Shorts with a high waist. fashion clothes

More recently, designers of the world's fashion houses very often showed a model with low waist. The whole world fell in love with these cute things, and to this day can be found in the wardrobes of the low-slung beauties. As we know, fashion has a tendency to change, and often what was popular before, becomes an inspiration for designers today. Not deprived of attention and popularity in the past, women's shorts with a high waist. What is this popularity of these models, and for whom they are intended?

Shorts with a high waist. fashion clothes

To fit a model with a high waist

Many girls are skeptical about the wearing of shorts, considering that they are only suitable to owners of slim figure. But if you carefully approach the selection of shorts with a high waist, you can choose for themselves the ideal model.

Women of short stature have short body, you should choose a high waist shorts, only landing slightly below normal, as such things can visually be shortened.

Choosing for her shorts, many are faced with the fact that they have a length of the mini. Of course, these outfits will look great on the owners of long and slender legs. But those whom nature has not endowed straight legs, should pay attention to high-waisted shorts with a slightly longer, for example, midi.

It is also necessary to understand that the shorts are more suitable for casual styles, while longer may well make the girl femininity and elegance.

The correct choice of the model will wear it not just on vacation or in their spare time. You can pick up the high-waisted shorts with a classical type. And then it is appropriate to wear them as a job in the summer, and on a romantic walk - quite correctly to select shoes and accessories. Remember that high-waisted shorts are suitable for almost all the girls. You only need to more carefully to the choice and understand exactly what purpose you get this thing.

Shorts with a high waist. fashion clothes

A variety of models with high waist

The first thing that comes to mind when the phrase "shorts with a high waist," is, of course, denim shorts with a high waist. But there is a huge variety of such models, one has only to look at.

Denim shorts with a high waist are the most popular and widely used among all other models. These shorts have to be present every fashionista. Designers around the world are coming up with a variety of models that are truly surprising. You can find denim shorts Safari shorts with trousers-lanterns, free denim shorts with a high waist, torn, and many others.

Shorts with a high waist. fashion clothes

Classic model with a high waist

Classical models of shorts made of suiting fabrics, such as tweed, gabardine, wool. These models have a midi length and is ideal for the office or business meetings. Shorts of this type are classic in every sense, they are straight or a little loose. In such high-waisted shorts with no additional components. Yourself, you can supplement them with a maximum of a thin strap.

In stores you can find models of shorts with high tackles cotton and denim. They can be very diverse and have many additional features. For example, decorated with rhinestones, studs, a variety of applications. These shorts are the most popular among young girls. In the summer season you can find a model of natural linen. They sit perfectly and is ideal for a hot time. Linen shorts models may have a leather belt and loose cut.

Shorts with a high waist. fashion clothes


Leather model with a high waist shorts

You can often find high-waisted shorts with leather. Such models are not suitable for all girls. If you decide to get a leather shorts, try to complement a variety of loose blouses or tops in neutral colors.

It is understood that the color of shorts with a high waist can be absolutely diverse. For classical models characterized by solid colors: black, blue, beige, and many others.

Among others you can find models of the most striking and unusual colors, as they can be striped, polka dots, checkered.

Shorts with a high waist. fashion clothes

From what to wear high-waisted shorts with

Fashion images from the catwalks show the most unexpected and unusual combination of high shorts.

Beautiful summer bow when shorts with high waist combined with a short top, opening a small strip of the abdomen. In general, high waist shorts have to be always open, and any T-shirts and shirts tucked.

If you prefer an alternative free style, you can wear on your feet shoes, sneakers, sandals or espadrilles tractors. If a more classic style, the boats are perfect ballet flats or flat shoes. For office style can recommend sandals on a flat sole. But combine sports models shorts with high heels-hairpins is undesirable because the image looks very chaotic. I am thinking about what to wear shorts with a high waist, remember to follow the laws of fashion, of course, possible, but has not been canceled experiments. Who knows, maybe it is you and your courageous decision which ushered in a new fashion trend?

Shorts with a high waist. fashion clothes

slimming model shorts with a high waist

Shaping Waist Shorts can be worn with high-waisted. Such models are worn under your clothes and hide figure flaws. This wonderful option for obese women will help to emphasize the waistline. These shorts are made of dense material and ideally sit on a body, with no folds are created. The elastic material is not pinched skin and allows to breathe without discomfort. There are a variety of color patterns, but basic - a black and body.

Many of the ladies a reason give their preference to overpriced shorts, because they are very convenient and comfortable to wear. She may look elegant, but her movements are not constrained as when wearing a short skirt. Plus these shorts allow perfectly showcase your beautiful legs. And if you experiment with different models, you can safely go and feast, and in the world!