Arturo Gatti: Biography, cause of death

Great people attract interest even years after his own death. At the same time it's not only well-known artists, musicians and politicians, but also athletes. A striking example of this is the biography of Arturo Gatti - boxer fighting style which never and nowhere does not leave anyone indifferent to what is happening fist fight in the ring. About this man, we'll talk in detail in the article.

Arturo Gatti: Biography, cause of death


A future world champion in boxing among professionals was born on 15 April 1972 in the Italian province of Lazio. By the will of fate with time he was in Canada, citizenship and subsequently became. During his career, he spent 49 fights, of which 40 won. In the fight he knocked out 31 of his opponents, and the style was typical boksirovaniya puncher. The athlete was a master of four languages: French, English, Italian and Spanish. In the ring he wore the nickname "Thunder".

amateur career

Arturo Gatti as an amateur was a member of the world championship in Peru in 1990, where he lost to his opponent in the first lap. A soldier was a member of Canada's national team for the passage of selection for the Olympic Games in 1992, but in 1991 he decided to abandon the qualification and moved to the professionals.

Arturo Gatti: Biography, cause of death

Getting a great way

10 June 1991 Arturo Gatti for the first time set foot in the ring as a professional already. His first opponent was the Jose Gonzalez. Their fight did not pass the entire distance - Canadian counterpart knocked out in the third round. After a series of successful fights for themselves boxer Arturo Gatti released on the first of his title fight against life at that time owned the IBF belt Tracy Harris Patterson. According to the results of confrontation all the judges gave preference to young hopefuls, and the hero of the article at the age of 23 years became the best in the world in the second featherweight title.

The first defense of the title

March 23, 1996 Arturo Gatti met challenger for his belt Wilson Rodriguez. At that time, nobody in their wildest expectations could not imagine how the drama will unfold in the ring. Already in the first round of the Champions "ate" jabs and crosses from the Spaniard, and the second three-minute Gatti and did was knocked down. However, further developments have turned completely to the other side. Arturo began to actively attack the opponent's body and eventually broke his ribs. At some point Rodriguez in an attempt to protect his body opened his head, and Gatti lightning hit in the jaw with a left hook, so was able to knock out an opponent and defend their title.

Arturo Gatti: Biography, cause of death

Next, after spending two more championship bout against Patterson and Ruelas, Canadians went to the category above.

Fighting with the best

Turning to the light weight, Arturo Gatti in three fights in a row, I lost, but these losses are given boxing fans what the audience is waiting for the most - sight, tensions fights and spectacular moments.

The first reviewer for the Thunder was the Angel Manfredi. At the beginning of the fight the Canadian got a bad cut, because of which he eventually lost already in the eighth round. However, Arturo left a vivid impression of yourself. August 22, 1998 Arturo fought and Ivan Robinson. Duel of the boxers was voted the fight of the year. From the outset, a native of Italy, literally chased his opponent's high, but there were not so often. At the same time he strongly beaten Ivan Gatti. But in the 10-round Arturo has a real chance to beat counterpart after he missed a right hook and was knocked down. However, Robinson was able to recover and bring the fight to the judicial decision that turned out to be in his favor. In the rematch, Ivan was again better, and the fight went the full distance again. After this defeat, Arturo decided to go in the first Welterweight.

Steps to a new project:

Caught in a heavier weight division, Gatti spent four successful fight for themselves. And in the first two fights he so brutally knocked out his opponents, that after that they never came out to the ring. Such vivid performances Canadians have not gone unnoticed, and he's got the right to meet with the best at that time boxer of the world regardless of the category Oscar De La Hoey. Their confrontation lasted only five rounds, because the angle Gatti was forced to throw in the towel due to the fact that their ward inferior rival in all respects, and was seriously damaged. Arturo under his right eye after the bout was imposed thirteen stitches.

Arturo Gatti: Biography, cause of death

In January 2002, Arturo Gatti, whose cause of death is listed below, returned to the ring and won a victory over former world champion Terron Millet. And in this fight, it is the Canadian boxed rather than Hacked. This was made possible thanks to the fact that he changed his coach and was under the care of renowned expert James McGirt. This was followed by a magnificent trilogy, each of the fights which was awarded the title "Fight of the Year", and according to some experts, even "Fight of the Century." It is about Gatii confrontation with Micky Ward. In their first fight by split decision victory went to Mickey, but in the remaining two fights confident victories celebrated Canadian, who was able to show themselves in the best part of both the technical and tactical side.

In January 2004, Gatti was able to win the vacant WBC world title in the light welterweight division.


In summer 2006, the story of Arturo Gatti gained another humiliating defeat. At this time, his abuser was no less legendary Floyd Mayweather Jnr. American in the end of the first round broke the rules, but the referee did not react to it, and a Canadian at the time stopped, resulting in missed punch and was knocked down. Next, for five rounds, challenger dominated, leading to stop the fight in the sixth round and defeat Gatti TKO.

Arturo Gatti: Biography, cause of death


The new category for itself Arturo had three fights, the first of which immediately won the vacant title in two consecutive lost, both times by knockout. July 14, 2007 Canadian finally retired from boxing.


July 11, 2009 the wife of Arturo Gatti - Brazilian Amanda Rodrigues - was jailed for the murder of her husband. Former boxer found dead at the hotel, however, the conclusion of local police, the athlete died of his own accord. As a result, a Brazilian citizen was released. However, Arturo Gatti, the cause of death which many believe is still murder, not a suicide, was not one of those people who are prone to suicide.

Arturo Gatti: Biography, cause of death

boxer manager Pat Lynch ordered an investigation into the affairs of private detective Paul Solino and Joseph Moura. Later, detectives announced that they have concluded that the cause of death of the former world champion is not suicide, but murder. And August 30, 2011 six forensic experts held a press conference in the boxing gym in the state of New Jersey, which stated that, in their opinion, the former champion was killed.

Many athletes are deeply grieved by the demise of the Canadian and expressed their condolences to his family and relatives.