Nastiest things from the point of view of children

• The most nasty things from the perspective of children

Nastiest things from the point of view of children

to dress in something, what makes mom.

Clean clothes in the locker neat.

Soup almost one boiled onions.

Face in the web.

Wash shoes after the walk.

Clean as you killed a cockroach.

There in the garden soup in which your eyes drowned fly.

Stand in the corner, when Mom and Dad pointedly looking cartoons.

A splinter under the nail. And, when a splinter - it's nothing. But when the mother starts to get her out of there ...

You goroshnitsu dumped into the toilet, until my mother on the phone said, wanted to wash off, and the water turned off!

All came to the matinee dressed knights and musketeers, and you - the last year's bunny.

Lying in the garden all around nap time sleeping sweetly described neighbor.

Cutting toenails before going to the theater, because supposedly the theater with long toenails are not allowed.

Inadvertently see how someone eats boogers. But most have - niskolechko not disgusting!

When my mom on morning asked loudly: "Do you want to write?" You, of course, loudly say "No!" And quietly say, "Yes ..."

But she hears only "No!", And you're all matinee dance, even when all sing ...

When morning beetle in a box is a dead.

When they find that you are in pantyhose! Limp excuse that it golfs such no one believes! Shame! In pantyhose, like a girl!

When you're wearing rubber boots, and in the way any decent puddle.

When eaten, "Kinder Surprise", and this toy you already have. When adults say: "Do not hump!"

When parents show guests wedding album. Himself a show at the wedding and get dressed, and you after the wedding, small and bare.

Watch as fishing dad skewer maggots on the hook by pulling it out of his cheeks.

Key to the apartment all the time was on your neck, and when you went to the door - it is not present there. And from someone else's garden apples FIG door will open! And yet to write the hunt!

When the mother begins to phrase the words "Tell me honestly ..." and leaves no chance.

When on the desk across the place where the pen does not write.

When you are in his hair he threw gum, and she is not stuck.

When a girl from a guy in a fight on his hands wins.

In the basement, we have all seen a dead rat, and you at this time Pushkin wonks.

To stand at the board and realize that now puknesh and nothing can be done. And you want to at least do everything quietly, and the result is the opposite.

Run the entire physical education, as if nothing had happened, tumbling, climbing on the wall bars, and then discover that the sport pants torn at the seam.

Climb on a rope Vova after snotty.

When the elder sister specially leaves in a pan half-eaten one spoonful pilaf that you had finished and then washing the pan.

When it is necessary to give the father Entries sign, and you're in it already signed.