Alexander Gusev: photos, biography, sports career, interesting facts

That hockey team of the USSR, that met in the Super Series-72 Canadian professionals will always be in the memory, no matter how many years pass, and the players of the team will always look the Titans. One such titans - Alexander Gusev defender.

Hard as ice hockey

Name Gusev is on a par with the best names of the defenders in the history of Russian hockey. Being a hockey defender and shun power struggle - is nonsense. Vyacheslav Fetisov, Valery Vasiliev, Vitaly Davydov, Darius Kasparaitis ... Different generations, different styles, but always they have in common one thing: the ability to lead a power struggle. However, such rigid and sometimes violent on the court, Alexander Gusev, they were not. he was an exception to the Soviet hockey school, but somehow fit it perfectly ...

The fact is that it just seems that the striker - an honest-most honorable knight without fear and without reproach. Defender is more attributed to the category of villains that much at all, just to stop the noble man. Alas, the reality is that a close contact forwards are not averse to playing not fair in relation to the counterpart. they are often even more adept in regard to how to hide their unjust actions. Moreover, that public opinion on their side: who else they think?

Here is a look that works against Guseva supposedly respected Gordie Howe ?!

Alexander Gusev: photos, biography, sports career, interesting facts

In fact, just look at the injuries (broken nose, broken teeth, broken fingers and hands, broken joints) "killer" Gusev to understand - stiffness justified. If you do not fight back, scared, take care of yourself, jerk-striker will host in the protected gate, just like at home. Because Gusev and deserved reputation as a defender, he was brave at the gates, no one was afraid, including pain.

Skates - first love

Sasha put on skates father, who played the lute in the famous Army song and dance ensemble named after Alexandrov. The skates were brought to a gift from a foreign tour and felt boots are attached to the four-year Sasha. He went out to them on the ice and in the tightly groomed snow. And immediately I fell in love skating so much that remember this moment forever. All early childhood quenched the passion of parents and grandparents, especially vozivshie Sasha on rollers.

Hockey is in a serious way, Alexander Gusev came in ten years. More precisely, I arranged for him to Mom. While he is trying to himself. Alone, without telling anyone, I went through half of Moscow recorded in CSKA hockey school, but the view of coach Boris Afanasyev failed. I came home with wet eyes from injury. Sensitive mother noticed her tears, and finding out what was going on, easily turned to the trainer: "What you did not take my !!?". In response I heard a surprised: "So it was your son ?!". The fact that his mother, like his father, also worked in CSKA system (CDKA, CDSA), but as an accountant, and many coaches and players know personally. So future storm-hitter was adopted in CSKA hockey school.

Set experience

It so happened that Alexander Gusev worked in all major hockey schools in Moscow: in CSKA Moscow, in "Spartacus" and "Dynamo" and "Wings of the Soviets." Therefore, the first coach he had a lot Boris Afanasyev Andrey Starovoytov, Vyacheslav pelvic Alexander Cherepanov, Valentin Senyushkin Vladimir Elizarov Vladimir Brunow finished ... But he still army school. Nebestalanny boy noticed and invited to CSKA. However, to break into the first team had a long time. In this process, fate brought him to Valery Kharlamov. However, a senior Gusev was already more experienced: behind were training in military commands Kalinin and Novosibirsk, but to help (and gain experience) in Chebarkul "stars" were sent together. Together they returned to CSKA, almost as main players.


Together with CSKA and the Soviet national team has achieved almost all that it was possible, but not for the company, and at the forefront: with defender Valery Vasiliev was in a pair of rear-known strikers Mikhailov, Petrov and Kharlamov. Butting with the quintet few could. In addition, he himself was not a defender, homebody. He liked to play, not only in defense. Loved connect to the attacks, he had death clicking, not scored so few goals.

Alexander Gusev: photos, biography, sports career, interesting facts

The coach Anatoly Tarasov stiffness Gusev encouraged, and it is oh so handy in international matches. Especially Superserie Canadians. It is no secret that when the NHL was dominated by the style of power hockey and physical intimidation of opponents, the epitome of which was the team - a multiple winner of the Stanley Cup - "Philadelphia Flyers", headed by the scorer hooligan Bobby Clarke, the game is Nikolai Ozerov commented on the famous "This hockey we do not I need. " Despite the fact that during the matches Clark frankly injury inflicted Kharlamov, intimidate our defense, and especially Alexander Gusev, he failed. "About me, you can not say that I'm clean - Clark would say -. But I always play strong and hard and respects it in others.". Well, how to calm these if not by force?

The Legend №2

Alexander Gusev: photos, biography, sports career, interesting facts

The high point of the hockey player Alexander V. Guseva ended with the arrival of the team CSKA coach Vyacheslav Tikhonov. The young coach was obliged to look to the future rather than on the merits of the veterans. The time has come, and a kind of heir Gusev become in the future superizvestny Vyacheslav Fetisov. To him and moved the second room of Alexander. We must pay tribute Fetisov, his predecessor, he has surpassed. Played may not be so hard, but where performance and, most importantly, effective. Alexander also sometimes preferred effektnosti efficiency. However, the legend of number 2 of our hockey wants to be called not only Fetisov, but Gusev, who now, despite its age, can sometimes be seen on the ice in matches veterans. Colonel Alexander Gusev became later, and finished his career major.


Alexander Gusev (USSR / Russia).

Hockey player.

Born on 01.21.1947 in Moscow.

Position: Defender, coach.

Antropometrika: 185 cm, 80 kg.

Seasons, clubs:

  • 1965 1968-78 - CSKA (Moscow);
  • 1965-66 1967 - SKA MVO (Kalinin);
  • 1966 - SKA (Novosibirsk);
  • 1967-68 - "Star" (Chebarkul);
  • 1978-79 - the SKA (Leningrad).


  • 1984-90 - SKA MVO (Kalinin).


  • Olympic Champion in 1976.
  • World Champion 1973, 1974 years.
  • "silver" of the world in 1972's.
  • "Bronze" of the world in 1977.
  • "Gold" of the USSR in 1968, 1970-73, 1975, 1977 years.
  • USSR Cup in 1968, 1969, 1973.
  • The winner of the Games of the USSR (winter) in 1966.
  • The winner of the Games of the peoples of the RSFSR (winter) in 1970.
  • ZMS (1973).
  • User 1972 Summit.
Alexander Gusev: photos, biography, sports career, interesting facts


He graduated from the Leningrad Military Institute of Physical Culture. Wife - Nina. I have children and grandchildren.

In the movie,

The Russian film "Legend of the number 17", dedicated to Valery Kharlamov, the role of team-mate and friend of the Soviet hockey star Alexander Gusev played actor Alexander Lobanov.

Another Alexander Gusev

Alexander Gusev: photos, biography, sports career, interesting facts

Gusevs in Russia has always been with a vengeance. And the famous hockey player Alexander Gusev has a very famous full namesake, to which it is often confused. Let's call him and finally stop "cross" two decent people.

Alexander Gusev (USSR / Russia).

Born 09.12.1959.

  • is headed by Alexander Gusev Judicial Department at the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.
  • , Vice-President of Russian Lawyers Association (ADA).
  • A member of the Political Consultative Council under the President of the Russian Federation from the AAP.
  • A member of the Council under the President of Russia on Information Society Development in the Russian Federation.