How to take care of the beauty of the chest, while sitting on a diet

You sit on a diet, clearly counted every calorie, every day to do exercises twice a week show up in the fitness center. The number on the scale is reduced all, jeans are starting to hang out, and only if you notice that your favorite bra you are no longer in size. Loss of volume in the chest during weight loss - a problem that concerns not only you. We decided to look into why this is happening and how you can prevent resizing.

How does the composition of the breast?

How to take care of the beauty of the chest, while sitting on a diet

A large part of your breast is made up of fat cells. When you gain weight, the fat cells expand, and if you start to exercise regularly, and burn superfluous - their number is decreasing.

Decrease in breast size is largely dependent on the amount of fatty tissue in it. In some women, these tissues less dense breasts felt more, and weight loss does not affect the size.

The amount of fatty tissue in your chest can not be controlled - everything is decided genes. To learn more about how your breast is arranged, you can, making any medical imaging, such as a mammogram, which is recommended to be held annually.

What could say anything?

Oddly enough, but the size of your breasts can talk about total body weight. Studies have shown that women with larger cups have a tendency to an increase in body mass index. They weigh more and have a percentage of fat tissue in the bodies higher than women with small breasts. So, maybe it's in your genetic predisposition, not love for sweets.

How to stop sagging?

How to take care of the beauty of the chest, while sitting on a diet

If you lose weight too quickly, the amount of collagen and elastin, which keep the breast supple, decreases due to cell stress. The absence of these important elements leads to sagging and flabbiness chest and severity of this condition increases, if you are prone to weight jumps. So if you are faced with the famous yo-yo effect when the lost weight back and you have amassed even more than before the diet, at this point you are only complicates the work of the breast tissue.

The easiest way to avoid this - lose weight slowly and steadily. In addition, you can change a few habits that affect the density, for example, to wear special underwear comfortable and do muscle strengthening. Avoid fast-track program for losing excess weight, try to exercise on a regular basis, and regularly use products that stimulate the production of collagen.

How does the training?

There is a set of exercises that help the body stay strong and healthy even if they lose weight. If the classic cardio exercises most often directed at burning fat, then weight training leads to improved metabolism, and that they should start.

Choose the strength exercises that are designed to work the pectoral muscles: push-ups, dumbbell presses on the chest and breeding hands with dumbbells. Always wear before exercise special sports bra that will reduce the risk of injuries and sprains.

Do you have a decrease in breast size Noticed for weight loss?