What should be the business dress? Business style clothing

Dress for all of us associated with the extremely feminine wardrobe items. It is able to suddenly transform the fair sex, give it elegance, sexiness and confidence in their own irresistibility. Modern women spend much time at work, where you must abide by a strict dress code. To look presentable at the office and at the same time elegant, they need to learn how to correctly choose outfits.

What should be the business dress? Business style clothing

General requirements

Business dress - the best option for women's clothing. It meets the requirements of the dress code, but at the same time emphasizes the dignity of all the pieces of the owner. One of the main criteria for distinguishing dress in business style from other outfits is their length, which should be at the knee or slightly cover them. It is unacceptable to wear in the office is too short or long items.

Business attire is not welcome the presence of the neckline and cut-outs. Dresses with open back and chest are best left for the evening out. Cutting board must be strict, with no frills, ruches, flounces and lace. Not welcome in elegant business attire abundance of prints, sequins and rhinestones. Color scheme for office clothes must be chosen neutral colors (black, gray, blue, beige, brown). But bright colors with business style combine badly, as they will distract from the work. The fabric itself must be sufficiently dense and translucent. We can not allow it to be seen through the underwear.

When choosing a business dresses need to give preference to those that are sewn from natural fibers. Clothes made of synthetic material, no matter how beautiful she was not badly miss the air, and to be a woman in it throughout the working day will be uncomfortable.

What should be the business dress? Business style clothing

the dress code rules require that the ladies in the office, always wear tights under a dress. In winter, they can be dense and dark colors (black, gray, brown), and in summer - thin, light tan shades. The appearance of the fairer sex at work in a business dress and with bare feet even in the hot weather is considered bad form. Violating office etiquette, it can not rely on moving up the career ladder.


Although each year the designers produced many collections of business dresses, there are styles that never go out of fashion. And they should give preference to the young ladies who dream to look at the office in a professional and stylish. The most popular and successful outfit for a dress-up box that does not hand over their positions for many decades. It seamlessly fitting shape, emphasizing all the curves of the female body. Business dress-case always looks stressed elegantly and concisely. Classic outfit has no such cut sleeves and collar. Its main differences are rounded neck length to the knee level, and the absence of a horizontal seam at the waist line.

What should be the business dress? Business style clothing

Dresses-cases look great, not only in the office, but also in restaurants, theaters, at corporate. With them, it is recommended to wear court shoes with high heels. As an accessory to such a style of clothes are perfect classic leather bags and business portfolios. If the dress looks too hard, it can be diluted with a thin string of pearls or a small brooch. Case office ladies are usually used as a summer dress business, but with the classic cut jacket can be worn in the autumn-winter period.

along with wide skirts

Another shaped business wear is a dress wedge-style, that is, one in which the skirt portion extends downward. It is less strict than the case, which is a big plus for the female who prefer romance in style. Choice for the office dress wedge models today are very broad. There are commercially available as the outfits from the lungs, and of dense material, with sleeves of any length and cut-outs of different shapes. Business dress this style perfectly hides full hips, so it is an excellent choice for women who can not boast of ideal forms. Under it is necessary to carefully select shoes and accessories, giving preference to the classical models and understated shades, and then the office employee will always look stylish and strictly.

What should be the business dress? Business style clothing


Other dress for business women

Slender girls designers recommend to wear a dress to work with the smell. Combining the severity of lines with a V-neck and semiadherent silhouette, they give women exquisiteness. Also in the office wear appropriate dress in the style of the shirt. Especially they will look great in the summer.

Business attire allows the use of the little black dress that is found in the wardrobe at any fashionista. The main thing is to match the requirements of the dress code, it was not too short and open. And if you combine this dress jacket of strict breed, while none of the others will not have doubts about the professionalism of its owner.

clothes with high waist office

Dress business for full girls and women can be high-waisted. Such a cut perfectly hides small tummy and curvy hips. Free style will give the young lady femininity and coquetry. By selecting dresses with high waist, preference should be given along with circular, square or a shallow V-shaped cut. Sleeve in these orders may be of any length.

What should be the business dress? Business style clothing

Details decorating office outfit

Though business dress should look concise and discreet, contemporary designers complement its parts, allowing to diversify its appearance. It can be various drapes, insertion of leather edging of the contrasting colors of fabrics. Recently, dress business style has become fashionable to decorate the Basques. They successfully animate the silhouette of severity and conceal extra inches around the waist and hips. Also diversify office outfit will strap color which blends nicely with a hint of wear. Belt will be a perfect look with a shift dress and any other models, cut that emphasizes the waist.