Types and value tattoos "Bird"

Today, there are a variety of tattoos. Bird is one of the most popular characters that people tend to portray on his body. And this is understandable. Birds - beautiful, gentle and graceful creatures. However, they are a symbol of something. That may tell us one or another tattoo, should talk more.

Types and value tattoos


There are different tattoo. The bird, which is one of the most popular for tattoo designs - is a night owl. And he came to us this symbol of ancient times. He is the embodiment of strength and frightening fear. This value has a tattoo of "Owl" in China. That the bird associated with the world beyond the grave, death and black magic. "Owl" tattoo depicting the bird in black, in Mexico means the symbol of the night and cold. And in India, believe differently. There's an owl symbolizes the support of the dead souls. In Christianity, this bird is considered a reflection of poor lifestyle and the lack of faith in man.

But this is not all the values ​​that have a tattoo. owl bird of the Indians was considered a symbol of wisdom. And the residents of ancient Greece and Rome believed that the goddess of learning sciences accompanies it is a winged creature. And in Russia, by the way, the owl is a symbol of sharp wit and intelligence.

Types and value tattoos


These winged creatures, too, are very popular when it comes to underwear image thumbnails. Tattoo "Birds" has a value here is pretty interesting. Basically swallows stuffed sailors. People who often go to swimming, there is a belief that when these birds appear, it means that land is near. Besides swallow seamen was considered a symbol of hope and the desire to return home. By the way, this is not all. The sailors also packed on itself at one swallow every 9250 kilometers. But it used to be. Now they are chosen by many. Very popular are such tattoos. Bird, if it is displayed on the chest (one on each side of the chest), means the freedom of the spirit. Even stuffed swallows many lovers. Because these birds find a mate once and for all life. Quite an interesting character turns.

Types and value tattoos


Not less popular among people such bird tattoo on his arm, which depicts a winged creature predatory, such as the eagle. just an incredible amount of myths and legends are connected with this symbol. Since ancient times, the predator all respected and honored. He was the talisman of the soldiers and a symbol of victory. Independence, fortitude, power - all this is a tattoo with an eagle. Falcon - also a popular image. Many people believe that it is the embodiment of imperial power, courage and freedom. This bird, like a raven in demand among fans of tattoos. However, the character is not very good - it is dark magic, witchcraft.

In fact, there are plenty of different options for tattoos depicting all birds, whether titmouse, pigeon, swallow, sparrow hawk or even. Most importantly - before you go to a salon, find out the meaning of this symbol.