Colored jacket: French manicure varied than it seems

Color jacket - a godsend for fans of the French manicure, who do not want to change their habits, but at the same time seeking to add variety to your appearance or look for alternative nail art for a special occasion.

Colored jacket: French manicure varied than it seems

Ideas multicolored jacket

Actually, when you take a French manicure any other shades (white flesh) instead of the classic, you just get a colored jacket.

Not necessarily limited to two colors. You can build on "Smiles" gradient of several colors. Or make it a two- or three-colored. Permissible even cover the tip of a different color, but then the bottom is best left to clear or select the calm flesh or light gray shades.

Colored jacket: French manicure varied than it seems

The extreme part of the nail may consist of a specific pattern - leopard fur, flowers, patterns, abstract lines, etc...

If the color coat is shiny sputtering gold or silver lacquer, rhinestones, the jacket is very easy to perform, because the border with "smile" can be made fuzzy, and looks great in any case.

Another popular option - use paints of the same color but different texture. For instance, the base mat, and the tip - glossy. Incidentally, this manicure easier to perform using a matting cover, rather than two different varnishes. It is enough to cause an ordinary gloss lacquer give it a good dry, then glue the tips of nail strips and cause matting covering. After drying, the strip is removed.

Colored jacket: French manicure varied than it seems

Consider a few of the most common colors.

The black jacket

If body-white jacket - the embodiment of elegance and tenderness, the replacement of white tips on manicured eccentric black and bright.

The hands should look perfect, because this design is strongly attracts attention. It is desirable that the nails were long or even medium-length. On such short design looks bad.

"Smile" is preferable to make the traditional round shape or a rhombus. But the form of marigold are no restrictions - make them rounded, square or pointed to his taste.

Colored jacket: French manicure varied than it seems

Options are varied: black tip on a light base, a white tip on the basis of a black or glossy black tip on the matte black base. Golden border between black and light in the add chic.

Quite spectacular black jacket obtained by using a paste.

Colored jacket: French manicure varied than it seems

Yellow jacket

Very summer manicure. He can be quiet when choosing pastel shades or bright and sunny, if you take a dandelion flowers, for example.

The brave can even make a red base. More discreet option - to leave the basic background of the classic solid or transparent, but apply patterns or pictures.

The main rule - do not use more than three or four colors, as yellow jacket and already saturated.

An interesting variation: cover the tips of the two colors in one - yellow and blue.

Colored jacket: French manicure varied than it seems

Blue jacket

In contrast to the yellow, blue is associated with winter, so colored jacket with a variety of shades of cool colors it is often used as a New Year's manicure. Especially it looks festive adding sparkles and crystals that imitate the flickering snow.

Colored jacket: French manicure varied than it seems

Pink jacket

Colored tunic in pink suit romantic special and looks great on the background of tanned skin. Use such an option may be not only young girls, but also to mature lady. The more so because so many shades of pink, from bright fuchsia to the noble peach.

Colored jacket: French manicure varied than it seems

Red jacket

Bold combination which, at the same time as not catchy as monophonic aloe coating. And it looks good on short nails. A lot of shades allow to "regulate" the brightness of the red jacket. Especially interesting is a manicure with a transparent base with the drawings and using a paste, but this design is more suitable for long marigolds. It is desirable to round shape, because sharp nails with red tip look aggressive. "Smile" shape can be any.

Colored jacket: French manicure varied than it seems

colored jacket with a decor

Any color jacket whose photo in the set is presented in this article, can be supplemented with patterns, rhinestones, acrylic stucco, lace, labels and other elements. Just do not overdo it, otherwise get very crude tasteless. The pastel colors of manicure, the more jewelry you can afford, and vice versa.

Tradition and color in one bottle

If you want to retain the traditional body-white manicure, but at the same time to diversify, it can only be slightly modified conventional manicure-jacket: color will let only the tip, and then only partially, and the rest will keep the classic style. For example, long nails at the tip can draw a thin line. Such a design is interesting to look at the beveled "smile."

Colored jacket: French manicure varied than it seems

or the tip may be in peas - a figure easy to perform, and you can use any color.

Finally, if the nails are long, the light on the tips of the ring finger you can draw a bright multi-colored figures, and all the rest remain in the traditional style.

Use of the gel

Successful nail art you want to keep as long as possible, and he washed off very ugly. Colored gel coat - the optimal solution.

If you're familiar with shellac, something to do with it in the design somewhat easier than usual, because the gel will not dry up without a special lamp. You can safely and slowly paint the nails, and the figure goes as clear, rich and voluminous.

Thus, a color coat - a design that allows for maximum variety of images with a minimum of effort. If you know how to make classic French manicure, then add the new shades will not be difficult, and the results can exceed all expectations.