Fleece jacket: types, purpose and use

Clothing Fleece appeared in our everyday life not so long ago. It is associated with heat and exercise. In addition to woven fabrics of synthetic fabric appeared, which allowed to keep warm. The American company has received the Nobel Prize in chemistry for the creation of such a universal material. This tissue is called - fleece.

Things Fleece

The first trial clothes were made specifically for explorers. At the same time it has been approved. Termosberegayuschie characteristics proved themselves. Clothing Fleece has become very popular. It was used not only athletes, she liked children, women due to their positive qualities.

Fleece jacket: types, purpose and use

Production of fleece were pleasant to the touch, soft, light, and most importantly - very warm. Many considered material harmful synthetics. Convinced that this versatile fabric is hypoallergenic, very elastic, breathable, fleece thing people appreciated.


The most common type of clothing has become a jacket with fleece. It has been used and is used by skiers, fishermen, tourists and many others as the "second" warm layer. It warms even when wet. Also dries very quickly. Breathable material, but due to this and retains heat. The body is heated through the air layer between the skin and the jacket. Fleece jacket found its application in various models. Most of the options, of course, used in sports. Jacket is ideal tourist equipment. In addition, the elastic properties, the practicality of these things make it possible to apply it in daily life and to serve as a sweater.

Children's jacket

Small children love the fleece things. They like soft toys are pleasant to the touch. However, many mothers are wary of choosing the things of this material, because they believe their synthetic and harmful to health. When choosing a high-quality fabric and making sure that the child is not allergic, you can safely give their preference to Fliess.

Fleece jacket: types, purpose and use

After all, the main function of this material is heat retention. Fleece jacket for children will be indispensable in the wardrobe of a child. This thing will be comfortable and practical for a walk in the active sports. It does not take much space, it does not require ironing, and easy to fold. There are several types of material. Microfleece - the thinnest material. Items of such tissue is used to be worn under the jacket. medium density fleece serves as a jacket. The densest kind often used by skiers, climbers.

Fleece jacket: types, purpose and use

For active kids prefer the second type of material. Fleece jacket Children's average density is ideal during walking. The fabric will keep the insulation, and the walk will be long and comfortable. Wearing baby sweater under a warm jacket, you can not worry about what a child will freeze his movement would not be pinned down. The kid never sweat. Since the material is breathable. Important it is the fact that out of this fabric clothes are not pricked.

Types of children's jackets

Range of children's so-called flisok huge. The choice is, products with a collar and without, with different sleeves, wide and adjacent, with a zipper, and without it. For children, it is desirable to pick up colorful products. Fleece jacket is suitable for both boys and girls. A variety of colors, the presence of bright applications will attract the attention of the child. Everyone can choose a favorite style, taking into account the important details with the necessary situation.

Fleece jacket: types, purpose and use

Children's sweater will find its use for small children, in the garden, at home and for school used as the upper warm clothing. Most moms approve Fleece things. prices and availability of quality impressed.

Women's jacket

Women mother also did not sidestep Fleece things. Many like sweaters, sweatshirts and jackets made of this material. Fleece jackets for women are suitable for any age and any shape. During active games with your child, they will not hamper the movement of mothers, provide heat for the duration of the walk. Colors and styles are very diverse. Modern models combine several materials, the sleeves can be sewn from the other thin or thick material. These clothes will not seem boring and dull, if you opt for a bright hue. Fleece jackets women variegated tones distinguish you from the crowd of others. clothes can be cut loose, close-fitting, tapered. Sports activities in such attire will raise your spirits.

Fleece jacket: types, purpose and use

Some models are treated with special impregnation to retain moisture. Sport fleece jacket with impregnation will last longer. In this view it is aesthetic, pellets will not be disturbed. Another advantage of this material is that when washing is not lost the original appearance of the product. The thing is not deformed, not shortened. Sport model can be with detachable sleeves. This will allow to transform into the vest.

Men's jacket

Fleece jacket for men will be used on fishing, hunting in the mountains. It does not need special care, it dries very quickly, takes up little space. The downside is flammable. Being in the woods, near a fire, it is desirable to treat the clothes impregnated. Fleece jacket for men quite practical. Convinced of this, the stronger sex is not part with such a thing. Fleece jacket for fishing can be with pockets.

Fleece jacket: types, purpose and use

They conveniently put the necessary detail - matches, compass. For comfort, it is desirable to choose a jacket with zipper and elastic at the bottom. The thickness of the fabric should be fairly thick. This will provide heat for a long time. Models jackets for men especially do not differ from the models for girls. Due to cut women's fashions more pritalen often have bright and flashy colors. Models for the guys in the mostly straight cut.


Fleece jacket does not need special care. Such a thing is quite unpretentious and resistant to wear. Thing to last a long time, some rules still must be observed. Erasing can both hands, and in the machine at a water temperature not exceeding 40 degrees. Twist the product is not necessary.

Fleece jacket dries in minutes, enough to give to drain the water. Categorically can not be ironed! When ironing the fabric fibers begin to melt. Then the clothes will be ruined. The downside of things from the fleece is that they are strongly electrified and collect dust quickly. But the positive qualities far more than the negative. Clothes made of fleece fabric has become an ideal alternative to natural fabrics. More and more it becomes willing to buy things from this tissue. Scientists around the world continue to study and improve this interesting material.