auctioned. There is sold and children's bikes. The founder of the idea has already become known to us, Lance Armstrong. Cowes Track Medon was made in honor of his victory in the race from Milan to Sanremo. Body bike pronounced visible teeth marks. Also present on the wheels of the bicycle.

5. Aurumaniya "Gold Bike Crystal Edishn"

This bike, the price of which varies from 100 to $ 115 000, was for many people the ideal of perfection jewelry. The grand price is justified by the 24-carat gold leaf. Noble metal is covered not only the frame but also wheels.

The world's most expensive bicycle: the top 6

The original design of the bike would be incomplete without decoration, consisting of 600 Swarovski diamonds. Such a number of brilliant stones causes any person to admire the ideological intent of the author. In addition, the seat and steering handles are finished in natural leather.

These stories out a limited series of 10 units, and were immediately snapped. On each model extends a ten-year warranty.

6. The track "Medon 7 Diamond"

This expensive modification "Medon 5.9" closes the rating "The most expensive bike in the world" model. Price "Medon 7-Diamond" is around $ 75,000.

The world's most expensive bicycle: the top 6

The modern installation created two friends: the artist Lenny Futura and jeweler Alan Freeman. They decided to use in the composition hundred odnokaratovyh diamonds to put one beautiful number "7". She was chosen not by chance. We have already mentioned that the establishment of "Medon 7 Diamond" mountain bike "Medon 5.9" was taken as a basis. It was on him, Lance Armstrong won his seventh victory in the race "Tour de France".