Interval training for fat loss: forms, rules, examples

Diet for quite a long time are not among the measures that are effective to achieve the perfect figure. Significant results will help to achieve a combination of thoughtful diet, consisting of the "right" foods, and reasonable training plan drawn up. One of the best fat-burning activities, both at home and in the gym - interval training. On it, we'll talk.

The alternation of intensity: the mechanism of weight loss

Interval training - this is a series of alternating exercises that provide the body with the change of high and low loads. Due to such a busy person gets rid of excess body fat, build muscle, become more resilient.

High intensity interval training - one of the best ways to achieve the dream figure. During alternation of loads and breaks in the muscle increases the amount of L-carnitine - an amino acid that transports fat cells mitochondria. Fat burning during and after exercise, becomes a kind of fuel to the body. Also, the blood enters the growth hormone that promotes an increase in metabolic level, and consequently, more intense combustion adipose tissue cells.

Interval training for fat loss: forms, rules, examples

When the high-intensity exercise body functioning in an anaerobic mode. The energy source for the active work of muscles is carbohydrate. Low-intensity loads transferred to a person in the aerobic mode, the power consumption at the expense of fat oxidation. The pulse rate thus remains at a level sufficient to fat burned during the workout, and even for some time afterward.

The benefits for the body

To other types of employment intensive training have several advantages:

  • combustion of large amounts of fat, both during training and after it;
  • to conduct training in the hall with the use of simulators, and in the home without any equipment;
  • getting rid of excess body fat without losing muscle mass;
  • a positive effect on the heart and circulatory system
  • the strengthening of muscles, the development of general endurance of the body.

The basic rules of employment

Interval training for burning fat must include at least two exercises: high intensity to be performed at maximum speed for 10-30 seconds, and more easily passing a low rate for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. The duration of the workout, depending on fitness level - from 2 to 30 minutes or more. Begins and ends with the need to exercise the 5-minute warm-up.

At the beginning of training high-intensity exercise should be 4-5 times shorter than the low-intensity. With increasing length of the body natrenirovannosti originally short laps increases, and the difference between the phases of time is reduced.

Interval training for fat loss: forms, rules, examples

This type of training is quite complex for the body, and to recover from workouts requires a relatively large amount of time. The Council therefore to hold such sessions are not often 2-3 times a week.

Even high-intensity interval training will not be effective if not a calorie deficit is created. Only in a situation of lack of calories muscle work will contribute to the burning of excess fat. Interval training can not be considered very simple for the body. Newcomers better to prepare for them. Contraindications for training are diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as chronic diseases. Should not be to train women suffering from varicose veins, as well as being in an interesting position. In studies by also best avoided during the menstrual cycle.


HIIT abbreviation stands for High-Intensive Interval Training - in English the "high-intensity interval training". HIIT - is a set of phases with cardio, total duration not exceeding 20 minutes.

Interval training for fat loss: forms, rules, examples

A distinctive feature of HIIT is that during exercise should be carried out for at least 6 cycles. Each cycle included two phases - high and lower intensity, the time of which consists in the ratio 2/1. The first phase involves the highest possible intensity of the exercise. After a fixed pulse limit heart rate. During the second phase of an athlete resting and recovering, at the same time without stopping. Exercises are performed at half power, pulse rate should be half of the value measured at the time of intensive training.

Among the world's experts HIIT technique is recognized as one of the best interval training for fat loss.


Methodology "Tabata" was developed in the 90s of the last century in Japan, it bears the name of its creator. You can use almost any kind of exercise for interval training for fat loss protocol "Tabata". The methodology - alternating high-intensity phases with the phases of rest. Within 4 minutes possible intense worked one muscle group, while during exercise and rest alternated in the ratio of 20 seconds / 10 seconds. During the 20-second high-intensity phase it is recommended to perform the greatest possible number of repetitions. Four-eight small approach involves repetitions.

For best results, the number of sets should be equal to 5 or more at a good level, dealing with preparedness. In this exercise should be repeated at a rapid pace, remembering to observe the correct technique. Each approach provides for a break of 1 minute.

Interval training for fat loss: forms, rules, examples

In spite of the short duration studies, the results of the application of techniques "Tabata" is impressive: in addition to burning calories and fat strengthens the cardiovascular system and the muscles become noticeable relief.

As a result of observation it was found that short-term training on how to "Tabata" 9 times more effective than lessons in the hall, held for several hours.

Sample interval training exercise to lose weight at home protocol "Tabata":

  • push-ups;
  • squats;
  • abdominal exercises;
  • lifting the pelvis;
  • attacks;
  • "scissors";
  • pulling your knees to your chest out posture "bar";
  • standing lifting your knees to your elbows in position.

Interval running

Interval running workouts are one of the most popular activities. Driving lessons developed by coach Waldemar Gerplerom in 1939, is considered to be efficient and effective, and to this day. Interval running involves:

  • 100-meter run intensive;
  • 2-minute break (you can not stand or sit, it is recommended to perform exercises or walk at a brisk pace).
Interval training for fat loss: forms, rules, examples

Cross interval training for weight loss in the home and classroom in the hall require only 20 minutes of free time. Interval running helps to speed up metabolism, excretion of toxins, the development of general endurance and, of course, the burning of fat.

Training on a stationary bike

Monotonous aerobic exercise bikes take a lot of time and effort, but as a rule, do not give noticeable results. Meanwhile, as the interval training on an exercise bike is an excellent option for burning fat. This type of training is the alternation of fast driving with pedals torsion in the unhurried pace.

Interval training for fat loss: forms, rules, examples

The duration of the training on a stationary bike should not exceed 10-15 minutes. At the beginning of training phase light loads should last 3 times longer exercises, held at a rapid pace, but the time difference should be gradually reduced. The initial 5 cycles increased to 15. conduct training should be 2-3 times a week, and in a few weeks to change the type of load.


Complex classes "Fitmiks" was developed by the instructor Leonid Zaitsev. Interval training for burning fat "Fitmiks" lasts no more than 30 minutes and includes elements collected from Pilates, yoga, fit-boxing and other disciplines. The complex is aimed at increasing efficiency, strengthening the posture and reducing the volume of the body by working muscles.


The Swedish system has been designed for the preparation of Olympic athletes for international competitions. Due to the extensive usage it is better not to practice for beginners in the sport. The system has a competitive time, so the classes is best done in pairs.

Interval training for fat loss: forms, rules, examples

"Fartlek" offers the following example of interval training:

  • warm up muscles using the jog - 10 minutes;
  • running at high speed - 10 min;
  • walking at a fast pace, breathing normalization - 5 minutes;
  • running in a straight line distance - 100 m;
  • running on an inclined - 100 m;
  • walking at a fast pace, heart rate stabilization - 5 min.

The recommended duration of the workout "Fartlek" - up to 20 minutes.