Maria Petrova - skater, a teacher and mother

Nearly a decade in the world figure skating performed one of the most beautiful and touching pairs. Maria Petrova - skater, which did not immediately find its only partner in sports and in life. However, when it merged with Alexei Tikhonov, there was a magical duo, who admired the public and the toughest critics and judges.

The late arrival of figure skating

Petrova Maria Igorevna was born in 1977 in St. Petersburg. The decision to choose the sports section for herself she took alone.

Like any other sport, which includes acrobatics, figure skating requires an early start. In 3-4 years the handle lead mothers and grandmothers of their children to the rink. However, Maria Petrova - skater, who was beaten out of the total number. Only seven years old she started figure skating. However, it is so hard and selflessly worked in training, he mastered jumps and elements that in a short time caught up with their peers and has been translated into a sports group.

Maria Petrova - skater, a teacher and mother

A little girl was difficult to combine study and two-single trainings. Initially, she went to a special school sports, which turned a blind eye on the gaps in achievement, but then Mary began to study in a regular school. However, hard-working girl kept pace with classmates and was able to adequately complete their studies.

Maria Petrova - skater biography that figure skating was predetermined by its physical characteristics. Traditionally, Soviet and Russian school girls distributed in the disciplines according to their addition. High long-legged girls gave in ice dancing, small, low - in sports couples. Accordingly, the fate of Mary, whose height - 152 cm, has been resolved, and it is defined in the latter species.

The Junior victory

In 1992, at age 15. Maria Petrova, skater with great potential, got in a couple of Anton Sikharulidze. Subsequently, it will become the world champion, Olympic triumph, but with a different partner - Elena Berezhnaya. In the meantime, he regularly rode with Maria Petrova. The guys at the time were the best among their peers. Two years in a row they have won in the junior world championships by a wide margin from the competition.

It was a couple of Petrov-Sikharulidze was considered in the future, the first pair of the country at all major tournaments. However, the duo of men and women in the sport - a very delicate matter. Alone are not sufficient athletic performance, so that the young man and the girl worked well together.

Maria Petrova - skater, a teacher and mother

The problems with the relationship between them was the cause of the collapse of the promising duo.

Soon Maria Petrova becomes in a couple of Teimuraz Pulin. Together with him, she also achieves good results in the junior competitions, but in general the duo looked much weaker.

The new duo - new victories

Maria Petrova - skater, who happens to find its principal and sole partner in the sport only at the third attempt. Poorly developed relationships with Pullin, Sikharulidze. However, Alexei Tikhonov became the most loyal and reliable partner, with whom Mary will hold ten years of his glorious career on the ice.

The pair was formed in 1998, and a few months later came the first victory on the stages of the Grand Prix. Tall, handsome Alexei Tikhonov and a small, well-coordinated Maria Petrova were the perfect duo. The children performed the technical elements of the highest complexity, while constantly honing his choreography. Russian couple was one of the strongest in those years, however, under conditions of fierce competition within the team for some time they remained in the shadow of an already established duo Berezhnaya-Sikharulidze.

Maria Petrova - skater, a teacher and mother

The high point of St. Petersburg athletes came in 2000. Then, the surprise of many, they won the European Championship, and soon repeated his achievement at the world championships. Subsequently, the guys will be provided constantly on the podium biggest tournaments, but will not be able to repeat the victory.

In the downturn of the Russian figure skating

Petrova-Tikhonov showed consistently high results almost ten years of his career. At this time it came and the period of the change of generations in the Russian figure skating. After a successful Olympic Games in Turin in 2006 many top skaters left the sport, having achieved victory in the most important tournament.

Maria Petrova - skater, a teacher and mother

However, it had to face the fact that they did not have time to prepare a decent shift. The period of full medal drought at major tournaments, the level of Russian skaters was obscenely low. Only Petrova and Tikhonov continued to maintain the reputation of the national school and tightens for a more young athletes.

This went on for two years, but then in 2007, Alexei Tikhonov was seriously injured and decided to retire. Petrov saw no reason to look for another partner and also hung up his skates.

TV star and teacher

Still continuing an active sports career, Maria participated in the filming of the television show ice. On the project "Stars on Ice" was a partner of the girl known saxophonist Igor Butman. Small, touching Petrova subsequently battered relevant partners.

Maria Petrova - skater, a teacher and mother

It is further involved in the continuation of the project, nataskivaya Michael Galustjana, Kostya Tszyu, Askold Zapashny and other famous personalities.

Pairs with Maria Petrova always aroused excitement among the spectators, and Petrov has always invited to the next shooting.

In 2010, Mary and former partner of Sport have decided that it is time to share their knowledge and skills with others. They opened his own school of figure skating, which continues his work.

In the role of mother and wife

Maria Petrova - skater, whose personal life was inextricably linked with the sport. Like ice, the girl in life accompanies and supports reliable and faithful partner. Alexei Tikhonov is the companion of the life of Mary so far. During the life together they had a daughter, Pauline.

Maria Petrova held a long and impressive career. Ending the ride itself, she continues to share a wealth of experience already in the status of the teacher.