Red or white wedding dress?

Red wedding dress has always been a symbol of passion. Who says that the bride should be sure to look innocent? White dresses - too mundane option, like dress color "splashes of champagne." And all because of the fact that with wedding dresses involves a lot of will and beliefs, and the bride still believe in them.


While certainly not everyone knows that the wedding dresses of red in ancient Russia were considered traditional. Only then will the outfit did not look so impressive, it was rather a sundress that decorated rich embroidery. Why red wedding dress? This color is able to protect the vulnerable in such an important day of the bride from the envious evil eye, the negative effects of the phenomena of evil and people.

Red or white wedding dress?

And only later in Russia, and throughout the whole of Europe, it's white wedding dress. If you believe the European tradition, this color symbolizes innocence and purity. Until now, women who marry for the first time, wearing a white dress. Red wedding dress, as well as a different color, is more suitable for today re wedding.


As is known, such a daring outfit need to be carefully considered. The image is supposed to be complete and harmonious. Particular attention should be paid to the shade. Think about what goes red wedding dress photos in this help.

Red or white wedding dress?

Remember that any color in the dress of the bride is complemented by lighter or darker elements that make perception completely different outfit. Also consider the type of your appearance and shape, when you pick a color.

For the bride with magnificent volumes better suited darker shade for brunettes - bright color, and for blondes - more muffled. Emphasize whole way, think over every detail and accessory up to a manicure. This color of the dress is very aggressive, so the makeup must be gentle to soften the image, making it more expressive. Better to choose accessories to match the dress or other parts of your outfit. For example: scarlet shoes, red gloves, red ornaments corresponding manicure.

Why red?

In the red wedding dress concealed a special power.

Red or white wedding dress?

Select a daring outfit active and bold girls who excel in life, set goals, regardless of scope. Intense red color primarily expresses the intrigue, the game, passion, power and danger. Bright color immediately captures the attention and highlights the objects painted in such a tone.

But this outfit is not for everyone, since it can choose a really bold and decisive bride, does not take to heart the opinions of others. More modest girl feels uncomfortable in a dress, and in fact in this day it is important to be yourself. Most often, this image of older women choose to go down the aisle is not the first time. And all because of the belief that the first time is better to choose an innocent white color, leaving any other for future weddings. Still it looks luxurious and rich at any age and at any time of the year red wedding dress. Photos confirm this.