Perfect breasts: the path to success

Without a doubt, the notion that such a perfect breasts are constantly changing. For example, in the last century, the ideal of female beauty was considered of girls and women who had openly curvy shape by today's standards. The same was true of the bust: the parameters of the ideal breast have undergone significant changes over time.

What should be the chest?

Perfect breasts: the path to success

To date, scientists were able to determine the ideal size of breasts:

  • in diameter nipple is 0, 8 cm, and areola - 3, 8 cm (± 0, 8 cm).
  • The distance from the fovea to the teat between the collarbones of 20 cm (± 3 cm).
  • The distance from the fold to the brisket nipple is 6, 4 cm (± 1 cm).
  • the distance between nipples 20 cm (± 2 cm).
  • The distance from the nipple to the middle of the chest is 12 cm (± 1 cm).
  • For owners of lush forms breast volume is 300-550 cm 3, for slim - 150-200 cm 3.

But the accent attention to the fact that these parameters were calculated for the age of 17-18 years, while the growth of girls was 162 cm and the comparison must take into account the individual characteristics:. Weight, height, age-related changes.

There are several ways to increase the breast, and it is not necessarily surgery. Perfect breasts may be each.

creams and pills that increase breast volume

All preparations will certainly work, but there is a small caveat. Firstly, bust slightly increased (do not expect that will increase breast size by two or even more). Second, the effect will be in effect only while the application of creams or pills. Once the deadline for their use, expect from your bust response - it will decrease. Third, before taking these medications, you should consult with your doctor be sure, since it is not clear whether they will act on the body and how it will impact on it.

Traditional medicine

Our grandparents were concerned about their shapes, and most perfect breasts was their dream. Recall at least a long history about cabbage. Is it true? Scientists have shown that substances contained in the cabbage, on the growth of the breast affected, but only during the transitional period. Mature women can no longer hope for aid vegetable.

Another method may be mentioned the use of iodine or reticula mustard plasters. The above actions can cause the blood flow to the places where they were carried out. So there is time to increase, but not for long. We should be cautious to treat this - no one is safe from burns.

Perfect breasts: the path to success

Also, many women praise hop cones, arguing that they can be used to achieve the ideal breast. Is brewed in a glass of boiling water a tablespoon of hops, then brewed 7-8 hours and is used three times a day. But in addition to accolades and criticism comes, some girls this is detrimental, in particular their shape. It all depends on the characteristics of each organism. Despite this, the hops are used actively by pharmacists in the same pills for breast augmentation.


Ideal breast girl depends on the exercise. Only actions are directed not at the growth, and to maintain the shape. But even a small bust, thanks to physical training, will fit, will visually look bigger.

Perfect breasts: the path to success

There are many specific exercises that support form. Perfect breasts requires intensive care. The most common method - the use of dumbbells.

Place a soft mat, lie, dumbbells should be over-feeding in the straightened hands. Hands dissolve in hand, bending slightly at the elbows. Return to the starting position. The exercise must be about 10 times.

The choice of underwear

Bra, in addition to support functions, has the property of correcting the shape. If you want to effect a magnificent bust, then comes to the aid linen with inserts of foam rubber, silicone gel, with air pads. But the large size bras will not solve the problem: the fabric is folded, and it looks ugly.

Perfect breasts: the path to success

Stretch fabric, on the contrary, has a sculpting effect, allowing the chest to make less lush. But that does not mean you have to take a size smaller. Tight bra can disrupt blood circulation and provoke the development of diseases.

Horizontal seam on the bra makes breast more rounded bowls with a slightly inclined or vertical seams a little bust of divorce, and with a seam in the form of the letter "T" pripodnimut it. During sports, most admit a common mistake - put on something that is not a pity. Ligaments that support the breasts are very tender, and they need help with large loads. Therefore, there is a special underwear for sports, it does not restrict movement, and perfectly supports the bust shape.

It is unacceptable to wear underwear that is too tight, pulls, tertiary or pricked, but it looks good. It is known that the breast skin is twice sweeter than on the face, it calls for a more reverent attitude. Otherwise, the wrong underwear trigger breast disease, breast and perfect will remain only a dream. Do not take care of expensive, high-quality and beautiful clothes for a special occasion.