Paint Igora Royal: color palette

No wonder the women say they are fickle as April weather. Today, the fair sex prefers to be a glamorous blonde, after a while it just need to be a burning brunette or present themselves to the world in the image of the hapless red-haired beast. In any case, it remains the main condition: the hair must have excellent color saturation. Regularly change your image or closer to the natural color of hair will allow hair dye Igora Royal. The palette of colors is striking diversity and allows each woman to make the best choice.

Schwarzkopf & Henkel guard female beauty

Over the lifetime of the company Schwarzkopf & Henkel pleased with the fairer sex beautiful products for hair care. Building on its many years of experience, this world-renowned brand regularly presents consumers with great new items. Company products are renowned for consistently high quality and fully meet the German manufacturer's motto: "Only the best for your hair!"

Paint Igora Royal: color palette

is not an exception and hair dye Igora Royal, which color palette allows you to choose the most suitable for every woman needs her tone.

The paint is Igora Royal

In today's market there is a huge choice of means for coloring hair. Manufacturers of such products in the fight for the consumer trying to represent the colors of the highest quality. But the company Schwarzkopf & Henkel still managed to create an unparalleled product that compares favorably with the lack of a negative impact on the hair after dyeing. The inclusion of the Igora Royal silica and biotin will slow down the aging process of the hair, making them more durable and elastic. Protein Pancake Moringa, which are also included in the paint, not only nourish the hair but also provide color stability to fading.

Paint Igora Royal: color palette

The great advantage is the lack of paint pungent smell when using it. This has been achieved except for the composition of its ammonia and other hazardous reagents for the hair. Now dyeing agent "Igora Royal" gives the hair a delicate fruity flavor.

Also, a huge plus is the ease of paint in its use. Every woman who has decided to change its image, or paint the gray hair can do it yourself. All components are perfectly mixed funds, and pretty easy to put on hair.

A variety of means for coloring hair on Igora Royal

Thanks to the hard work of highly qualified specialists of cosmetology, medicine and other sectors of the world was represented by a series of excellent hair colors from the company Schwarzkopf Igora Royal. The palette of colors means of staining is very extensive, enabling even the most demanding of the fair sex make the best choice.

Basic series of colors represented by the following products:

  • cream-paint;
  • mikstony;
  • lotions-oxidants;
  • amplifiers for oxidation.

All toners not only perfectly kolorirujushchie hair, but also make them healthy, radiant vitality. The dyes are uniformly stained with each hair, while helping to strengthen its core, allowing even with frequent painting to forget about the fragility or loss of hair.

In addition, the German manufacturer introduced the dye gray hair Igora Royal Absolutes, the Vario-dusty powders, allowing to get rid of yellow at clarification, and Vibrance leveling color toning agent.

Igora Royal: blond-palette of shades

Clarification of hair in women was associated until recently with a not very pleasant sensations during tinting process, the presence of an unpleasant smell and a change in the structure of hair is not the best. Company Schwarzkopf has revolutionized the hair color into a lighter tone, suggesting benign and strengthen the hair dye. The composition brightening agents includes components which provide uniform coloring and excellent stability of color over 45 days.

Paint Igora Royal: color palette

Among the proposed tones can be selected as a special and ekstrablondin, allowing to obtain the desired coating results.

The palette of colors blond tones

It presents a huge variety of brown tones Igora Royal, palette which gives the opportunity to get a light, medium and dark brown in color. Very popular sandre tone, chocolate and copper.

The wealth of natural blond tone is an indisputable advantage of colors Igora Royal, which provides a palette of gorgeous hair color. As the fashion trend of our times is precisely the naturalness of such an offer from the company Schwarzkopf has become very topical. Moreover, a whole range of vitamins and special trace elements that make up the colors, makes hair more vibrant and shiny, provide incredible strength of color and its uniformity across the length of the hair.

Paint Igora Royal: color palette

Also, the dignity of colors is the absence of limitations in the application. Even very porous or damaged hair coloring and well tolerated after becoming more supple and elastic.

Igora Royal: a palette of red and chocolate shades

German manufacturer did not leave without attention of lovers of bright red and chocolate colors. The palette represented copper-gold, red-violet, chocolate, beige and other hues in light, medium or dark colors.

Paint Igora Royal: color palette

Due to the lipid carrier, which enable pigments to penetrate into the surface structure of the hair, the color is bright, saturated and highly resistant to wash-off or fading. Caring paint effect makes hair healthy at the same time, to cast a magnificent brilliance.

The black color of

Paint Igora Royal, black palette of shades which has two colors, black and extra black, enables ladies to get a great hair color saturated. Excellent color fastness for a long time will allow hair shine luxurious dark color, and the latest formulas used to create dye hair will live and elastic.

Mikstony Igora Royal

Even having at its disposal a variety of means for coloring hair is not always possible to achieve the desired result. Splendid property of Schwarzkopf & Henkel brand for such cases steel mikstony Igora Royal. Palette (reviews ladies who have used such tools, they show a high quality) allows you to get the most suitable tone with hair coloring. For example, the company offered three mikstona that neutralize the yellow, orange and red tones, giving them the cold orientation.

Paint Igora Royal: color palette

also exist mikstony that make the paint more vivid color to enhance the gold, copper, purple and red and purple tones. These tools are quite easy to use: they are simply added to the paint before its application to the hair.

According to the manufacturer's recommendations apply mikstony best in hairdressing, where experienced specialists will be able to properly use the tool to obtain the desired color. Experiments in the home can lead to the result, which you hardly expected.

100% gray painting

Hide gray hair is not always possible with conventional hair dyes, so picky about the quality of its products, the company "Schwarzkopf" developed an excellent special dye Igora Royal Absolutes. The palette of this tool has 15 tones, which allow you to completely paint the gray hair. women no longer need to pull up the first silver hair, damaging the follicles, which leads to even more gray. Due to the complex Color Crystal, incorporated in a cream color, pigment microparticles are well distributed over the hair, penetrating its structure, thus providing a complete disguise manifestations age hair.

In addition, when you create colors Royal Absolutes consider features of the age structure of the hair. dye components allow you to revitalize and rejuvenate the hair significantly, successfully fighting with aging, dryness and brittle hair, feeding them nutrients. Using proteins Moringa Oleifera, which are also included in the color cream, the strands are protected from the harmful effects of the environment and ultraviolet radiation. In addition to all the advantages it pleases the result obtained when using the proposed Igora Royal palette (photo staining result is disposed below). The color scheme is retained after painting the same as that indicated on the sample. After using the funds is not surprising an unexpected result, with the fear of looking in the mirror.

Paint Igora Royal: color palette

Additional resources for staining efficiency

As already noted, women are sometimes willing to completely change their image, which implies a radical change of hair color. To achieve this, without causing damage to the hair, it was quite difficult. In this case, the result could be quite unpredictable. To remedy the situation, the company Schwarzkopf special oxidizing emulsion was developed, which provide hair silkiness, obedience shine and volume. To achieve this has been the inclusion of the means of cation-STAC components. A distinctive feature of the emulsions is the minimum pH level in their composition, so that dyes can be used even for very sensitive skin of the head.

Selection emulsions that have different percentages of oxidation depends on the desired result taking into account the coloring of the original color of strands:

  • for color, which is darker tone available, use 3% oxidizer;
  • to effectively paint the gray hair or make the hair on the lighter tone, can be added to paint 6% of the emulsion;
  • to get the hair to be 2 shades lighter available, help 9% oxidizer;
  • in the case of long hairs 3 lightening tones will achieve the desired result 12% of the emulsion.

women Reviews of the colors Igora Royal

High quality paints caused a storm of favorable reviews of the women who have already evaluated their effectiveness. With delight great positive effect on the condition of the strands of dyes, no unpleasant odor was perceived, and ease of use. I did not disappoint the ladies and the results obtained by staining. In fairness it should be noted that there are negative reviews that had paint Igora Royal. The palette of colors, of course, is not satisfactory, but the result does not always satisfy the women who received the discrepancy in the expected and received tones. Yet the vast majority of the fair sex after applying dyes argue that higher quality products for hair coloring are not met and will now always use the Igora Royal colors from the company Schwarzkopf & Henkel.