Ronnie Coleman: Biography, interesting facts of life

Coleman (interesting facts of life and the secret of success of the king of bodybuilding will be covered in this article), thanks to the work, perseverance and exceptional natural data has earned the right to be called the most powerful athlete in the world. Professional bodybuilder is the winner of many prestigious competitions.

The Facts of Childhood

Coleman was born on May 13, 1964 in Monroe (United States). At the birth of a boy struck his herculean dimensions even midwives. Children and youth of the future athlete took place in the city of Bastrop, where his family moved after his parents divorced.

From early childhood, Ronnie Coleman (biography of the king of bodybuilding shows this fact) sought a better life and achieve it by their labor. He had three younger brothers and a father after the divorce did not help financially the family.

The boy had to constantly look for jobs to ensure families with food and clothing. Ronnie's mother later became dignify the eldest son of the head of household.

Passion for sports

Coleman (photo a young man of the future king of bodybuilding is proof of this) because of genetic data was physically strong man since childhood. Not an easy life and the problematic nature of childhood tempered boy.

Ronnie Coleman: Biography, interesting facts of life

In the rare hours of leisure Coleman enthusiastically played baseball and basketball. At age 12, he had already achieved good sports results. Future bodybuilder cherished dream of playing college football, but it was quite expensive. Not responding to any obstacles, he continued to play sports, and after a while yet joined the football team, where he earned the right to be called the best player. Coaches are constantly attentive Coleman pointed to the remarks and errors, his focus on winning. Everything paid attention to the excellent physical shape young man, mistakenly assuming that he is engaged for days in sports halls and lifts weights. But Coleman had never been in the gym and not holding a barbell.

Years of study

Ronnie once by chance went to a gym, located in the school, and at first found nothing exciting. He became involved in various simulators, trying to lift the weight more and making the first steps in powerlifting.

Due to his achievements in football and powerlifting Coleman was admitted to the University Gremblinga and admitted to the university football team. On the promising player had been high hopes, but Ronnie did not pursue the goal of becoming a professional athlete. Its main objective was studying and passing examinations. Coleman wanted to get a high-paying job. The young man was the main breadwinner in her family, and for this reason has not dreamed of a sports career.

is sports career

Coleman became a certified public accountant, and looking for work in the specialty have forced him to move to Dallas. For a while he worked as a peddler pizza, and then he took a pizza for the position of accountant. Future athlete became a decent living, but this profession does not bring him joy and opens up prospects for an easy and fast career growth, in contrast to the sport.

Fear of losing a stable income, Ronnie Coleman (photos available in the article), left the accounting and went to work in the police. After a long training Ronnie began to work in the field, which is thought to be his destiny.

Ronnie Coleman: Biography, interesting facts of life

Family Coleman stopped short of money, and he watches his leisure time began to attend a police gym. That's where the future king of bodybuilding seriously interested in powerlifting, choosing his own way of self.

Career development in bodybuilding

At his first tournament Ronnie came quite by accident. In 1990, in the gym "Metrofleks" on his excellent physical form he drew the attention of the owner of the hall Brian Dobson. He suggested Coleman participate in the competition, "Mr. Texas", immediately making out in him a future star of world sport. Ronnie was destined to become the winner of the amateur competition.

In 1992 he began a long hard road to the athlete's major titles in his career. The debut of the athlete at the "Mr. Olympia" was not brilliant, Coleman did not even entered the top five athletes. But the future winner did not give up and continued to train hard.

Only in 1998, through hard work and faith in their own strength, Coleman has obeyed significant international competition bodybuilding "Mr. Olympia". After this victory, bodybuilder won this tournament for seven consecutive years. Coleman (photos which were published all sports publications) won the competition "Mr. Olympia" from 1998 to 2005.

Ronnie Coleman: Biography, interesting facts of life

During his professional career this outstanding athlete scored 26 victories in the prestigious competition.

Coleman: Interesting Facts

  • Ronnie is a mesomorph from birth. Study its DNA revealed that the athlete does not observe a certain blocking gene that suppresses muscle growth. This feature, combined with the hard work, has allowed Coleman to become the owner of incredible muscles.
  • In 13 years of police work Coleman did not have to shoot a man and to become "a living target." When out of the police car was leaving the Big Ronnie, stop conflicts themselves.
  • work of police officers, the king himself became bodybuilding offender. Coleman loves to drive fast. After the service the police athlete kept a badge of honor and a certificate of the police. Once, when Ronnie was stopped for speeding, he decided to present his invalid license, but police identified and arrested cheating athlete.
  • Coleman is truly a believer. He constantly attends a Baptist church, and reveres the Bible.
  • Coleman (personal life bodybuilder turned out successfully) in 2007 formalized a relationship with Kristin Roueydoy Achker. The pair has two beautiful daughters. In ordinary life, the athlete is a calm, level-headed man and an exemplary family man.
Ronnie Coleman: Biography, interesting facts of life

Methods of athlete training

The award-winning bodybuilder has his own method of training process, the distinctive feature of which is the alternation training, bodybuilding and powerlifting. Ronnie changes the data training 2-6 weeks throughout his sports career.

It is important to know that Coleman's training system is complex. It is not recommended to use for beginners to athletes, because the champion system can cause injury and also not be useful to beginners.

Coleman was training 4 days a week and to pump a certain muscle group twice a week. Professional athlete favored free weights instead of simulators.

Ronnie Coleman: Biography, interesting facts of life

A professional bodybuilder training videos released of his system of training for experienced strength athletes. In these films, Coleman gives them advice and at the same time warns against over-voltage.

Power Ronnie Coleman

For each athlete the right food - this is a necessary part of life. For athletes, the food is a saturation process organism necessary amount of proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients.

At the beginning of his career, Coleman treated his diet with less responsibility. He sought to consume large amounts of food, especially after a workout in the gym.

Subsequently it became an athlete to follow a special diet, with which managed to score such an impressive weight. Coleman, whose weight is in the early nineties was 105 kg, 1998 godu manages to increase the muscle mass of 150 kg.

Ronnie has always adhered to certain principles of the diet:

  • Eat only high quality products.
  • are excluded from the diet of fried foods and saturated fats.
  • , the lack of protein meat turkey, chicken or beef.
  • Three times a day to include in the diet of various vegetables.
  • There are 6-8 times a day.
  • After an intense workout, eat food, rich in carbohydrates and proteins.
  • Enter in your diet protein shakes.
Ronnie Coleman: Biography, interesting facts of life

Success Secrets athlete

  • Perseverance. Coleman could not win the title of "Mr. Olympia" For six long years, but he still achieved his goal. Eight years later he became a constant winner of this prestigious competition.
  • Test glory. Ronnie became famous and wealthy man. But in spite of their status, he traveled around the world, featuring workshops and giving helpful advice novice athletes.
  • Perseverance. Bodybuilder claims that he was able to reach their potential, thanks to the persistent and severe training.
  • Talent fight to the end. Coleman never experienced fear during the competition, was tactful and patient person.
  • Help. Next to Ronnie always been close friends, to support it in all your endeavors.
Ronnie Coleman: Biography, interesting facts of life

Currently Coleman engaged in their own business around the world, promoting its line of sports nutrition. Despite the fact that he suffered a lot of complex operations, rehabilitation and long-lasting significant loss of muscle mass, he still does not stop the train.