What to do if your hair curl?

Any girl wants to have a luxurious and shiny hair, elegant and well-groomed hair. However, to achieve the desired effect is extremely difficult. To give your hair more pomp and expressive girls have resorted to a variety of specialized tools and procedures. This article describes the main reasons why your hair curl.


Some girls try to find out why their hair curled, to align them, others - to further curl hair or give them a nice shape. Appearance of the hair depends on its structure. The main reason for the lush and curly curls is in the unusual position of the hair bulb: it is not right, and with a bend. Thus, regrown hair bulb shape repeats.

What to do if your hair curl?

curls form is transmitted at the genetic level, so once and for all eliminate frizzy hair problem is impossible. The use of multiple masks, balms and other means will only achieve short-term effect of smooth curls.

Over time, the hair from direct can turn into a frizzy. This is due to the following reasons:

  1. The lack of keratin in the hair. This building material curls, its shortage leads to a change in the structure and brittleness of the hair. To avoid this, it is necessary to apply the keratin serum, mask, make keratin straightening time in half a year.
  2. The structure of the hair is damaged greatly by means of heat treatment. Popular curling irons, irons and other appliances greatly harm curls. Damaged hair looks dull, pushatsya and unnatural curl.
  3. Hormonal disorders of the body. The structure of the hair follicle may be changed due to thyroid diseases after birth.
  4. Stress.

for curly hair care Cosmetics for

If you - the owner of curls, you should pick up the special products to care for locks, which moisturize and nourish their roots.

Medium curly hair should be washed with shampoo, which includes aloe and coconut oil. Irons also very useful jojoba oil. Try to choose a shampoo that can prevent hair static, but will give them volume at the same time.

What to do if your hair curl?

balms and masks for curly tresses is better to use together with special serums. They make the glow effect and scope of a long one. Serum perfectly groomed hair. They must be applied 1-2 times a week. The use of balms and masks will help to soften the effect of shampoo.

Painted curly hair should be exclusively bezammiachnoy paint, because ammonia is badly hurting curls and makes them dry and frizzy hair in any case can not be overdry.

What to do if your hair curl?

If your hair is curly, wash and dry them need a special way:

  1. Use only soft water.
  2. How long to keep wet hair in a towel can not.
  3. Do not dry your hair with a towel and possibly allow them to dry naturally.

salon straightening treatments and a homemade mask

If your hair is curly, and it causes discomfort, or you want to change your image, you can straighten them for a sufficiently long period with the help of salon procedures. The most effective method is a keratin hair straightening structure. Even the curly hair can be heavier and align. The procedure is completely safe and is aimed at hair care and nutrition. The effect lasts up to two months, depending on the length. Another salon treatment - a Brazilian straightening. It utilizes keratin and natural oils. To fix the procedure, the hair is straightened utjuzhkom. This is not exactly good for the curls, but it helps to achieve a stunning effect.

At home, you can prepare a mask that straighten curly hair (picture of the final result simply amazing). The effect of direct strands will last a maximum until the next washing of the head, so if you only need a long-term effect, should go to the beauty salon.

  • gelatin mask weighing the hair and the most it will align. Dilute five tablespoons of gelatin in water, add any balm and mix to a state of pulp. Apply on hair and walk as one hour.
  • Egg mask with the addition of peach butter. To prepare to be mixed into a homogeneous mass, two eggs, and five to seven drops of oil. Apply to the hair and wash off after 30 minutes or one hour, depending on how much hair curl.


Curly hair has its own characteristics, so the owners of medium and long curls are perfect for slightly careless loose hair and a neat tail. Now it is very relevant is the usual braid. On curly hair, she looks pretty cute and attractive.

What to do if your hair curl?

If you want to give a particular shape to the hair, use styling foam or powder, they make hair more manageable.

Short curly hair. What should I do with them?

Owners of short curls fit a neat square. It should be noted that it is necessary every two to three weeks to attend the master, because curly hair begins to grow, and the shape of the hairstyle changes drastically. Protect your hair from the effects of the environment: Apply mousses and balms on a daily basis. Try as little as possible to align or drying short hair dryer.

What to do if your hair curl?

If you want to remove the curls from her face, you can make a bunch of gingerbread and decorate it with a variety of pins and rubber bands.

Application Method

Beautiful styling is impossible without a good haircut. In order to facilitate the process of everyday use multilevel haircut.

For a beautiful effect on the hair smooth waves gently straighten them utjuzhkom and use hairspray to secure the hairstyle.