What to give a girl at a birthday party: ideas for all ages

For most of us, a birthday is the main holiday of the year, because that's when we get a huge amount of gifts and attention, meet guests and hear sweet words in his address. Each of us wants to spend so that then forget it until next year. Birthday love everything - our mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers. But children and adolescents from him is just crazy! It's no secret that even lovers pay great attention to such celebrations each other, because in this day can give a symbolic gift, proving my love and devotion to your sweetheart.

What to give a girl at a birthday party: ideas for all ages


However, if a man's gifts are all more or less clear (tie, purses, shaving kit), what give the girl's birthday, knows not everyone, because there will not present any change. And let's say that the main thing - not a gift, we will still tell you how to surprise her by giving her not only a memorable day, but a great show.

Difficult choice

It is worth noting that the beautiful lady grow a bit before the guys, so to the question of what to give the girl to the DR, should be approached very carefully, and even more so do not leave it until the last minute decision. When choosing a gift must be taken into account not only the interests and preferences of your lady, but her age, because, for example, women's diary, which can give a girl of 16 years, it is not suitable as a gift for already 20 years. The most important thing - your imagination and desire to surprise. Options

So, what to give to the girl's birthday? Divide the selection of gifts by age:

What to give a girl at a birthday party: ideas for all ages
  1. 15-17 years. Girls this age are beginning to take an interest in fashion and its trends, so this is what you should pay attention. Relatives can give fashionable clothes or, for example, a swimsuit, but the choice should somehow figure out exactly what the birthday girl dreams of, that the gift was really welcome. Also suitable bags, scarves and bright jewelry. In addition, you can give the makeup, but the choice must be stopped on the universal media (ink, shade), otherwise you run the risk of not guess. It should also be careful with such a gift, like a perfume, as each lady to your taste. If you think you give a girl a birthday (16 years), it may be advisable to buy in a bookstore some bright book of useful women's councils. Usually there are collected very interesting article on how to apply makeup, what you can do drawings on the nails, how to communicate with the pleasant man. This book will be very useful for the young lady.
  2. What to give a girl at a birthday party: ideas for all ages

    18-20 years. Because at this age the girls have transformed into girls, therefore, begin to carefully monitor themselves, something about jewelry and women's diaries, it is already possible to forget. If you do not know what to give to the girl's birthday, then we offer to choose some silver jewelery. Gold is still too early to give because it is the prerogative of mature women, but beautiful silver earrings are a very good gift. In addition, you can give your girlfriend a beautiful vase or figurine in the form of a heart. If you are a fan of practical gifts, we recommend that you choose a beautiful photo frame. As a gift, it is also suitable, and a gift certificate to a beauty salon.

  3. 21-25 years. The older the woman, the more expensive it can be to present gifts. You do not know what to give the birthday girl? Let this be the golden jewelery, watches, clutch. If you have the opportunity to surprise your beloved new car.