Classic suit - stylish and comfortable!

Classic suit - it must have in the wardrobe of every business person. This article will discuss how to choose the right outfit a man, woman and child.

Classic Costumes female

Business suit - is not only versatile, but also stylish clothes. The strictness of taste - this is the main requirement to the classic outfit. Today in the world of fashion there are no strict rules that must be met female business suit. However, when choosing such a dress should pay attention to many of the points that the image has turned moderately severe and truly exquisite.

How to choose a classic suit?

  • It should be taken into account features of the figure. High girls fit models with an elongated jacket or cardigan. This style visually balances the shape and slim. Low ladies should choose suits with a short jacket and skirt midi length.
  • Pants in a practical way can be straight cut or flared from the middle of the thigh.
  • The skirt in a classic suit must always be straight cut. Permissible length - midi. Depending on the type of figure, you can select the model below or 2 fingers above the knee.
Classic suit - stylish and comfortable!

The color scheme for the women's costumes

  • Black. This color is appropriate in any situation. He gives the image of notes of rigor and elegance. In addition, classic suits (female) black slim and hide figure flaws. Combine this outfit can be with blouses in pastel colors. The combination of black jacket with a white shirt - it's a classic that will create a fashionable and at the same time rigorous way.
  • Gray. The suit in this color will give its possessor of elegance and refinement. In addition, this versatile option that goes well with clothing of any shade.
  • Beige. In the suit, such a tone every girl will look subtly and gently. Dress in the style of minimalism will be original look with shirts and blouses in classic shades.
  • Dark Blue. This is a great option for business meetings and everyday to go to work. Suit in a classic blue color will be a highlight in the wardrobe of every woman. This outfit can be combined with a bright shirt and blouse in pastel colors.

Classic Costumes men

In the classic business suit man just looks presentable and stylish. That is why this outfit is an indispensable element of the wardrobe of every successful person. Today, the fashion industry classic men's suits are divided into three categories:

  • English style. This suit jacket in the narrower, high waisted. Can be single-breasted or double-breasted with two or three buttons. Also wearing a jacket in the English style are always present two slots (special cut) behind. Pants with a high waist without lapels.
  • Italian style involves an exquisite combination of strict lines. Jacket in a suit straight cut, slightly narrower at the bottom, fastened with two buttons. Slots, unlike articles in the English style, no. Trousers are wide, straight cut.
  • American style. Jacket in a suit straight, without shoulder pads, two or three buttons. Trousers are spacious, in the waist gather accordion.
Classic suit - stylish and comfortable!

How to choose a men's business suit?

When choosing a business attire for men is necessary to take into account many details. Each element should be ideally suited to its owner, because the classic suit - this is the main indicator of style and status of the person. So, what men should look for when choosing a business attire?

  • It is important that the suit sat well in the shoulders. The fabric should not pucker and tighten.
  • collar lapels should be a good fit.
  • The perfect sleeve length - to the wrist bone.
  • Average button should be placed in the navel.
  • The classic jacket can be short. It must cover the buttocks.
  • When choosing pants should pay attention to the arrow. It should be located strictly through the middle of the knee.
  • Width classic trousers can not be more than 3/4 the length of the shoe.

Classic suit - stylish and comfortable!

The color solution for men's suits

  • Blue. Classic suit in this color - perfect for any occasion. This outfit can be worn on ceremonial event and a business meeting.
  • Gray. The costumes in this color are recommended to wear every day. They are less stringent than the blue and black, and combined with other colors of clothing. Also gray shades favorably emphasize figure.
  • Black. Suit in this color is suitable for formal and festive occasions. In addition, the black outfit visually slim silhouette and makes more fit.
  • The costumes in bright colors are encouraged to wear in the warmer months.

Children's classic suits

Before matinee and other children's holidays, the boys' parents are faced with the problem of selecting the appropriate attire. The ideal option for any event will be a classic suit. In this children's fashion is not only obliged to choose pants with arrows and strict jackets. Attire little gentleman first of all should be comfortable.

Classic suit - stylish and comfortable!

Classic Costumes for boys can be made in blue, black or brown.

When choosing a dress for the child, parents should pay attention to the following points:

  • Size. The suit should not be large. Baggy pants and long sleeves jacket look messy and ugly.
  • A material. Suits made of quality fabrics, look stylish and has long maintained a decent appearance.