Light hairstyles for each day

We girls love variety. Our wardrobe packed with various sweaters, shirts, tunics, skirts, jeans and dresses. Moreover, we have more than one pair of shoes, bags, scarves and jewelery. But it is quite another thing - the hair. It does not always have the opportunity every day to run to the salon or to contact her friend for help. In such cases, for a change to learn to make easy hairstyles for every day.

Light hairstyles for each day

Hairstyle of braids and flower

You will need two gum, artificial flower, hair clips and a little patience. To make the hair-bundle of braids, you need to braid them together at the back (the distance - no more than 5 cm). Twist braid together and fasten a clip (invisible or pin). Garnish with a bunch of flower.

The tail-beam

Hair styling will look so very beautiful. Suitable for work, holiday, study or business meeting. To do this, first make a small ponytail. Fasten it eraser. Divide the top strand in two parts in the middle at the top slip the end of the tail. Hair in a ponytail good nacheshite. Use nail fixation or volume. Hands, make an indentation behind the gum and slip the remaining hair back. Fasten varnish and invisible. High-retro hairstyle

High volumetric twisted tail looks elegant and beautiful. It is suitable not only for learning, but also for going to the club. First, leave some hair ahead. Make a high ponytail on the back. Nacheshite remaining hair, and collected - Screw. Then divide them into smaller strands in front and secure one around the tail, with each raising and fixing the nail volume.

Light hairstyles for each day

Tail of the pigtailed or strand

Light hairstyles require a little practice. But the tail with a scythe or a strand can be done without even practicing in a fast pace yourself. To do this, collect the tail at the back, fix it with a rubber band. From the bottom part of separate thin, small strand and wrap it around the base of the tail. Secure the barrette. Similarly, you can make and pigtail.

The switches in the wake of

If you have thick hair, light hair styles of this type will suit you perfectly! Separate the hair near the ear on one side, and the other strands secure. Along the neck thin braid braid. They may make a few. After that, all the spit, connect with other strands, take the tail and secure with beautiful hairpin. Retro amount of

Volumetric tail looks stylish and beautiful. Light hairstyles of this type is very easy to do yourself. To do this, using odnoryadki separate strand and make bouffant. Fix all the varnish. Free to put the hair into place and into a ponytail. You can also detach from the bottom of a small section, make the braid and wrap it around the elastic. Fasten clasp.

Light hairstyles for each day

Beautiful light hair and practice

Learn how to do different hairstyles on their own is not so difficult. Of course, the first time you are unlikely to get something. This requires practice and a little patience. You can buy a book, which step by step in the pictures will show you how to lay the hair, or ask for advice from a specialist. Practice, learn, and you can make beautiful, neat, easy hairstyles at home.