Tattoo on the edge, why they are not fashionable?

Tattoo on the edge is definitely for the brave individuals, since there is not really open. Though if you're a fan of beach holidays or driving a sports lifestyle, doing the exercises, leaving the naked upper body, then your tattoo, on the contrary, become an object of admiration for people.

Tattoo on the edges of the girls

Tattoo on the edge, why they are not fashionable?

Image on the edges as well known and popular as a side tattoo. This idea can not fail to surprise appearance or design. The area for the application of the tattoo makes it possible to embody precisely the idea that you like. Also, a large space allows not limit itself to the pattern size. But, as experience shows, the girls large tattoo on the edges look more appropriate than a size smaller than the image. And what a temptation appears when the possibility to extend the tattoo to the abdomen and shoulders! But the huge canvas requires a skilled artist, not every artist can portray a picture of decent tattoo or inscriptions on the edges.

Pros and cons of

This is the most painful area of ​​skin. This is because the skin is located close to the bone, which is why the process of drawing on the side is too painful.

Tattoo on the edge, why they are not fashionable?

Tattoo on the edges very popular among artists and fans do not use. All due to the fact that there is no backing, the picture fill for the professional uncomfortable, and customers do not agree, because it's too painful. In addition, the format of choice, place the very meaning of the tattoo depends on the person. Everyone understands that the tattooed - not just a drawing, which can change over time, this image of art with its owner will conduct almost all my life, so you need to delve into the meaning of a tattoo, consider the smallest details. People believe that the image is able to bring happiness or sorrow.

If you do not pay attention to the pain and decide on a tattoo, it is necessary to choose the correct image, then you will achieve uniqueness. Since the ribs area is very convenient, it is possible to cover any open during sports or at the beach. And you will stand out from the crowd, because not everyone can boast of a pattern on such a sensitive area of ​​the body.

The choice of a tattoo on the edge of the

It is still not possible to determine who makes the tattoo on the edge most: girls or guys. This kind of unisex. Everyone can pin any image at all neutral body.

Tattoo on the edge, why they are not fashionable?

Before you choose an image, decide with its theme and size. A place for tattoos worthy only of large size and brightness. If there are no ideas, then we can turn to a social network, there are certain there will be a lot of interesting ideas for a tattoo on the edge. And do not forget about care after the procedure. Since the skin is tender, and the process is painful, the first time it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight, and irritants. Use high-quality healing ointments and creams. Do not let your skin dry out, use Vaseline cosmetic. It is also best to check the sensitivity before stuffing, because until very close to the bone. Therefore, the master should carefully choose the picture, as not everyone will be able to carefully carry out their work, and the consequences could be dire.