Training Mike Tyson: the program

All known athletes are trained by special techniques that allow them to maintain perfect form and constantly evolve. Now you can find information about the various training methods, which use the most popular athletes, but separately stands out Mike Tyson. This world-famous boxer gained unprecedented fame in the ring - which is why today many people become involved in his technique that he used to prepare for battle and to keep fit. Training Mike Tyson - is not just a list of exercises, it is actually a way of life, so if you're not ready for a serious change, you'd better look for a more simple option.

training plan

Training Mike Tyson: the program

If you still feel that you are ready to start training Mike Tyson, you should first familiarize yourself with the initial plan. Very often you can find a variety of approaches that offer you to engage in a day or two, but in most cases the most popular and recognized methodology based on five or six days with loads of one or two days break. In this case, the training conducted, starting on Monday and ending on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday you get a good rest from physical exertion and can spend it on themselves. If you agree to this, then it's time to find out what are the training Mike Tyson.

Your day mode

Training Mike Tyson: the program

As mentioned earlier, training Mike Tyson - is not just a set of exercises is a complete way of life, so it takes on its program costs only to those who hopes for a career or have a lot of free time, because Mike all day It turned into one great workout. Every day rise is five in the morning, then you need to go for a run - the distance should be three miles. After that day, Mike did not start - he went back to sleep, set the alarm for ten o'clock in the morning. Immediately after lifting should be tightly lunch, breakfast should include a lot of protein, that is, in most cases - a lot of meat. The most important thing, without which it is impossible to imagine the breakfast - it's orange juice (or any other fruit, but in particular Mike gave preference to this juice).

At 12 am you must be assigned with a strong sparring partner with whom you have to spend in the ring at least ten full rounds. Then, after a short break, there came time for lunch, which is not much different from the breakfast. At four o'clock in the evening starts basic training, which can last two hours or more. During it is necessary to practice as a boxing exercises, such as shadow boxing or work with pear and standard - raising body, squats, push-ups and so on. Also worth noting is that Mike did not spend a single day without a bike - he worked on it during the workout, as well as eight in the evening, before bedtime. rebound time is quite clear - 21:30, so after the bike you have half an hour to his work. And so it looks like Mike Tyson training regime.

on neck exercises

Training Mike Tyson: the program

The training program Mike Tyson is now familiar to you, so you can go a little further into the details. For example, should also talk about to the neck exercises that Tyson performed continuously. The fact that they are very important for a boxer, so in any case they can not miss, do them together with all the other tasks, scheduled for the evening training. One of the most striking examples of such an exercise - a bridge without hands with the constant rocking, it was Mike Tyson is usually preferred.

Working with pears

Training Mike Tyson: the program

As you know perfectly well, for a boxer is very important to be able to beat and go from shock - it worked through the bulb, so you they have to be available. It is desirable that there were a few - then you will be able to distribute the training in between. For example, you can work out the speed and precision strikes with an emphasis on small and light pear. A big and heavy weight training can be carried out Mike Tyson. However, to be like Mike, you have to spend a lot of money because of his approach to strength training is to gradually increase the weight of pears. If it is you will have one, increase the weight you do not succeed, and you'll be all the time to train on the same projectile.

The digital system

Another feature of the training Mike Tyson with pear was to use the numbers that have been applied to the very surface of the pear. Boxer knows what the figure means a strike (eg, 1 - a left hook on top and 3 - a left uppercut), so his work in the ring after such training is reduced to automation. He does not think about his actions, he simply work out the numbers and uses certain combinations - such tactics is incredibly effective.