How to organize an unforgettable holiday for your child

How to organize an unforgettable holiday for your child

Birthday - a special day for the children. On this day, he is allowed virtually everything. Parents strongly dodge to please and surprise the birthday boy. Think up a morning greeting, carefully selected design for the cake and go round dozens of shopping malls in search of an original gift, it's a simple way to show your love and attention in one of the most anticipated days of the year. If you do not know what to think at this time, Heroine will tell you that to prepare for children's holiday and what activities to choose it to be remembered as one of the brightest and happiest moments in life.

Festive table

How to organize an unforgettable holiday for your child

Give up a hearty dinner: roasted duck in honey and stuffed eggplant are unlikely to impress the children, and a long time to sit at the table, they will not. Snacks that are quick to seize between games, and sweet table will suffice. Sandwiches, mini pizzas, fruit tartlets, fruit in chocolate, muffins, keykpopsy, cake and drinks - from such treats children just do not give up. However, before you make the menu better to clarify whether there have invited allergies to some foods.

Making a festive table is also important. Decorate it Printed tablecloth and napkins, confetti, name plates or balloons, hovering in the air - bright and unusual scenery will delight children of all ages.


Children will be delighted, if they are on holiday suddenly appear Spider-Man, Peppa Pig, Winnie the Pooh and Snow White. Such service will please you, as an animator - is not just an actor in a suit, and the person who will develop a holiday scenario and captivates the attention of children. Animators skillfully managed with a noisy crowd of children's, sing and dance, play games, intellectual quizzes, relay races and competitions - do anything to any one child is not bored. Create a festive atmosphere for the little ones can and an animator to organize older children, it is better to invite two - they will arrange vivid and artistic representation.

How to organize an unforgettable holiday for your child

Show program

The children laid a perpetual motion machine, so they always make noise, jump and run away on the sides - it is very difficult to keep track of them. Large group can inspire, if arrange an unusual show program. Just imagine how excited the children will cause a whirlwind of white paper tape, in which you can spin, roll and even swim, giant soap bubbles, iridescent, or chemical experiments to create artificial snow and fluorescent worms.

You can walk and classic: call akvagrimera and magician, who will invite children to participate in its submission, - total immersion in the wonderful world of fantasy and magic, along with boundless enthusiasm will be provided.


If adults can easily entertain themselves talking, the children just needed entertainment: games, quests, competitions with prizes and other activities. Unforgettable emotions children will give team sports, for example, the race for drift typewriters, shooting blasters or horseback giroskuterah. Memories of these games will remain with the child for longer, rather than a plush toy or a plastic designer.

We've done the work for you, and have chosen the most interesting in our opinion entertainment venues in shopping centers where you can hold a children's party or just come to play on the birthday of all children's company. Forsage (4+) - a unique project in which the child will feel like a real member of F1 racing. This track skating drift maneuver carts, which revolve around its axis at the turn. Children perform the task, pass the baton, receive gifts.

Instructors monitor skating, entertain kids and play with them. In fact, in Russia there are no analogues of the project: even such drift cars anywhere else except the Fast and the Furious, no. For children it is radically new experience: in the past they rolled on the radio-controlled cars, and then sat down and went very quickly, drift, and even steep cornering.

On this route, you can spend a wonderful holiday in the spirit of the race, or just come to ride together. In any case, the "wow-effect" is guaranteed.

Segveydrom (5+) - is elektrokatok and playground at the same time, where the horse giroskuterah turns into a real attraction.

Learning to ride a giroskuterah can any child in 20 seconds, all instructors will show. Overcoming obstacles and mazes, team games, relay races, even dancing on giroskuterah - kids definitely will not be bored.

Birthdays are like an unusual adventure: you can go into space, to materialize the most beloved children's character, arrange sports relay race. It is an unforgettable holiday, and his staff are animators: talented, hot, good guys, with whom the children will be really fun.

BlasterTag (5+) - golf with blasters Norf - the legendary toy blasters with foam arrows. Why we have included it in their list: so many children love Norf, but earlier playgrounds for Norf was not, and now has a - and how! First, the court beautifully decorated, there are special effects, cool decor and maze. Second, to diversify the game, the authors created a BlasterTag 3 themed zones for different missions, targets and obstacles.

The child can play alone, with your instructor or friends. On the day of birth are two of the hit program "Mission the Z" - a spectacular game with zombies - and "ghost hunters" - the plot of the legendary film, translated into a fascinating quest with blasters Norf. By the way, BlasterTag has two dining rooms, where you can order a meal or bring your - without any restrictions.

Whatever you may choose the program, the child will be satisfied in any case. Professional entertainment staff prepare all your coming from you only need to collect guests. If not sure whether your child fits this holiday - come and see what's going on and what emotions experienced by children.