What is Zumba-Fitness? ZUMBA - Dance fitness program

In today's world, few people know what zumba-fitness. This unique program focuses on weight loss and improved overall health. It brings huge benefits and differs from other modern training rhythm, great music and great effects.

Beautiful and graceful figure wants to almost everyone. Unfortunately, this dream is more often elusive, as people are simply too lazy to do sports. It is for these lazy invented Zumba. It is a sports and dance programs that can engage both women and men.

Those people who have not yet understood what zumba-fitness, you must understand that with such training can not only reduce weight but also improve the condition of the whole body, running in the operation of the internal organs and systems. As a result, regular classes will be able to improve body coordination, bad tighten the press, restore skin elasticity and get positive emotions.

What is Zumba-Fitness? ZUMBA - Dance fitness program


Responding to a question about what zumba-fitness professionals often say that it is nothing like dancing. In the literal sense, of course, dance, these classes can not be named, but the whole program is based exactly on their elements. The music for the zumba-fitness necessary to perform certain movements to the rhythm. With this tightened and strengthened once all parts of the body. Here are involved the hands, feet, the press, including the small muscles of these groups.

This sport is considered to be universal, since they can be engaged absolutely all people, regardless of gender and age. Zumba does not involve the use of some specific movements. This enables the trainer to develop a program with which to handle even those who have not previously engaged in sports. Regular classes give a visible effect in just a couple of weeks. But for this it is necessary to give up the fat and flour food after exercise. In addition, to achieve the desired result it is important to bear in mind that your own coming up for a program is not necessary, how to do it correctly will still fail. In one class uses several dance styles, so it can develop a professional who is familiar with them.

Just one hour of training, you can enjoy all the charm of samba, hip-hop, belly dancing. Of course, all the areas of dance in different rhythms. Lay movements in such a way that they do not harm the human body can only coach.

What is Zumba-Fitness? ZUMBA - Dance fitness program


To date, those wishing to lose weight and tone up is a choice of one of the varieties of Zumbi:

  • classic (standard dances);
  • aqua (training is conducted in the pool);
  • tone (study of a certain area);
  • Circular (the usual dance alternates with simple physical exercises);
  • children (individual lessons for kids);
  • Continental (for beginners program).

Dance and hudey

Zumba fitness-slimming everyone involved with great pleasure. After two or three sessions the athletes significantly improved emotional state. At the same time there is a desire to start moving more and more rhythmic. But it must be remembered that, zumba fitness dance has a certain strain on the body, so you should not overdo it.

Day long training is not necessary, and especially for those people who previously had nothing to do with sports. In the case of severe overload of the body, a person may simply fall off the desire to continue training. In addition, there will be quite a strong delayed onset muscle soreness, which in the near future would not allow dancing in the usual way. As a result, all the achievements will be canceled, and after the restoration will have to start making healthy and losing weight again.

The use of

Knowing what zumba-fitness, a good idea to understand the benefits it brings to the body. To this list include:

  • reduction in the volume of the hips and waist;
  • improvement of the respiratory system;
  • gradual weight loss;
  • recovery of joint mobility and elasticity of the skin;
  • acceleration of metabolic processes;
  • increase in muscle tone;
  • reduction in the rate of the cardiovascular system.
What is Zumba-Fitness? ZUMBA - Dance fitness program


Despite the fact that the reviews about zumba-fitness, there are only positive, this sport, in addition to the benefits, and has some damage. When doing a little pressure can rise. People with weak physical condition may experience difficulty breathing. In addition, each person is a danger of injury to the extremities.


While reviews of zumba-fitness do not indicate adverse effects, while ignoring contraindications, they are still there, and they need to learn for everyone. To engage in this sport is prohibited for people who have the following symptoms and conditions:

  • pathological vessels and the heart;
  • the third trimester of pregnancy;
  • during lactation;
  • spinal injury;
  • high blood pressure;
  • sprains, limb fractures.


Zumba-fitness diet is a form of aerobics, so clothing should be selected for the training proper. It should be as user-friendly. In this case, the classic baggy tracksuits will not work, as they will interfere with traffic intensity.

What is Zumba-Fitness? ZUMBA - Dance fitness program

In the most advantageous embodiment of the top will shirt or T-shirt. For yanizhney body part can be used leggings, capri pants or shorts. By choosing no shoes stringent restrictions. It should be comfortable and fit snugly to the foot, so as not to fly during sudden movements. Experts recommend that you opt for sneakers or light shoes.

Fitness Program

For a form of aerobics, as well as for other sports, it is necessary to pass some training. This applies to both the novice and amateur athletes. It is sure to warm up your muscles before exercising, or complex elements can not be performed at the proper level, and the effect will not be achieved.

To get the maximum benefit from the training, its duration should not be less than one hour. On this basis it is worth noting that if the program chosen by the coach exhausting the first few minutes, you should immediately ask for relieving exercises and intensity change. Complicate the movement should be gradual, as the muscles get used to the load. If you engage in that rhythm, eventually will go an hour without much effort, without stopping.

What is Zumba-Fitness? ZUMBA - Dance fitness program

The training in sports clubs, as a rule, take place in the following sequence:

  1. Warm.
  2. The repetition of movements learned in the previous lesson.
  3. The study of new elements, if the old run correctly.
  4. The compound movements in a dance and rhythmic movements start.
  5. Stretching (exercises aimed at stretching and relaxation of the body).

Basic movements

The main elements in classes zumba fitness-linked in a single chain. Not every training can begin with soothing movements. When the coach is aware that its customers are in good physical shape, he can simply from the outset to give them a complex exercise, began training with belly dancing or from complex varieties of Latin American dances.

The presence in the same program several dance styles is not to say that they can dance without much concentration and focus. This is sure to be learned, in fact, if improperly performed exercises effect will get much smaller. Today the most common movements are:

  • small and large steps with the rotation of the housing;
  • claps his hands during the rhythmic movement;
  • side bends, combined with moves his hands.
What is Zumba-Fitness? ZUMBA - Dance fitness program

Recommendations to novices

Zumba-Fitness for Beginners is an interesting exercise. People who only recently made the decision to go in for sports, are interested in all directions in order to find the most suitable option. For those who prefer fell zumba, should learn a few guidelines and stick to them, that will provide the excellent results very soon. The list includes the following tips:

  • in the first couple of training is not worth much to load the body, as in this period, a person only acquainted with elementary dance moves;
  • do not need to miss a class, because a good effect can not happen if you do not exercise at least 3 times a week;
  • After a careful study of the basic exercises, you can vary the exercises in gyms home training, which will certainly help the knowledge gained in dealing with the coach;
  • in the process of losing weight should be good to watch your drinking regime, as it may slow down when lack of moisture weight loss;
  • despite the fact that Zumba is considered physically easy exercises, engage it with the presence of various diseases is undesirable.

Burning calories

Each fitness program helps to burn a certain amount of calories. Many sources indicate that during one lesson you can get rid of 500 calories. This number is often frustrating for beginners, as they feel that this is the limit. In fact, the final result depends on the workout time, as well as its intensity. Depending on the complexity of body exercises spend a certain amount of energy. People who are engaged to the maximum, squeezing out all the juice, can burn up to 1000 calories in just one session.

What is Zumba-Fitness? ZUMBA - Dance fitness program

Experts say that at the primary level, when during a workout even have the opportunity to sing along to the music, zumba fitness, you can get rid of 400-500 calories. At the middle level, where, during exercise it is possible to calmly talk, it burned about 700 calories. And on the most difficult level, where forces are only heavy breathing, it turns out to eliminate up to 1,000 calories.