Tatiana Tarasova: biography, personal life, photos

Tatiana Tarasova - the man, without which it is impossible to figure skating. Through her coaching work we now have in the bank team of seven Olympic gold medals. Among her pupils such famous skaters Alexei Yagudin, Irina Rodnina, Oxana Grischuk, Evgeny Platov, and others.

Biography Tatiana Tarasova - a step by step guide to how to achieve true greatness in spite of all the difficulties of life.


Tatiana Tarasova: biography, personal life, photos

Tatiana Tarasova rodіlas in the Moscow hospital February 13, 1947. Growing future coach in a sports family. Biography Tatiana Tarasova would not be the same as it is now, if not for her parents, who are very much invested in the future of his daughter. Her father, Anatoly, was a coach in hockey and football. Mom Tatiana Anatolevny Nina G. was a teacher of physical education. Besides Thani family Tarasov raised more and Galina - big sister to our heroine today.

As she says Tatiana Tarasova, the parents tried to instill in her character almost from birth. For example, to teach a four Tanya swim, my father threw it into the sea, and said: "Swim!" Several minutes later, the girl confidently kept on the water.

The first acquaintance with Tatiana Anatolevny skating happened in the age of five, when Anatoly Vladimirovich - the father of our heroine, led her to do this ridge sport stadium "Young Pioneers". In the same together with Tatiana, a young and trained Lyudochka Pakhomov, who later became famous Soviet skater.

Coaching career

Tatiana Tarasova: biography, personal life, photos

In the period from 1964 to 1966 Tarasova performs well in tandem with George Proskurin. For two years they had become silver and bronze medals of the USSR championship in figure skating. And at the Winter Universiade among students was held in 1966, they won the highest award - the Gold. Then, the pair predicted a great future. And probably all would have happened if the nineteen Tatiana did not suffer serious injury because of which she had to forget about the skater's career. After the accident in the biography of Tatiana Tarasova, a new period begins. Not wanting to give up figure skating, she goes to the coaches. Her pupils were the first couple: Elena Zharkov - Gennady Karponossov and Irina Moiseyev - Andrew Minenkov.

After a while Tatiana is going to enter the choreographer GITIS. Father daughter against such a decision. He believes that Tatiana has to go to study at the Institute of Physical Education. She could not go against his father. She always listened to his opinion. Therefore, in 1974, Tatiana preferring the physical culture institute.

In 1975, as a student, our heroine is awarded the title of Honored coach of the country. However, the recognition of the father she only gets only seventeen years later, when the Olympic Games in France her charges for the third time became triumphant. So, Anatoly meet his daughter loud a few days after the completion of the competition: "Hello, colleague!" To Tatiana Anatolevny these words became the highest award.

For his entire coaching career Tarasova participated as much in eight Olympiads. Several times Tatiana withdrawal of its pupils for Olympic gold: Zaytsev - Rodnina (1976, 1980), Bukin - Bestemyanova (1988), Ponomarenko - Klimova (1992) Gordeeva - Grinkov (1994), Ilya Kulik (1998), Grischuk - Platov (1998), Alexei Yagudin (2002). In addition, students Tarasova could win more than one hundred medals at world and European championships.

The work on the two continents

After the country's democratic changes that could not influence events in the biography of Tatiana Tarasova, our heroine began to look for possible implementation abroad (unfortunately, Russia has failed to create decent conditions for its operation). The first six months she trained in the United States, the second - in Moscow.

Create Ice Theater

In the mid 80s, Tatiana Tarasova together with Elena Tchaikovsky opens ice theater "All Stars". As participants many famous skaters were invited. During the entire existence of the theater (14 years old) artists could travel around with performances almost the entire globe. The concerts were in locations such as Melbourne, Washington, London, etc. This theater Tatiana realized her dream -. Traveled as a choreographer.


Tatiana Tarasova: biography, personal life, photos

Life in the biography of Tatiana Tarasova, occupies a special place. Sports celebrity has been married three times, and her choice became quite successful people.

First husband of Tatiana Anatolevna became actor Alexei Samoilov. Together they lived for two years. And although the former lovers have long parted, they still manage to maintain a warm relationship.

In this personal life in the biography of Tatiana Tarasova does not end there. Second husband of the eminent coach becomes athlete Vasily Khomenko. Their acquaintance was in the late 60s. However, this marriage did not last long. In 1976, the husband of the Russian figure skating coach commits suicide. Tatiana is very experienced this tragedy. This led to her severe depression. Only after some time honored figure skating coach was able to recover and get back to work. In front of the sports celebrity awaited new achievements and awards that have left an indelible mark on her biography.

Personal life Tatiana Tarasova has also undergone changes. Two years after the death of her husband she married Krainev (Soviet and Russian pianist, People's Artist of the USSR).

Generally, their familiarity is quite mystical. Before you first met her third husband, Tatiana Tarasova together with her friends sent to her grandmother-a fortune. Initially, the legendary Russian coach did not even want to listen to her, because she mentioned a theme the death of her second husband. However, the old woman arrested Tatiana Anatolevnu and told her about the forthcoming marriage with a man far below its growth. In the evening, a friend sent on a visit to family Fradkin. There was already Krainev. When Tatiana Tarasova went into the house and saw the table a man of small stature, she laughed and cried, that finally met his luck. Oh, he was very similar to the one of whom said the old woman. After the feast Krainev Tatiana suggested to take her to work. Tarasova agreed. And when they moved across the stone bridge behind them formed the amazing beauty of a double rainbow. After seeing Krainev said it happily and he was right. Nine days later, after they met Tatiana and Vladimir married. Together they have lived for 33 years. Separate them could only tragedy that has plunged the Russian coach in real horror. In 2011, her husband - Vladimir II Krainev dies of an aneurysm of the pulmonary artery.

It just so happened that the personal life in the biography of Tatiana Tarasova is very tragic. Only through the work of the pupils and she was able to cope with their losses and return to the sport.

His - other people's children

What could be more important than his personal life? Children! In the biography of Tatiana Tarasova, they occupy one of the highest niches. "Why?" - you ask. This is what we are now and we'll talk in detail.

Although God did not give Tatiana Tarasova children, coach biography shows that the role of the mother, she began to perform since the age of nineteen - the very period when her coaching career started. Coach really belonged to their wards as to their own kids. Despite the fact that at times it was tough with them, they are still very much loved and continue to love their Tatyana Anatolevnu. As recognized herself Tarasova, to become a mother, she would have long, but it was postponed for later. In the end it turned out that this is "deferred for later" never came. In general, apart from the "sons" and "daughters" of the sporting life, in his biography of Tatiana Tarasova, there are other children, she is also very much loves and believes his own. We are talking about her nephew (the son of her older sister, Galina) and his three kids.

Tarasova and her good heart

Many people know that Tatiana - a broad-hearted man, she is always ready to help. So, for over twenty years, she helps a former pupil of children's home, which already has a family and children. Biography Tatiana Tarasova is so clear that this woman just can not be called a saint.


Tatiana Tarasova: biography, personal life, photos

In addition to biographies, personal life and photos of Tatiana Tarasova, a lot of people interested in knowing about her own achievements.

Since 1972 Tatiana has the title of Honored coach of the RSFSR. And in 1975, she became the honored coach of the USSR. Tarasova also honored with several awards, the latest of which (the Order "For Merit" of the fourth degree), she was awarded in 2017 by President Vladimir Putin. In 2007, the sports celebrity "Russian of the Year" has won the award.

weight loss secrets from a Russian coach Tatiana Tarasova

Tatiana Tarasova: biography, personal life, photos

In recent years, the Russian coach very thin, it can be seen in her "instagramnym" picture. In the biography of Tatiana Tarasova, and so were a lot of achievements, but it did not stop there and decided to take a new peak, is not only a sports and diet.

Thanks to her diet, lose weight today, thousands of women of all ages. The very same Tatiana got rid of 33 kilograms of excess weight. The gist of it is simple diet:

  • with the correct five meals;
  • refusal to eat 2-3 hours before bedtime;
  • the use of 2 or more liters of water per day;
  • a full or partial waiver of salt.

Interesting Facts

Tatiana Tarasova: biography, personal life, photos

Biography personal life, children Tatiana Tarasova - all this, of course, interesting topics for discussion. But we can not forget about interesting facts. Especially in the life of the Russian coach their countless.

Few people know that the heroine of this article is also a professional writer. For '71, she managed to write two books. The works narrate the biography of Tatiana Tarasova. Personal author's themes are also found in these books.

But the following fact - from childhood honored coach. In school, before going to school, young Tanya first ran around the house a few laps.


Tatiana Tarasova: biography, personal life, photos

It is amazing how beautiful biography of Tatiana Tarasova. Personal example, she was able to prove that nothing is impossible in life. Through the merits of this great woman, her name will go down in the history of figure skating.