Haircuts on a round face long hair (photo). Stylish haircut cascade on long hair for round face

Many of the girls who have a round face shape, get lost in the choice of a suitable hairstyle. Of course, it is considered the most difficult to manipulate the installation. Therefore, when choosing a hairstyle on a round face long hair need to follow certain rules, not only in the selection of the silhouette, long curls, but also coloring.

Haircuts on a round face long hair (photo). Stylish haircut cascade on long hair for round face

How to choose a hairstyle?

The widespread opinion that few hairstyles which suit this type of person, it is not true. The majority of both classic and basic shapes are perfect chubby ladies. What should be avoided, because it is quite short hairstyles, massive, thick bangs. We do not recommend doing haircut up to the chin, parted in the middle and curvy styling with the volume in the region of the ears. In all other cases, you can be sure - hair will look great. With regard to length, the haircut on the round face long hair - it's the best solution, as well pull the optical face. Since it is possible to pick up countless hairstyles and describe them all is impossible, it is necessary to identify the main trends, which should adhere to. The basic rule - it is necessary to strive to ensure that the form was a bit of lush and strands in the face gently fell over her cheeks.

Haircuts on a round face long hair (photo). Stylish haircut cascade on long hair for round face

Modern haircut

Most trendy haircuts today presented on long hair. Popular asymmetrical and multipart forms, highlighted by a stylish staining. They are well in tune with the round type of person. This is the winning option, in terms of both curly and straight tresses. Latest hairstyles on round face long hair one level. If the hair is naturally curly, you need to arm themselves with ironing, because the excessive volume created curls accentuate facial imperfections. An exception will be hairstyle in which the hair podkrucheny at all, is not only fashionable, but also creates volume in the bottom of the form that is visually balance the silhouette. Well look all haircuts, made using a sliding cut technique. Due to the texture of the hair-designed they not only fit well, but beautifully frame the face, making it oval. you can wear this hairstyle even on straight hair, pre giving them volume.

Haircuts on a round face long hair (photo). Stylish haircut cascade on long hair for round face

Haircuts on a round face long hair (photo)

Any modern hairstyle on long hair can vary by using a bang. However, it is important to take into account some special features. For example, the majority of chubby girls contraindicated thick bangs, but if you have a high forehead, it is an option best adjust the shape. Also, a haircut can beat the lush, well-shaped at the ends chelochkoy. Long curls look great with combed to the side parting bangs. It can be part of the basic hairstyle for this it should not be cut short, the minimum length - just below the cheekbones, ideally - to the chin. Haircuts on a round face long hair (photo will be presented in the article) looks impressive and styling. For example, the classic ponytail. He's incredibly well with this type of person, smoothes the cheeks, cheekbones opens, lengthens the neck.

Haircuts on a round face long hair (photo). Stylish haircut cascade on long hair for round face



As mentioned above, the length of hair - an important factor in creating a proportional face, the shape of which is committed to the oval. Therefore, all layered textures, starting below shoulder level haircut cascade on the basis of perfect. It is a lovely hairstyle, especially in combination with oblique fringe. The main condition here - the strands of a person should not be higher than chin level. Even if the hair is naturally thin, then the haircut cascade of long hair (round face well with him) would be the most advantageous option. Since the worst enemy of a round shape - the volume curls. The finer the hair, less pomp, especially in the middle part of the face, the silhouette looks proportionally. Embodiments cascade may vary depending on the density and texture curls. If your hair is too sparse and thin, good classic stage, when all the strands move upward at an angle of 90 degrees to the head and cut straight cut. In this case, a maximum difference in length of the strands, hair turns moving and volume. Haircuts on a round face long hair on the basis of this form is easy to fit and impressive look with modern colorations.

Haircuts on a round face long hair (photo). Stylish haircut cascade on long hair for round face

Asymmetrical haircuts

Most successful hairstyles for round faces are not made solely on the basis of the cascade, but also asymmetrical shapes. They are attractive for the reason that immediately attract the attention of others, emphasize individuality and mask flaws appearance. In some cases, this is an opportunity to demonstrate an unusual approach and creative thinking to solve problems with a round face. Asymmetry can be either a distinct, creative and barely noticeable, but it is stylish. This may be a asymmetric bangs, locks, much shorter on one side of the face, a short top combined with long curls. Creative haircut on a round face long hair can be quite unusual, with shaved elements separately or curled and dyed locks. If everything is done tastefully, respecting the rules and shearing technique, you can get a stylish, bright image.


Another well-known, however spectacular form, perfectly suitable for a round face type. It is easy to care and everyday wear, a good pull a person emphasizes density and texture of the hair. However, the lateral length of the strands must begin no more than the level of the mouth, or get a rounded shape and emphasize the face oval. Ladder - the second most popular haircut in the round face long hair. If the upper strand to make shorter the hair will gain splendor. you can vary this classic shape with the help of different accents. For example, the edging can be done in the form of a triangle, it will be very beneficial for a round face. And, of course, the tone of hair bangs ask. Very relevant its extended version - until the middle of the nose.

Haircuts on a round face long hair (photo). Stylish haircut cascade on long hair for round face

Installation and stylish hairstyle on long hair (round face)

To face became more elongated, is important not only cutting, but also styling. As long tresses allow vengeance to experiment with hairstyles, there are many suitable options for a round face. Especially popular are laying in a disheveled style, they do an excellent job with the task of drawing the visual form. And if you give the negligence ends, the effect will be even more pronounced. Hairstyles for long hair for round face look good with curls. As noted, curls create a large amount, so do not go to such a person. But using curling laying large diameter, you get big curls. They are well soften facial features, framed cheekbones emphasize the softness and femininity - just what you need. It looks good and the waves, they are perfectly "hudyat" person. Executed on a special curling iron and give the image of style and spice to create a soft volume and stay long.

There are many methods to help narrow down the optical characteristics. Hairstyles for long hair for round face, coupled with the right styling and precise staining does not simply mask the shortcomings and turn them into bright virtues.