Beautiful makeup day. How to make a day makeup for gray eyes?

Many women do makeup day every day on the machine, at best, thinking about it, combined with the dress. But correctly chosen color cosmetics decorate, hide minor flaws and age-related changes. When selecting a shadow and lipstick is important to consider not primarily clothing and shade their eyes, skin and hair color. Using these tips and tricks you can learn how to make beautiful and discreet daytime makeup.

Beautiful makeup day. How to make a day makeup for gray eyes?

Basic Rules

To make the right make-up day, it is important to consider the following points:

  • before applying a make-up skin of the face and neck should be cleaned and moisturized, and lighting - natural;
  • to make use of makeup as much as possible imperceptible, learning the basics of tonal range, good stop on a cream-fluid for normal skin or dry, and oily - on the loose powder in the balls;
  • is often used a winning combination of shadows and eye colors are: beige and bronze colors are green-eyed, brown and turquoise preferably selected proprietress blue eyes and purple and golden shadows are best suited brown-eyed;
  • shade permitted to use along with the liner, but in order to avoid congestion of makeup, it is best to limit two shades;
  • rouge must be chosen natural colors: peach or beige, better a little darker color;
  • eyebrows is better to leave not let down and slightly touch up pencil related shade or just to brush and fix the gel form;
  • natural colors are welcome and the choice of lipstick without too much shine.
Beautiful makeup day. How to make a day makeup for gray eyes?

The base day make-up

Used colors may vary, but the sequence of actions and choices means more constant. Stepwise Daytime makeup includes the following:

  • cosmetics applied to well-cleaned and moisturized skin, you can use a special leveling base, allowing longer-lasting make-up;
  • applying the tonal framework: it is better to do it with a brush, not forgetting the neck, otherwise it will be visible to the border; and modern tonal resources have additional useful properties, such as protection from the sun or a tightening effect that you should consider when choosing;
  • the use of the corrector to correct skin imperfections;
  • fixing powder;
  • adjusting the face with bronzer, blush and highlighter;
  • applying a pre-selected funds in the eye in view of their characteristics;
  • complete makeup lipstick or lip gloss.

Rules of eye makeup

For those who do not know how to do eye makeup day is almost invisible and at the same time expressive, there is a simple 4-step technique drawing shadows:

Beautiful makeup day. How to make a day makeup for gray eyes?
  • first on the entire eyelid applied the lightest of shadows;
  • then with a brush of medium size darker shade of shadow is applied along the centuries, capturing about one-third of the eyelid and the eye socket, the motion should be directed to the outer edge;
Beautiful makeup day. How to make a day makeup for gray eyes?
  • to create a smooth transition between tones shade shaded along the eye socket;
  • in the completion of a large brush shade shaded throughout the century, in order to deepen the color, it is best to add it gradually.
Beautiful makeup day. How to make a day makeup for gray eyes?

Ink for daytime makeup often selected color: dark gray, dark blue, brown or plum, but a black left for the evening or festive option. Apply it only on the upper lashes.

But in order to make a beautiful make-up day, it is important to take into account the type of eye, because each version has its own nuances.

Daytime makeup for small eyes

The specific objective of a make-up for small eyes is their visual magnification. This is achieved with a strong clarification zone near the eyes. To do this, fit concealer shade and gentle tones. To begin with make-up cover the entire century-concealer beige skin tone. If necessary, hide such troubles, as the bruising under the eyes or dark circles, you can use the same concealer. Once applied to the mobile eyelid gently with a soft brush bright shade of beige shades. Pale golden color can be used above, under the eyebrows, not forgetting its shade. To open the eyes, the outer corner is emphasized by a bronze tone, and to great effect held a thin line of white or beige color of the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid with a soft Kayala. Completes eye makeup applying colored mascara only on the upper lashes, preferable to use plum or brown.

The nuances of makeup for big eyes

The owner of the large eye is easier to do other beautiful day make-up, they need only to emphasize that the nature of donated using concealer and mascara. Cast shadows is not necessary, enough liquid concealer to even out the tone and hide minor skin imperfections. Ink dark gray or brown shade is also applied only to the upper lashes. If desired, add a few lines in pencil natural color on the edges of the lash.

Beautiful makeup day. How to make a day makeup for gray eyes?

Features daytime makeup for narrow eyes

When the daytime makeup narrow eyes need to perform the main task: to extend their maximum. For this purpose we use special techniques. Visually make eyes more open allowing the application of shadows on a slight distance from the upper and lower eyelids. It should avoid the use of pencils or podvodok dark or black color, they create the reverse effect: narrow eyes. A lover of pencils better look at the color options.

Begins make-up as standard: with applying foundation on the entire eyelid. After that, step back a little from the upper eyelid, it is necessary to use a beige shade, shading them carefully. At the outer corner of the century, a small brush for about a third of the line if you want to be allowed to put the shadow of a darker hue, for example, well suited golden-brown tone. Also allowed under the lower eyelid within the eye, starting from the middle, draw a thin line and gently shaded her, but at the same time better to avoid the emphasis on line growth of the upper eyelashes. To create the effect of the wide-open eyes do not forget to use bright soft pencil-Kayal - white or beige - emphasizing their inner corners of the eyes. Mascara should use bulk brown, gray or dark blue.

Secrets daytime makeup

In order to always know how to do daily make-up, you need to remember the following recommendations:

  1. Choosing a tonal basis, it is necessary to take into account the natural skin tone, it can be warm or cold. Correctly chosen remedy is to blend in with the natural skin pigment.
  2. Apply tonal framework can be a sponge or a brush, pre-heating to the back of the hand, not forgetting carefully remove the excess tissue.
  3. A more natural makeup helps make loose powder, it reinforces good tonal resources.
  4. In order to properly apply blush and determine the location of cheekbones, enough to smile.
  5. Mascara makes expressive eyes and is always needed, even if you do not use shadow.

The nuances of everyday makeup for owners of gray eyes

Gray eyes are a beautiful feature - change hue depending on the lighting, clothing and selected shadows. They allow you to experiment with a selection of colors. Owners of such eyes is almost any makeup, but makeup for daytime gray eyes requires compliance with general rules: the use of natural colors. In order to make your eyes shine, it suffices to use a light pink pencil. When choosing the shadows better to stay on warm shades: for light-skinned fit beige and caramel, and for dark-skinned - bronze and gold, are universal shade of pink, but you need to carefully select the shade, if mistaken, the eyes will look to cry.

Beautiful makeup day. How to make a day makeup for gray eyes?

Daytime makeup for gray eyes does not require a lot of makeup, enough foundation, eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss. Pure gray eyes are rare, often gray-green or blue-gray. To emphasize eye tint may be using shadow or pencil in the same color or darker than the maximum of two colors. A lover of experimenting, you can paint the lower lashes blue ink, it will give your eyes a new and interesting color, and the use of silver shades add a steel shade.

make-up features for owners of dark hair,

In order to make a perfect make-up day for brunettes, should be considered eye color and skin tone. Girls with light eyes and dark skin naturally very bright, so they emphasize the natural beauty is enough. To the eye it is recommended to choose the quiet shades of shadows by using eyeliner, then dark gray or brown, and the line to do fine, it is only a couple coats of mascara. Adjust the shape of the face will help to blush peach or pink color. Concluding makeup, lips can put lipstick or gloss muted natural colors.

Makeup day for the girls with light eyes and fair skin has the same features as the previous one, the only difference - the need to make the eyes more expressive. You can use the shade darker shades and eyeliner line to make a bright and wide, but remember to comply with the measure, so makeup is not too bright.

Beautiful makeup day. How to make a day makeup for gray eyes?

Girl with brown eyes make-up artists are advised to use pastel colors that soften the excessive brightness and will be a perfect choice for everyday makeup. Use eyeliner you can not forget to shade and avoid sharp lines. The shade is better to use a double of one color, lighter shades applied closer to the inner corner of the eyes, dark - to the outside, and the border carefully shaded. Mascara is better to use a black or dark brown. Look good blush and lipstick peach or coral, but the lip can and does confine colorless shine.

The specificity of makeup for owners of blond hair

The correct day make-up for blondes allows us to emphasize the natural beauty, hide flaws and look as natural as necessary.

Beautiful makeup day. How to make a day makeup for gray eyes?

The daily make-up suggests to pay the greatest attention to the eyes, highlighting them, and enough bright lip, nevyzyvayuschey lipstick or gloss. Eyebrows enough to handle shadows related hue, giving up pencil. Eyeshadow selected taking into account the expected attire and eye color, is a good option - pastel shades, such as milk-white, gray, beige, pale green or blue. To make the brightness eyes allowed to use a pencil or liner, they should be applied over the shadow. Completes the eye make-up mascara. Lipstick or gloss is better to choose a pink, peach or coral color. It prevents makeup day is too sudden and sharp lines, to adjust the contour can use dim with a pencil, and then powder the lips before applying lipstick. Using the above tips and advice is a snap, and the result will please: correctly executed makeup to hide flaws and age-related changes. Daily experimenting within the basic rules, you can find your own ideal.